Action Figure Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Action Figure

As you buy action figures you will find a multitude of sizes, themes and types of action figures that can perform various actions. There are many factors on the action figure checklist that can help you determine what action figures are right for you. Action figures can be good for children of all ages and all the way up to adults who like to collect them.
>> What age will you be buying for?

Determining the user's age will help you create an action figure checklist for how to buy an action figure. Children of different age groups tend to take interest in specific themes or characters that match their favorite movies, television shows, or comic books. Younger children will likely enjoy simpler, larger action figures as they are still growing and learning to play with complex toys, while older children prefer smaller action figures so that they can play with more of them.

>> Do you have any character or theme preferences?

The thrill that children will find in action figures is in the variety of characters offered. Comic book heroes are a common choice that all ages can enjoy, and they are good for collectibles. Other choices include GI Joes and other military, police or fire figures for teenagers and Power Rangers and cartoon figures for younger ages. Some teenagers might prefer sports toys such as baseball action figures or WWE action figures while teenagers and young adults might enjoy Star Wars or Transformers action figures due to their heavy influence in culture. Other TV and movie action figures could be popular with the younger generation as well as video game action figures. Anime action figures will work for most ages if your child has interest in anime television shows.

>> Will the action figure be for play or for collection?

As you buy action figures, you will want to determine whether the action figure will be used for play or for its collector value. If you shop action figures for children to play with, you will want to focus on the size of the action figure and if it has any extra abilities. It is when shopping for a collection that you will want to find action figures that could have collector value. Some people like to collect action figures to complete a set on their action figure checklist while others like to obtain rare or unique action figures that could someday have value. This will depend on the user's preference and you might want to consider consulting a professional who knows more about collectible action figures.

>> What size action figure do you want?

Action figures come in all shapes and sizes. You will want to consider larger action figures for younger children or for collectors' displays. Collectors might also want to consider medium or small sizes depending on how you will want to display your action figure. Action figure sizes could also affect the articulation of the figure and any extra abilities it might be able to perform.

>> Consider any special features and articulation

As you buy action figures, you will want to consider the different additional aspects that action figures contain. As children grow older, they look for their toys to do more and offer more. Some action figures are simple with minimal moving parts while others can articulate by allowing for movable arms and legs. If your child will be playing with multiple action figures, you will want to consider action figure features that allow the toy to shoot or swing its arms with the push of a button so that it will fit well on a battlefield of action figures.

>> Consider any accessories or action figure sets

An important thing to consider as you buy action figures is determining the many different accessories or sets that are offered. If your child already has action figures or other toys themed to a certain comic book or other character, you will want to consider an action figure that fits the same theme. Unless your child is creative and likes to mix anime characters with Batman action figures, you might want a consistent theme. After you buy action figures you might want accessories and other additions for your superhero. Action figures can come with weapons, vehicles, clothes and countless other items.

Lastly, when thinking about action figures in general, you might want to consider reading up on individual action figures either online with user reviews or in articles giving detailed opinions. By comparing not only action figures as a whole, but also specific action figure features and the experiences other people have had with them, you will be better able to make an informed decision on which are the best action figures to buy for your specific needs. Also, ask friends, family or shops about their experiences with unique action figures to see if you can get some good tips or leads on which is the next hot item to get in on.

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