Ankle Boot Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Ankle Boot

Ankle boots can be an asset to your wardrobe because they can complete many different kinds of looks. When figuring out how to buy ankle boots, keep the following considerations in mind:

• Why you want ankle boots
• Your legs
• Your body shape
• Different types of ankle boots
• Your outfit
• The colors and materials of ankle boots

>> Why do you want ankle boots?

When figuring out how to buy ankle boots, determine whether you simply want to grow your boot collection, to buy a pair for a specific outfit or to buy a pair for a costume. Stylistically, different types of ankle boots are suitable for different occasions. If you are buying ankle boots to add to your collection, choose ankle boots with different styles, such as a pair of women's cowgirl boots or a pair of ankle boots with a fun look. If you are buying ankle boots for a specific outfit or costume, the best ankle boots complement the outfit. For example, consider women's western boots with a western costume or outfit.

>> Different types of ankle boots

There are several different types of stylish ankle boots to choose from. Some types of ankle boots make your legs look longer, while others simply make a fashion statement. When determining how to buy ankle boots, choose among popular styles:

• Stiletto ankle boots: Stiletto ankle boots make your legs look longer. They provide a sleek look.
• Wedge ankle boots: Wedge ankle boots are specifically designed to evenly distribute body weight.
• Platform ankle boots: The soles of platform ankle boots are chunky and bulky. These boots are ideal for mini-skirts.
• Pointy ankle boots: Pointy ankle boots have a point at the tip of the boot to add style. These boots may come as heels, stiletto heels, wedges or flats.
• Ankle booties: Women's ankle booties are slippers designed to look like an ankle boot.
• Rain ankle boots: Rain boots are also known as rubber boots because they are made from rubber to keep your feet dry.
• Western ankle boots: Western ankle boots are somewhat pointy, have a wedge heel and may be embellished with western designs.

Knowing about different types of ankle boots will help you determine which stylish ankle boots to shop for.

>> Consider your legs

Before choosing the best ankle boots, it is helpful to understand how ankle boots look in proportion to your legs, ankles and feet. A goal when wearing many women's shoes is to give the appearance of long, slender legs. Consider your leg size when determining how to buy ankle boots: different types of ankle boots will have different effects on the appearance of your legs. For example, if you have very thin, short legs, you might want to make them look a longer and fuller. To do this, choose ankle boots with a tall, thin heel -the thinner the heel, the fuller your legs will look, and heels add length to your legs. Likewise, if you have legs that are full and long, you might want to make them look more slender. To do this, buy ankle boots that are flat or made with wedges. Considering your leg size will help you determine which ankle boots will best complement your legs.
>> Consider your body shape

When figuring out how to buy ankle boots, another factor to consider is your body shape. There are several body shapes:

• Triangle shape: A heavier, wider bottom than top
• Apple shape: A round or wide torso
• Inverted triangle shape: A heavier, wider top than bottom
• Rectangle shape: Little or no waistline definition

If you have a triangle-shaped body, buy ankle boots with a wedge or a heel to elongate your legs. If you are an inverted triangle shape, make your legs look fuller by wearing stilettos or bright colors to draw attention away from your shoulders. If you are an apple shape, look for ankle boots that make your legs look fuller, such as stilettos, or bright colors to give you a proportioned look. If you have a rectangular shape, you might want to add definition to your body by wearing ankle boots embellished with detail.

>> Consider boot color, material and your outfit

As you shop for ankle boots, keep your outfits in mind because you want your boots to complement your existing wardrobe. When determining how to buy ankle boots, color and material are considerations. Bright colors add definition and make for stylish ankle boots. Try wearing black bottoms with a colorful top and matching your boots to your top. The color of your boots should also complement your outfit, so be sure to choose a color that matches either your top or your bottom. The materials also play a part in complementing the outfit: you might not want to wear leather boots with a sundress, but a pair of black leather boots would complement and enhance the edginess of a leather skirt and black shirt. Likewise, suede or velvet boots complement skinny jeans or a denim mini-skirt. The material you wear is also important to think about when it comes to the weather. Boots made from suede and velvet do not hold up well in snow or rain.

When determining how to buy ankle boots, think about what you will be wearing them with. Different types of ankle boots work better with different outfits. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing ankle boots for your outfit:

• When wearing ankle boots with jeans, be sure you can tuck the jeans into the boots or wear jeans that meet the top of the ankle.
• When wearing ankle boots with leggings, look for flat boots that complement the casual look of the leggings.
• When wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans, keep in mind that animal prints and studs provide more of an edgy look.
• When buying ankle boots to wear with a dress, skirt or shorts, remember that the higher the ankle boot goes up the leg, the shorter the dress or skirt should be to elongate the legs.
• The longer a dress, skirt or pair of shorts is, the shorter your legs will appear.

Knowing which ankle boots to choose will help you achieve a proportionate and balanced style.

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