Bath Salt Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Bath Salt

When it comes to figuring out which bath salts to buy, take into consideration things like the intended use of the bath salts, appealing scents and the benefits of the ingredients.

>> What are the bath salts being used for?

When you are thinking about how to buy bath salts, consider what they are being used for. One of the many bath salt uses is gift-giving for a variety of occasions. Many bath salt brands and beauty products make excellent gifts.

For personal use, bath salts are ideal for exfoliating your skin. Add a handful of bath salts to a tiny bit of water. Make it into a paste, and it is ready to use on your skin.

Relaxing in warm water with bath salts can be a great way to end a long day. Throw two handfuls of bath salts into a warm bath. The bath salts will quickly dissolve into the water. Bath salts are safe to use in a Jacuzzi as long as they completely dissolve.

Bath salt can also assist in healing wounds, burns, insect bites and cuts.

>> Who is using the bath salts?

Many adults use bath salts for a variety of reasons. They are used not only for baths but also in scrubs and body cleansers. Bath salts come scented or unscented options, and may be infused with herbs and essential oils. Bath salts are great for relaxing and unwinding. Other bath salt benefits include relieving corns and calluses, relaxing tense muscles and joints, lessening the severity of lower back pain and smoothing and softening skin. The colors of the bath salts can affect your mood. For instance, blue salts are soothing, so use them when you are feeling anxious. Red, yellow and orange are energizing and make a great pick-me-up when you are feeling sluggish.

Kids love bath salts almost as much as adults. When bath salts are added to bubble bath, they can create more bubbles. Colored baths salts turn the water colors. When you want to know how to buy bath salts for kids, take them with you to the store so they can help you choose the best bath salts to buy.

>> What are some common scents?

Bath salts are one of the most popular bath and body products. They come in a wide range of scents. Different scents provide different benefits. Lavender bath salts promote relaxation and sleep. They also soothe pain and muscle aches. Herbal scents, such as green tea scents, are rejuvenating and invigorating.

Cool mint provides the sweet smell of spearmint. Cool mint has therapeutic bath salt benefits in that it soothes and revives achy and tired muscles. Rose fragrance is rich in minerals and provides general skin care and relaxation. Citrus scents have a rejuvenating, light fragrance.

>> What types of bath salts are available?

Consider the different types of bath salts when you shop for bath salts. Several types of bath salts are available, including all-natural, organic, classic and Epsom salts.

All-natural bath salt benefits include raising pH levels in the body and replenishing minerals that are important to the skin's metabolism. Classic bath salts are coarse and unbleached and sooth skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. Epsom salts are a compound of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen.

>> Does the package matter?

Of the many bath salt uses, a popular one is gifting. Bath salts are packaged in containers such as sugar jars, glass jars with metal covers, twist-top metal tins and clear plastic jars. Cellophane bags are great for gifting as they are stylish, they are lightweight and they won't break. Handmade cardboard boxes are also great for gifting. When you are giving bath salts as a gift, the best bath salts to buy are those in various colors that you can layer in a container to create an attractive presentation.

Consider using handmade labels on jars, boxes or bags to add a personal touch. Another idea when gifting is to coordinate bath colors with the fragrance of the bath salts. For instance, purple for lavender scent or red for rose scent.

>> Consider bath salt gift sets

Some of the best bath salts to buy are those that come as part of a gift set. They can be useful for sampling various products. For instance, a five-piece bath accessories gift set might include bath fizz, salt crystals, bath soak, sea salt soak and sugar soak.

Another idea when considering how to buy bath salts is to look for a gift set that includes a variety of bathroom accessories. For example, a four-piece bath salt gift set might include bath salt, body lotion, bubble bath and body wash. Many bath salt brands offer luxurious gift sets.
>> What ingredients are in bath salts? The chart below lists some of the most common ingredients in bath salts and their intended benefits. Understanding the ingredients will help you learn how to buy bath salts. Ingredient Potential benefits Sodium chloride Hydrates the body, reduces allergies and inflammation. Water Makes hair shiny and promotes younger looking skin. Sea salt Strengthens bones, slows signs of aging, relaxes the nervous system. Magnesium sulfate Reduces muscle pain, improves circulation, strengthens heart function. Flower extracts Ease anxiety, promote better sleep and relaxation. Natural oils Treat eczema, get rid of rashes and warts, reduce skin problems. Citrus peel oils Improve bone health, promote weight loss. Corn starch Reduces water retention, reduces blood pressure. Fragrance Enhances mood, energizes. Menthol Decongests, relieves tension headaches.

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