Baby Mattress Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Baby Mattress

One of the most important components of your new baby's nursery is the crib and baby mattress. When you are searching for the best baby mattress to buy, you'll notice that there are many different baby mattress sizes and types for you to choose from. With a little bit of research and guidance, selecting the right baby mattress for your little one can be a simple and enjoyable experience.

>> Choose a mattress type

Like a lot of baby gear,variety is abundant when it comes to baby mattress types. In general, baby mattress sizes corresponded to the crib frames they go in. A basic crib uses a standard crib mattress, and many baby mattress types can fit into any crib. When your baby grows out of his or her crib and transfers to a toddler bed, often times the crib mattress will be able to transfer over to most toddler bed frames. A play yard is portable and easily stored and also comes with a thin mattress for added comfort. A bassinet mattress is rounded to fit in the small confines of the bassinet. These can be portable as well. With so many baby products on the market today, it's important to look at your specific wants and needs for your child's bedding.

>> Consider mattress size and thickness

When deciding how to buy a baby mattress for your crib, consider the size and thickness you'd like the mattress to be. Most baby mattresses range between 3 inches and 6 inches thick. These baby mattress dimensions are the most common and will fit in most standard baby cribs. The play yard mattresses are normally in the range of 3 inches. You can also purchase mattresses in extra firm and memory foam variations.

>> Consider specialty mattresses

There are many specialty crib mattresses that may fit your specific needs. Maybe you prefer an extra firm mattress for your little one, or memory foam for added support and comfort. A cranial cradle bassinet foam mattress is specially made of soft memory foam that has cut outs for the baby's head and body, making a safe, cozy space for your baby to relax in the bassinet. You can also purchase organic and all-natural mattresses that are hypoallergenic. Some mattresses come in colors geared to match and blend with your baby bedding and decor. Learning how to choose a baby mattress that is right for your infant is easy with the proper research.

>> Consider materials used in mattresses

Many crib mattresses are made with the standard coil design. These mattresses can come in standard firmness to ultra-firmness, depending on your preference. For safety reasons, baby mattresses are never soft in texture. Memory foam has become very popular over the years and makes a great crib mattress for your baby. Another new trend is all-natural bedding. A soybean mattress is hypoallergenic and a healthy sleep choice for a baby. Cotton and bamboo are also gentle, organic choices for parents who prefer a natural sleep setting for their little one. You can even find baby crib mattresses made of lamb's wool and hypoallergenic coco fiber.
>> Consider mattress pads and covers

Mattress pads and covers aid in your little one's comfort and help keep the mattress clean and dry. Most mattress pads contain a waterproof vinyl liner beneath soft quilted material. The quilted material can range in different levels of thicknesses for specialized comfort. Organic cotton and bamboo mattress pads and covers are also available. Some mattress pads have a smooth top instead of quilting. You can also purchase crib protectors that prevent bedbugs from getting in the crib. A good mattress cover should fit all baby mattress sizes. You can purchase crib mattress bundle sets that include both the mattress and pad. Comfort should always be a prominent consideration when choosing how to buy a baby mattress and the crib bedding sets to go with it.

>> Consider sleep aids

When deciding how to choose a baby mattress, it's good to consider other sleep aids that will further add to your little one's comfort. A baby wedge will help soothe your baby when he or she cannot lay flat. Other soothing sleep aids include sound machines and mobiles to lull babies happily to sleep on their new mattresses.

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