Accent Chair Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Accent Chair

Not only are accent chairs comfortable pieces of furniture, they add a fashionable and decorative element to any living space. Take some time to learn how to buy accent chairs that will enhance your room.

>> Determine your needs

Thinking about your current and future needs is an important step when figuring out how to choose accent chairs. You can choose accent chairs with features that reflect your personal style and daily activities. Whether you enjoy reading, playing games or watching TV, or you simply want to have a more intimate conversational setting in your home or office, look for unique accent chairs to accommodate your favorite activities.

>> Consider types of accent chairs

There are several popular living room furniture sets and chairs to consider when figuring out how to choose accent chairs.

• Chaise longue: These unique accent chairs combine the practical qualities of chairs and footstools. Their reclining feature makes them a popular choice for book lovers, and they can accommodate more than one person because of their large size.
• Rocking chair: Of the accent chair designs, this is the one that is found in many homes because it is widely known for its soothing qualities. Two curved pieces of wood attached to the side allow you to rock back and forth using your own gravity.
• Roundabout chair: This type of accent chair has a square seat that is turned up at an angle with one leg facing the same direction. Its compact design makes it the best accent chair for smaller rooms such as studies or reading nooks.
• Occasional chair: These chairs get their name because they are lightweight. They are east to pick them and move around as as seating needs change.
• Tub chair: The main feature of these unique accent chairs is that their arms are part of the chair back, making one continuous piece of furniture. This accent chair dimension makes stub chairs higher than other accent chairs and an excellent choice for patios or decks overlooking scenery.
• Armless chair: When you shop for accent chairs, remember that armless or slipper chairs are very versatile and a great addition to bedrooms because they allow you to sit down to remove your shoes. They also can double as footstools.
• Wingback chair: These types of accent chairs feature a straight back with arms that connect to the back of the chair at an angle; they are popular with furniture collectors.

>> Consider your decor

One of the fun things about figuring out how to choose accent chairs is determining what will work best with the decor in your room. Whether you want red accent chairs or upholstered accent chairs, consider the colors of lamp shades, window coverings, carpets and tables already in the room and choose accent chair styles that will enhance and complement these colors. The best accent chair will add to the charm that your room already has.
>> Consider floor space

Think about the available floor space when figuring out how to choose accent chairs. Knowing the amount of space you have will make it easier to consider how many accent chairs you can add. The more accent chairs you add to a room, the less space you will have to move around, so take measurements so you know exactly how much space your living room furniture is likely to take up.

The accent chair dimensions will influence how the chair fits in your living or working space. If you have a small room, the best accent chairs will be those with no arms. For bigger rooms, consider mixing and matching chairs with arms with chairs without arms in order to maximize the available floor space.

>> Consider chair height and depth

When it comes to deciding on how to choose accent chairs, the dimensions of the chair you choose will be affected by who will use it. For example, shorter or smaller people appreciate living room chairs with narrower seats and short to medium heights. Taller users may find accent chair designs with higher frames and deeper seats more comfortable. To accommodate different people, consider an accent chair set of both high and low seats. For an all-round comfortable accent chair, choose a recliner design.

>> Consider the upholstery

When considering how to choose accent chairs, look for upholstery options that will work in the room where you plan to use the chair. Accent chairs are usually padded or covered with one of the following fabrics:

• Cotton
• Taffeta
• Linen
• Damask
• Velvet
• Leather
• Faux leather
• Wool
• Chenille
• Silk Cotton and linen upholstery are the most common materials and generally come in different colors and patterns; these are a good choice if you want to match existing colors in your room. Taffeta is a good quality, long-lasting material that has a tight and thick weave design.

For comfort, consider damask or chenille upholstery. The different fibers they are woven from give a beautiful sheen and soft feel, a popular choice for when you want to read or relax. Another material known for its strength, durability, soft feel and sheen is velvet.

Leather accent chairs can be found in natural colors like black, brown and white; dyed leather is also widely available. Faux leather is a synthetic material that has the same features as real leather. It is a popular choice if you like the look and feel of leather but have ethical concerns about using animal products.
If you have young children prone to climbing on furniture, especially after playing outside on grass and soil, consider wool and wool blend upholstery. Not only does it have a water repelling feature, it is also soil, stain and fire resistant.

One of the most luxurious natural materials is silk. Because it wears easily, silk is the best fiber to consider for living spaces that are not used frequently.

>> Consider the care of your furniture

Fibers such cotton, silk and velvet stain more easily than other materials, so they need regular, professional cleaning to keep them in their best condition. Because linen and cotton wrinkle easily, keep them away from excessive heat or exposure to water.

Take some time to consider the different accent chair styles, knowing that the best choices will give you comfort for a long period of time. Buy accent chairs you genuinely like, that fit in the available space and that will go well with the decor of your living spaces.

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