Adult Tricycle Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Adult Tricycle

Adult tricycles can be enjoyed by adults of all ages, whether they want to enjoy leisurely drives along a seaside boardwalk, ride home from a quick shopping trip, or travel longer distances in comfort. Consider the following factors to find the right adult tricycle for you.

>> Consider the function

When you buy an adult tricycle, you'll first want to determine how you'll be using it. Think about whether you're more interested in riding for recreation, shopping or exercise as each use might impact which is the best adult tricycle to suit your needs.

Recreation: If you plan to purchase a tricycle for general recreational purposes, consider whether you'll need to transport it to a park or if you'll be riding it close to home. Also consider its dimensions and whether it will fit in the storage area you have available for it. If such issues are concerns, consider buying a folding tricycle that can be folded into a compact form for easy transportation and storage.

For recreational purposes, also determine how often and where you'll be cycling in order to further narrow down your choices. If you anticipate tackling some inclines on your rides, for example, you may wish to consider a three-speed adult tricycle. If you plan to ride your tricycle all the time, you'll likely want to make sure you buy one with a very comfortable seat.

Shopping: In addition to being lower to the ground than most adult bicycles, many adult tricycle designs also include baskets on either their front or back. Such accessories can give you space to secure any items you purchase or acquire while out shopping or running other errands. Baskets are also used by some riders who enjoy bringing furry friends along on their outings. Some baskets can be folded when not in use, or removed and carried to a picnic area.

Exercise: Riding an adult tricycle of any type can help you get the exercise you need. Make sure you know your measurements before you buy an adult tricycle to ensure you get the right size equipment. Having a bike that's properly fitted to you will help you get the most out of your workouts.
>> Consider the style

In addition to traditional adult tricycle designs that allow you to sit upright and higher than the wheels, recumbent adult tricycles -which allow you to sit in a much more relaxed position lower to the ground -have become increasingly popular. While a tadpole tricycle design features two wheels in the front rather than in the back to enhance balance and control, delta adult tricycles have two rear wheels versus two front wheels. Recumbent tricycles of both types allow you to travel longer distances due to their relaxed seating positions. Biking while in a reclined seat can reduce strain on your back, allowing you to be more comfortable during each ride.

When you think back to the different bikes and riding toys you enjoyed as a child, this recumbent style of adult tricycles may come to mind. The ease of balance provided by recumbent adult tricycles is similar to that of the push tricycles used by many children. Some adult tricycle designs resemble kids' big wheels and tricycles. Such adult tricycle brands that sit closer to the ground with pedals stretched out in front can allow for additional room for your legs as well as a unique workout.

>> Consider additional features and specs

Another factor to keep in mind while shopping for adult tricycles is braking systems. While some adult tricycles can only be stopped with their pedals, others have intricate hand-braking systems that might be preferred by some riders.

All adult tricycles have specifications such as weight and height that also should be taken into consideration prior to purchase. The weight of an adult tricycle is impacted greatly by its composition. Aluminum, for example, is one of the lightest materials commonly used in the construction of adult tricycles. Weight limitations, which dictate how much weight an adult tricycle can carry at one time, should also be checked. The color and design of your new adult tricycle may influence your purchasing decision as well.

Take your time to compare and try out various models of adult tricycles before you decide which is the best adult tricycle for you.: Don't : ddd

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