Baby Bouncer Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Baby Bouncer

>> Why do you want a baby bouncer?

One of the questions just about every new parent asks is which baby bouncer is the best to buy. Baby bouncers on the market today offer a wide range of features sure to inspire and engage your child. A baby bouncer is a baby product that is very helpful during the early stages of development, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your baby while you tend to other duties. The bouncer seat is probably considered one of the top ten staples when it comes to baby gear.

>> Consider types of baby bouncers

The most common type of baby bouncer is the rocking bouncer. These bouncers have a simple working mechanism where your child gets the sensation that they are in a parent's arms. At first, the child sits in a semi-upright position, most likely looking at the parent. As the child gets restless and starts kicking his legs, the bouncer will start rocking. This will give the child a feeling of being rocked by the parent, helping the child to relax. The rocking motion is proven to have a calming effect on children, and has been used to help babies easily drift into sleep.
With regard to movement, there are two major types of baby bouncers you can choose from when determining which baby bouncer to buy: battery-powered bouncers and simple, non-powered bouncers. The battery-powered baby bouncer is usually more expensive when compared to the simple bouncer, and allows you to vary the speed at which the bouncer rocks.

>> Consider size

Baby bouncers are useful during the early stages of a child's life, when babies are still unable to move around on their own. For safety reasons, once your child is over 7 months, it is no longer advisable to use a bouncer. There are some baby bouncer brands that are made specifically for older children. If you are interested in this type of bouncer, be sure to let your sales associate know when you shop.

>> Consider activity features

Most bouncers offer various features to help soothe and stimulate your child. The best baby bouncers have music boxes that play happy or peaceful sounds to lull your child into a restful state. Many types of baby bouncers also have some form of vibration mechanism to further relax a fussy baby. Soft plush animals may hang within arm's reach of little grasping hands, and lights may flash with the kicking of little feet.

The type of motion plays some part in determining which baby bouncer to buy. There are bouncers that rock, glide side to side or vibrate. There are also bouncers that rock side to side depending on the child's motion. Knowing your child's preferred motion and stimuli preference will help you narrow down your bouncer choice.

>> Consider portability

You're apt to find a wide array of bouncers when you shop baby gear collections, including portable bouncers. Some of the best baby bouncers are very small and compact, making travel a snap. These baby bouncers are easy to store in a closet or take with you when traveling. Some even fold up to fit under a bed or dresser.

>> Consider materials

There are many types of baby bouncers that come with removable seat covers suitable for machine washing. This is an important feature, as the bouncer is guaranteed to get dirty. Washability is key in maintaining the cleanliness of your baby bouncer.

You want your child to be as comfortable as possible while using the bouncer. Comfort bouncer seats provide your baby with ample cushioning and softness while they play and explore. Soft cotton is a perfect material for little babies to relax and play in, and it's also an appropriate fabric for delicate baby skin. You may opt for a baby bouncer brand that offers seats that recline in several positions or even convert themselves into toddler seats. Many of the baby bouncer brands on the market today offer seats in a variety of colors and themes to match just about any nursery setting.

Safety should rank highest in determining which baby bouncer to buy. Before making your purchase, conduct a baby bouncer comparison of safety features to be sure you select the best option for your baby. Be sure to verify that the product has a seal from the manufacturer. The seal often indicates that the product is produced in accordance with the industry safety standards. It is also important that you read the manufacturer recommended age and weight limits. These limits are created to help ensure the safety of every child, and can only be enforced with parental awareness. Most bouncers should only be used until your baby reaches 25 pounds or until your baby is able to sit up on his own.

>> Consider older children

While older children may not need to use a baby bouncer anymore, they still love that bouncing sensation. Inflatable jump and slide bouncers pick up where baby bouncer seats leave off, giving toddlers and bigger children a safe, interactive environment to jump, bounce and tumble to their hearts' content. These large jumpers may vary in size and some even have water hook-ups for summertime fun.
No matter what the child's age, there's a bounce option for them. With a little research and planning, finding the perfect bounce solution can be a fun experience for the whole family.
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