A Men’s Dress Pants Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong a Men’s Dress Pant

There are several things to consider when figuring out how to buy men's dress pants. The first thing to understand is the difference between activewear pants and dress pants. Men's activewear pants are comfortable, resilient and functional. For example, men's khaki pants and men's denim cargo pants are types of activewear. Dress pants, on the other hand, are less functional but look professional and stylish. Ultimately, the best men's dress pants are ones that look great on you and complement the other clothes you're wearing. There are many types of men's dress pants from which to choose, making men's clothing more varied than it once was.

>> How should men's dress pants fit?

If you're wondering how to buy men's dress pants that fit correctly, look at where the pants sit on your waist and at your shoe. Suit pants and dress trousers should rest under your belly button and shouldn't be overly tight or clingy. If you want a wider fit, look for men's dress pants with a wide leg style. The hem of the pants you choose shouldn't rise above your shoe or your ankle. The correct fit will help achieve the stylish look you want.

>> Which men's dress pants styles are right for you?

There are many types of men's dress pants to choose from when considering how to buy men's dress pants. Pleated pants come in many colors, such as men's pleated beige pants, and have folds of fabric at the midsection that sit closer to your belly button. Flat-front pants have no folds and sit closer to the hips.

Pockets are another consideration when buying men's dress pants. Pockets that are slanted in the front with shallow linings and fewer seams tend to be most flattering. It's difficult to create a clean look when your pockets are bulky, as are the pockets on some apparel, such as jeans.

>> Which material do you want?

One consideration to be aware of when looking at the many men's dress pant styles is the material type. Material determines how the pants will fit, feel and interact with substances like water. Many of the top rated men's dress pants use fabrics like wool, gabardine, rayon, corduroy and khaki. Use the men's dress pants comparison chart below to help you sort through the many kinds of men's pants available. This will make learning how to buy men's dress pants easier.
Type of material Weight Pros Cons Wool Varies Wool can be many weights, so it's ideal for many temperatures. It's a durable fabric. Wool must be dry cleaned. Rayon Light Rayon is wrinkle resistant. Rayon must be dry cleaned. Polyester blend Light Ideal for warm weather and can be washed and dried at home. It's also wrinkle resistant. Polyester creases easily. Gabardine Medium Gabardine is good for cool weather and can be either cotton or wool weave. Gabardine can develop a permanent shine after it has been worn and washed. Corduroy Heavy Corduroy is durable and heavy enough for very cold weather. Corduroy may be more difficult to find than other types of men's dress pants. Khaki Medium Khaki is durable and easy to clean. It can be washed and dried at home without damaging the fabric. Khaki may be too casual for some events. >> What color and weight do you want?

As you learn how to buy men's dress pants, think about the events to which you plan to wear the pants. Different dress pants are suited for different occasions, and the reason you're buying them may also affect how you buy men's dress pants. If you're planning on wearing the pants multiple times to casual events, flat-front khakis or corduroy trousers may work. Formal events call for wool or gabardine with a pleated front. It can be useful to buy several different types of men's dress pants in various men's dress pant styles and fabrics.

Another thing to consider is matching the pants to other clothing you already own. Some men's dress pants styles go better with certain pieces of clothing. Designer men's dress pants come in many fabrics, colors and styles, so you can find some that go with the apparel you already own. With the many stylish men's dress pants available, you can easily vary your wardrobe.

Consider the season and the fit as you explore the types of men's dress pants available. Wearing close-fitting, thick pants in the summer may make you too hot to focus on the event you're attending. A lighter rayon pant with wider legs may offer relief from the heat. Try on several pairs before purchasing men's dress pants to be sure you are comfortable and that the pants flatter your body. Considering all these factors will help you figure out how to buy men's dress pants.

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