A Rubber Boot Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong a Rubber Boot

The first step in learning how to buy the best rubber boots is to evaluate your rubber boot needs. These boots can be completely waterproof or just water resistant. Rubber boots are useful for work purposes and for a number of different outdoor activities. Lined rubber boots offer added warmth.

One major consideration when you buy rubber boots is style. You may want to think about the colors that you wear most, such as basic black or bright colors and patterns. Also consider the outfits you will wear with these boots and what type of embellishments you would like the boots to have. You can find boots with zippers, buckles, bows or ribbons.

Don't forget about comfort when you shop for rubber boots. Depending on how often and how long you plan to wear your rubber boots, comfort could be an important consideration. Some rubber boots have cushier soles than others. The best way to find comfortable rubber boots is to try them on before you purchase them.

>> Why do you need rubber boots?

You are probably looking for rubber boots to protect your lower legs and feet against wetness from rain, puddles and mud. Men's rubber boots are often used for work purposes as safety gear to protect against standing water, chemical spills and mud. Women's rubber boots often have more of an emphasis on being stylish rubber boots than on being functional, unless they are rubber boots for gardening purposes.

When you shop for rubber boots, look for water-resistant boots, but also look for waterproof boots to maximize protection from precipitation. Toddlers' rubber boots come in fun designs. You can find quality rubber boots by exploring different types and styles, as well as by learning about rubber boot brands so you can find the best rubber boots for any purpose.

>> Choose the type of rubber boots you want

There are two primary types of rubber boots: Wellingtons and galoshes. Within these two types there are many sub-categories of rubber boots.
Classic Wellingtons are typically durable rubber boots, are waterproof and come up to the knees. However, today Wellingtons are also available in many different types of stylish rubber boots styles, such as ankle, mid-calf, knee length, wedge and fur-lined sheepskin.

Whereas Wellingtons are meant to be worn alone, galoshes are overshoes and designed to be worn over some other type of footwear.
Stylish rubber boots for women come in ankle-length style, which is perfect for pairing with shorts or skirts. Mid-calf rubber boots look nice with knee-length skirts or tucked over a pair of skinny jeans. Women's rubber boots in knee-length styles show off slim calves and ankles. Some designer rubber boots feature a wedge design to add height and flair to rubber boots. Fur-lined sheepskin rubber boots are excellent when you need protection not just against rain but also against the cold. Fur-lined sheepskin boots can be fashionable and stylish rubber boots.

A third kind of rubber boot is known as duck boots, which are partially rubber: the upper part of duck boots is made with duck cloth canvas, a water-repellent fabric, and the bottom portion, including the sole, is made of rubber. Duck boots lace up, as opposed to traditional slip-on rubber boots.

Rubber work boots are used for activities such as mining, working in environments where chemical spills are possible and cleaning up horse stalls. Rubber work boots often come with a steel toe to prevent injury and are extremely durable rubber boots.

>> Consider the soles

Soles of rubber boots come in many different varieties. When planning to buy rubber boots, consider the soles. Soles can be thick rubber or thin rubber; thin rubber tends to be used on more trendy, cool rubber boots. Lug soles are thick rubber soles with deep indentations to improve stability and traction, often used for work boots. Treaded soles provide greater traction, while textured soles are excellent for gripping the ground. Studded rubber soles have studs embedded in the rubber and help prevent slipping when wading. The best rubber boots are the ones that have a sole that works for your particular situation.

>> Choose the style you want

Depending on the purpose of your rubber boots, think about if you want them to have a particular style or if you will be satisfied with plain black rubber rain boots. Designer rubber boots can be fashionable and come in bright colors with patterns, like plaid or floral, or fancy fasteners, like zippers or buckles.

Men's boots tend to be less expensive than basic women's rubber boots. Rubber boot brands for women tend to emphasize style over function. Designer rubber boots tend to be more expensive than regular rubber boot brands. However, you can get both style and function with some of the top rubber boots. Cool rubber boots for women are designer rubber boots that feature bows, ribbons or contrasting heel colors. You can find rubber boots that look nothing like traditional rubber boots.

When you shop for rubber boots, look at several rubber boot brands to determine which is the best rubber boot for your style and situation. The best rubber boots for you could be ones that will keep your feet the driest, are the least expensive/best value or are the most fashionable. It's a matter of personal preference when you buy rubber boots.
As you look for the best rubber boots, remember design options, functionality, price, sole and style as you consider your options.

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