1080p TV Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong 1080p TV

Top 1080p TVs are a great way to go if you are in the market for a new TV. With some simple considerations about type of TV, size and features, you will be able to navigate your search and make a knowledgeable purchase.


When first figuring out how to buy the best 1080p TV, think about the type of TV you want.

• Plasma screens have a wide availability and produce high contrasts and deeper blacks. Plasma TVs have a good color precision and consistency, no color shifts or loss of saturation. Plasmas are good for watching at wider angles and ideal for sports and action movies.
• LCD TVs range from 19" to as much as 65". They reflect little light due to their plastic screens and are ideal in bright conditions. LCDs also generate little heat, have no static and are very energy efficient. Additionally, you can consider LCDs with an in-plane switching for better picture quality at higher viewing angles for bigger rooms.
• LED TVs are thinner and lighter than LCDs, do not overheat and are also energy efficient. 1080p TV series LEDs produce even deeper blacks and brighter images, and great contrasts.
• OLED TVs have brighter colors, better contrasts and offer faster refresh rates. Unlike LCDs and LEDS, OLEDs do not have backlighting and thus produce richer blacks and more realistic picture.

When you buy a 1080p TV, also think about DLP TVs. They produce a bright, great quality picture with realistic blacks. They are energy efficient and do not wash out easily even in bright conditions. DLPs are perfect for sports, action movies and gaming.

>> Consider 1080p TV sizes

When determining how to buy the best 1080p TV, consider screen size. Screen sizes range from small 24" TVs to large 65" TVs, and sometimes even larger. When you buy a 1080p TV, think about whether the TV is going to fit in your room first. Carefully measure the space on your TV stand or wall to make sure it will accommodate your new TV. There is such a thing as too big. Do not buy a TV that will overwhelm the room and will not offer the ideal viewing conditions. Consider how far you will be seated away from the TV and at what height. When looking at 1080p TV sizes, determine the perfect balance between size and clarity.

>> Consider refresh rate

When deciding how to buy the best 1080p TV, look at the refresh rate. To get the best out of the experience of watching big games, action movies and video games, the refresh rate (Hz) is an important facet. Refresh rate is the speed, or the number of times per second, the images on the screen refresh to produce clean, realistic movement. TVs that lack in this department will create a motion blur. The higher the refresh rate, the less motion blur. 1080p TV brands offer products of 60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz, 480Hz and higher. So for instance, 60Hz TVs refresh images 60 times per second. While 120Hz - 240Hz is great for watching action movies and other films, 480Hz is ideal for sports and gaming. Strongly consider refresh rate, because in order to get the most out of the top 1080p TVs in the market, you will need a good combination of screen resolution and refresh rate.

>> Think about 3D TVs

When thinking about the best 1080p TV to buy, consider 2D and 3D TVs. The 3D, or the real 3D feature, allows you to watch your favorite television shows and movies in 3D right from your home. Remember that you will need 3D glasses for this. Some top 1080p TVs may also offer the ability to convert from 2D to 3D, but this is not considered real 3D. Another new, great feature of 3D TVs is that you can play video games with your friends on the same TV without having a split screen as seen on traditional TVs, provided each player wears their own 3D glasses. This means, each player sees only their screen and you can enjoy multi-player games on the full screen. Numerous 1080p TV brands offer 3D TVs, and they are a great option if you have 3D channels or a solid Blu-ray library.

>> Consider a Smart 1080p TV

When wondering about the best 1080p TV to buy, ask yourself if you would like a smart TV. A smart TV combines the advantages of your 1080p TV with the ability to stream internet content. When you buy a 1080p TV, going for a smart TV gives you many benefits, namely access to applications such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Pandora, among others, right on your TV. With a smart TV you can also access Facebook and Twitter. Other 1080p TV series may even offer web browsing. Smart TVs also allow you to store and view photos, stream and listen to music and download applications. For a smart TV, it is ideal to have a fast internet connection. Some TVs have the smart feature built into them, while others require a peripheral component.
>> Consider TV accessories

When figuring out how to buy the best 1080p TV, think about adding essential TV equipment. Along with your new TV, you may need a TV stand or wall-mounting gear. There are a number of different TV stands available that come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate any 1080p TV size. TV stands can also add to your home decor, and you can always move your TV as you wish. Some stands have swivels for easy mobility, while others have hutches so you can hide the TV as necessary. Wall-mounts are used to fix your TV on a wall and save a lot of space. Wall-mounts allow you to tilt and rotate the screen for best viewing angles. The installation is simple and involves making sure the mounting gear matches the weight and size of your TV. If your TV has not already come with an HDMI cable, consider getting some. HDMI cables are necessary to watch content and play games at the most optimal levels. HDMI cables are also important if you have a lot of components such as Blu-ray players, video game con soles or cable boxes. When you buy a 1080p TV, make sure it has multiple HDMI outputs.

There are lot of 1080p TV series and they all come in different sizes and offer a wide range of features. With these considerations in mind, you can now shop smart for your next TV. In addition to your 1080p television, you may also want to look into other electronic supplies to add to your TV experience.

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