An Apple Peeler Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong an Apple Peeler

Apple peelers come in a variety of sizes, but the best apple peeler for you is the one that meets your specific kitchen needs. While some chefs pefer a handheld apple peeler that can be stored in a drawer, others need a larger, counter-top peeler. Prior to shopping for an apple peeler, take into consideration the many different features of apple peelers on the market, including their style, size, color and construction.

>> Consider the attachment type

To some, the best apple peeler is one that can be set on top of a counter or one that uses a suction cup to attach to a counter or tabletop. The first type of apple peeler design keeps fingers away from the blade and gives you a free hand since the apple you're peeling is stuck securely to the end of a long, usually metal, rod.

An apple peeler that attaches to a flat surface with a clamp will require about 2 inches of space under the counter or tabletop for attaching the clamp and holding the peeler in place.
When shopping for a quality apple peeler, also consider a handheld design. Using a handheld apple peeler is safer than using a sharp knife. Plus, it allows you to get a close peel without losing parts of the apple you want to use. Handheld apple peelers are ideal if you have minimal counter space as they are very easy to store.

A major consideration when choosing to buy an apple peeler is how often you will be using the peeler and how many apples you'll be peeling. If you make many pies or peel apples on a daily basis, a larger stand-up or clamp-style peeler may be what you need. However, if you only plan to peel an apple every once in a while, a handheld apple peeler will get the job done.
When comparing different types of apple peelers, also take into consideration their baldes. An apple peeler with a swivel blade instead of a stationary blade can make it easier to remove the peel as it is cut from the apple's surface.

>> Select the crank type
The majority of apple peeler designs feature a manual crank that you turn to peel the apple. The crank turns the apple in order to allow the blade of the unit to peel the skin away from the apple. A comfortable handle is often viewed as a necessity. One that allows you to vary the pressure of the peeler and adjust the thickness of the peel you are cutting also can be very helpful.

If turning a crank manually is not appealing to you, consider an electric peeler. This type of top-rated apple peeler is easiest to use. All you need to do is attach an apple, turn the machine on and watch as the peel is cut away.

Whether you choose a manual or electric quality apple peeler, make sure you opt for one that is easy to clean. The ability to clean a peeler with a damp, sudsy cloth without having to break it down will make cleanup a breeze.

>> Choose the material type

The material that was used in the construction of your new apple peeler should be sturdy enough to hold up to years of use. Quality apple peelers have blades that are commonly ceramic or made from carbon steel or stainless steel. When using a carbon steel blade peeler, dry it immediately after washing to keep your blade in good working condition.

The two most commonly used materials for the base of an apple peeler are plastic and metal. Plastic is usually found in peelers designed for home use, while metal makes sense for commercial peelers. How often you plan to put your apple peeler to work will help you decide which material would be better for you.

>> Consider additional features

The best apple peeler will peel more than just apples. Look for apple peelers among kitchen gadget sets that will peel potatoes, cucumbers, pears, peaches, tomatoes, radishes and much more. Many apple peelers can make your time in the kitchen more productive if they are designed to peel a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are commonly cooked, baked or eaten raw. You can also use such multi-function peelers to make thin curly fries or slices.

Another good feature of a top-rated apple peeler is a peel catcher. A built-in peel catcher can help keep your counter clean as the peel falls away from the apple or other piece of produce. Moreover, all your peels will be kept in one place for easy disposal or if you decide to use them as decorations around your finished dish.

Safety should also be considered when looking at the features of a kitchen gadget such as an apple peeler. Peelers that do not require you to touch or hold the apple while it's being peeled are among the safest. Also look for a new apple peeler with a safety feature on the blade that will protect your fingers as you set up the device.

There are two types of blade orientations available for apple peelers. You can choose a peeler that has the blade straight in line with the handle, or one that is perpendicular to the handle. Which blade configuration will be best for you will depend on your personal preference.

Top-rated apple peeler units that stand on a flat surface typically feature an apple corer built into the unit. As the peeler's crank moves the apple, the corer pushes through the apple to remove the core while the blade cuts away the peel.

When you shop for an apple peeler, you may want to buy a convenient handheld fruit corer and wedge slicer in one as well.
As you learn how to buy the best apple peeler, think about all the ways you plan to use the peeler. Counter and storage space should also be considered to ensure you have the room to properly work with and store your new unit.

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