A Car Canopy Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong a Car Canopy

Whether you want to protect your car from the elements or create a shady space by the pool, you're sure to find what you need among the various car canopy designs available today. Before you buy a car canopy, take time to do some homework so you can find the best car canopy for your needs.

>> How will you use the car canopy?

Portable car canopies provide shelter for you and your loved ones, as well as for your car, when you go camping. Look for options such as roll-up sides and rain-proof canopies for additional protection from the elements. Car canopy collections for camping offer outdoor shelters that are portable, easy to assemble and lightweight.

When you need shade at an event or by your pool, look for attractive, brightly colored canopies and shelters. Make sure to look at car canopy sizes that provide a shelter for several lounge chairs. The best car canopy to use for a poolside cabana is one designed for use as a semi-permanent structure with a light-colored cover and roll-up sides.

A heavy-duty car canopy constructed with steel and vinyl offers an attractive alternative to a traditional carport or garage. Before you buy a car canopy to use as a carport, check with your local zoning office and your homeowner's association to see if you need to meet any special requirements or obtain a permit. In some cases, you might need to submit a sketch with the dimensions of your new car canopy.
>> Consider the weather conditions

Different car canopies are suited for various kinds of weather. Lightweight car canopy designs are suited for sunny days with light breezes. Buy this kind of car canopy when you need shelter for a spring picnic with family and friends.

When you buy a car canopy to use as a carport, look for car canopy designs with durable steel components and a vinyl cover that is both water-and wind-resistant. These features add strength to the structure. To keep your car finish looking like new, shop for car canopy brands offering covers that provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) light.

If you plan to use your car canopy as a beach cabana, find one that includes stakes to anchor the structure. White and light-colored car canopies reflect the sun's heat to provide a cooler retreat on hot summer days. A car canopy designed for the beach also comes with a waterproof cover.

>> Choose the frame material and leg type

Aluminum frames are easy to assemble, since they are designed for portability. Since this lightweight material is resistant to rust and corrosion, you'll most frequently find these car canopy frames in the camping supplies section of a store. This is the best car canopy design for use as a tent at outside functions. When you buy a car canopy with aluminum legs, check to see if it comes with stakes to anchor the structure. Many of the aluminum frames have slanted legs, which means they offer a wide base with a smaller canopy than straight-legged frames.

Steel frames offer strength and durability, which makes them suitable for a car canopy that you want to use as a fixed structure, such as a carport. With regular cleaning and maintenance, a top car canopy can give you years of use. Most steel frames have straight-legged designs, which provide highly stable structures with the maximum amount of coverage for the shelter.

>> Select the cover material

When you shop for a car canopy, the metric used to indicate the density of different cover material is called the denier. One denier is equal 1g/9000 meters. As a point of reference, car canopy covers that are 600 deniers are designated for commercial use. Remember to look for covers with less density when you plan to carry the canopy or take it with you when you go hiking or backpacking.

When looking for a car canopy in the sports and outdoor supplies department, you'll likely find car canopies with polyester covers. Since polyester is water-resistant, durable and lightweight, it is the most common material used in portable car canopy collections. Many of them also include a carry bag.

When you want a rugged cover material for a car canopy used as a semi-permanent structure, polyethylene is the best material for your purposes. Polyethylene car canopy covers are waterproof, sturdy and reflect ultraviolet light. Some car canopy brands also offer fire-resistant polyethylene covers.

Vinyl car canopy covers are best suited for permanent structures since they are waterproof, treated with fire retardant and UV resistant. This is the best car canopy cover material to buy for carports and field shelters on farms. You'll also find that it meets most zoning and building code requirements.

>> Determine the size

When deciding the size you need, measure or estimate the amount of space you have available for the car canopy. If you are buying a new canopy to use as a carport or garage, check your home insurance, HOA and local building code enforcement offices to see if you need to consider any size regulations. Sometimes local authorities require specific setbacks for car canopies used as permanent structures.
Another factor to consider is the number of people for whom you need to provide shelter. A max super-wide canopy is perfect for large gatherings, such as an outdoor music performance or a family reunion. When you go camping, look for extendable car canopies, so you can adjust the size to accommodate the number of people in your group. If you plan to use the canopy as a dining shelter, ensure it has enough space for tables, chairs and walking room for your guests. When you look for a new car canopy, you'll find collections you can use for camping or as event shelters or carports. Take time to consider the purpose of the car canopy so you are able to find one that fulfills your needs.

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