Apple Corer Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Apple Corer

Most recipes for apples require using apples that have been peeled and cored. If you have several apples to work with, you will want an apple corer to cut down on the amount of time necessary to perform the task. This can be a time consuming, tedious task when performed with a knife, especially if the recipe calls for many apples. An apple corer makes the job of removing the core easier and faster. When you shop for an apple corer, keep a checklist with a few key points in mind. This ensures you will bring home the best apple corer you can find.

>> Consider the style

Several different types of apple corers can be found, so you will want to think about the style you desire. When you buy a new apple corer, consider which type would give you the most use. Some types of apple corers serve a single purpose: to remove the core out of an apple. The uses for apple corers are varied, so you will want to contemplate the ability to use them for many other fruits that are similar in composition to the apple, such as the pear. For the best results, you will want to think about buying a fruit corer if you intend to remove the core from several types of fruit other than apples. The most common type of an apple corer is a single, hand-held unit that is similar in appearance to a vegetable peeler. It has a handle with a long plunger on the end of it. You push the plunger into the middle of the apple, and when you pull it out, the core is in the plunger.

When you buy a new apple corer, peruse other types of apple corers that serve more than one purpose. The best apple corer for you might be the one that saves additional time, and allows you to save space in the kitchen by combining two kitchen gadgets in one.

>> Look at the combinations

If you decide to buy a quality apple corer that combines another task with the apple corer, consider what other types of tasks are important to you. If you often desire to peel the apples when you core them, consider a top apple corer that peels the apples at the same time. This type of an apple corer is a little larger. The apple corer uses a suction base that sits on a table, or it attaches to the edge of a table with a vice-type of clamp design to hold it in place. The apple slides onto one edge of a spiral pole, often made of metal that has an apple corer on one side and a handle on the other side. After you have attached the apple, then turn the crank to peel the skin quickly off the apple. Most apple corer designs with the apple peeler are small enough that they can be stored in a large drawer, or they will take up a small amount of space in a kitchen cabinet.

Other types of apple corers are slightly different; they remove the core and slice the apple into eight slices. These types of apple cutters are flat with the cutting blades in the middle of a circle and two handles on each side for you to hold onto as you push the device down onto the apple. This style of an apple corer is good for eating apples when you want large slices with the skin still on for additional nutrition. If you intend to use a new apple corer for eating apples, rather than for use in recipes, consider this apple corer design.

Sometimes you can find a kitchen gadget in the home supplies section of your home goods store that cores the apple, peels it and thinly slices it at the same time. The construction is similar to the apple peeler and corer design, and it has a thin blade that makes thin slices as it is peeling the apple. The top apple corers in this design allow you to peel, core and slice. This is the best apple corer for you if you bake many apple pies or use apples in other recipes often.

>> Decide on the material

When you are going out to buy an apple corer, take the kind of material it is made from into consideration. Some materials are well-made and will last longer. For example, a metal apple corer is likely to last longer than a plastic one. The plastic corer is ideal for those on a tighter budget because of the cheaper materials used. If you are going to buy a hand-held apple corer that only cores apples, one of the best apple corers has a rubber grip handle to make it easier on your hands when you have to grip the handle for long periods of time.

>> Consider ease of cleaning

After you are finished preparing the apples for your recipe, you have to clean up. When you buy an apple corer, consider how easy it is to clean it up. The more simple the design, and the easier it comes apart and goes back together, the easier it will be to clean. Some hand-held apple corers with plungers on the end have a release lever that automatically releases the core, making the job of removing the apple core from the plunger even easier and aiding in the cleanup process.

As you set out with your apple corer checklist to compare apple corers, keep your cooking and baking needs in mind. Consider how frequently you will use an apple corer and what purposes you need it for. The best apple corer for you is the one that is well suited to your individual needs.

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