Anniversary Gift Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Anniversary Gift

The exchange of gifts as tokens of continued love and devotion to mark anniversaries has
been happening for many, many centuries. Anniversary gifts are presented as symbolic reminders of marital commitment. The best anniversary gifts are more than reminders of the past and are also commitments for the future.

>> Which anniversary gift is best for a couple

A list of anniversary gifts for a couple will often depend on their cultural or religious traditions but should always be something they can share and enjoy together. Personalized anniversary gifts for couples are one way of recognizing that a successful relationship requires two people. When searching for unique anniversary gifts be certain that the present is neither too masculine nor too feminine and is appropriate for them together. After all, anniversaries are celebrations of the union of two people.


Personalized gifts can take a variety of forms from the entirely decorative, to the commemorative or utilitarian. Inscribed decorative gifts range from wall hangings that remind the couple of a shared memory or location to a decorative planter that symbolizes their growing love. While commemorative gifts are often decorative as well, they also include either the wedding date or the date of the anniversary being celebrated. Many top anniversary gifts are both personalized and useful such as etched champagne flutes.

Gift baskets

Anniversary gift baskets are always welcome and serve as a lasting expression of good wishes. These anniversary gifts offer the opportunity for the couple to receive multiple items, some of which are suitable for each of them individually as well as items they can enjoy together. Gift baskets can include a wide range of goodies from candy to wine and cheese.

>> The best anniversary gifts for each other

You are reminded of your love for each other every day but anniversaries are an opportunity to remind your special someone just how important they are. Anniversary band rings are a great way to say I would marry you again or to reaffirm that your love is as strong today as the first time you said I do.

For him

There are many unique anniversary gifts especially for men including the traditional favorites of cologne and aftershave. Anniversary gifts for him can be creative like gift baskets that include his favorite indulgences from candy to tools.

For her

Selecting the best anniversary gift for her tells her that you love her and know what she loves. Perfume, decadent chocolates and champagne are some of the most popular choices for her. Creative possibilities abound when you take some time to consider what she enjoys and seldom treats herself to.

>> Consider traditional milestone anniversary gifts
All anniversaries are important milestones of a happy relationship, and like a relationship, the significance of anniversaries grows over time. Many couples and families enjoy giving unique anniversary gifts that are symbolic of the anniversary being celebrated. Choosing a milestone anniversary gift can be done by consulting an anniversary year gift table.

Anniversary year Traditional gift Modern gift 1 Year Paper Clock 2 Years Cotton China 3 Years Leather Crystal 4 Years Fruit Flowers 5 Years Wood Silverware 10 Years Tin Diamond 15 Years Crystal Watches 20 Years China Platinum 25 Years Silver Silver 30 Years Pearl Diamond 35 Years Coral Jade 40 Years Ruby Ruby 45 Years Sapphire Sapphire 50 Years Gold Gold 60 Years Yellow diamond Diamond 75 Years Diamond and gold Diamond and gold >> Consider anniversary jewelry

Many of the best anniversary gifts for men and women are pieces of jewelry. A complete list of anniversary gifts includes rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. When you buy anniversary gifts you can consider both gemstone and precious metals to represent the anniversary year that the gift is for.

Men's Jewelry

Popular anniversary jewelry gifts for men include watches which can have a special inscription engraved into the back of the case as a reminder of the occasion. Rings including men's diamond anniversary rings are a popular choice.

Women's Jewelry

Women's anniversary rings are a wonderful way to say I love you and would happily marry you all over again. Other top anniversary gift choices include necklaces with the anniversary gemstone and charm bracelets that can have a new charm with that year's anniversary stone added each anniversary. Finding the best anniversary gifts is easier if you consult a table that has a list of anniversary gemstones.

Anniversary year Gemstone 1 Year Gold 2 Years Garnet 3 Years Pearls 4 Years Topaz 5 Years Sapphire 10 Years Diamond 15 Years Ruby 20 Years Emerald 25 Years Silver Jubilee 30 Years Pearl 35 Years Emerald 40 Years Ruby 45 Years Sapphire 50 Years Golden Jubilee 60 Years Diamond 75 Years Diamond The most important thing to consider when you buy an anniversary gift is that it comes from the heart. All types of anniversary gifts are appreciated when they are given with love, but with a little thought into what your significant other likes or would be surprised by, you'll be able to find something to create lasting memories that you both will cherish.

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