Accordion Door Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Accordion Door

Traditional doors swing on hinges to open and close while accordion doors have vertical pleats that are attached to rollers. All types of accordion doors can be collapsed and rolled out of the way or rolled open when needed. When thinking about which are the best accordion doors to buy, you'll want to consider a few points before making your next purchase.

>> Consider accordion door uses

These versatile doors have both indoor and outdoor applications. The best accordion doors can be more than doors. They can be temporary movable walls. Long used in schools and public spaces as a means of turning one large space into two smaller spaces, this specialty hardware can be used in the same way at home to easily segregate a portion of a basement or discreetly hide a laundry area from guests.

• Closets: As with other door hardware and accessories, accordion door sizes vary and size matters. This is equally true when considering new accordion doors for a closet. When you buy an accordion door or bi-fold doors for a closet you will enjoy the significant advantage of being able to conceal a large opening efficiently. This advantage is most apparent on wall closets that are four feet or more wide where conventional doors would have to be too large to be practical.
• Interior: Home hardware that is used inside your home should look great, and the diversity of accordion door designs ensures that finding one that complements your home's decor is easy. Interior doors are used to limit access to rooms and closets and to create two rooms from one when used as a divider. The best accordion doors will fold neatly out of the way when needed, making access to rooms and spaces possible. When closed, unsightly areas such as work areas can be tucked away out of sight of guests by unique accordion doors that enhance the beauty of a room.
• Exterior: Many outdoor home improvement projects such as shed and patio entrances can benefit greatly from the addition of new accordion doors. The transition between an interior and exterior space of a home is marked by a wall with a door. Glass accordion doors can be used to serve as a wall, a window and a door. When closed, glass panel accordion doors act as a wall, keeping the elements out and letting the light in while offering a view of the outdoors.

>> Which materials are best?

The versatility of accordion doors is enhanced by the wide range of materials that they can be constructed from. The best accordion doors are those whose form, function and material match your needs perfectly. When considering different materials, it is important to think about where and how you will be using your door.
• Wood: Wood is a multifaceted material that is valued for its strength, durability and beauty. Accordion door designs that incorporate wood can be finished in a wide range of tones from light to dark, and they can also be painted in a solid color. Woods that are used include fir, pine, alder and mahogany .
• Fiberglass: Fiberglass is well regarded for its strength and resistance to corrosion and rot. When you buy an accordion door made from fiberglass you will find that many of them are incorporate faux wood grain finishes. Fiberglass doors offer consistent performance in heat or cold as well as humid or dry climates.
• Aluminum: Aluminum is the lightest weight type of accordion door that is still strong and cost effective. Aluminum resists corrosion well and can be used in most climates.
• Vinyl: Vinyl is a man-made material that is durable, energy efficient and able to stand up to a variety of weather conditions. Colored vinyl will maintain its appearance for years by resisting fading and peeling.
• Clad: One of the best accordion door materials is really two material combined. Wood clad doors feature a wood core with an aluminum jacket. These unique accordion doors offer the strength of wood with the benefits of low maintenance aluminum.
• Steel: Strength, durability and security are some of the words that best describe steel doors. The best accordion doors to keep possessions secure are made of steel, both indoor and out. Exterior steel doors are ideal for sheds and storage buildings.

>> What are accordion door benefits?

All doors are intended to keep people, animals, weather and other things in or out. In short, they are movable barriers. The swing of conventional doors means that there is a limit to the amount of usable space where the door swings open. The best accordion doors allow for all the space inside and out to be used.

Because accordion doors easily slide open and closed, usually with a single hand operation, users are able to safely maneuver in and out of openings without having to back up to allow for a swinging door. Fear of obstructions is eliminated when opening a new accordion door, which means worry free operation. The range of materials used in the construction of these doors enables homeowners to consider a wide scope of factors such as R-value and UV resistance.

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