Bath Seat Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Bath Seat

Bath seats are made specifically for use inside a bathtub or shower. If you're unable to stand or bear weight in the shower or tub, these seats make washing up possible and comfortable. Bath seats are available in a variety of water-resistant styles.

>> How do you intend to use the bath seat?
Bef ore you buy a bath seat, consider your reasons for purchasing one. When caring for yourself and selecting a bath seat for comfort, choose the best bath seat by thinking about the type of support you need. Are you able to sit unassisted, or will you benefit from a chair offering support for your back, arms or both?

The best bath seat for you is one that you can safely access when preparing to bathe. Some bath seat designs require that the entire seat be inside the bathtub, which necessitates stepping into the tub before you sit down. Other designs allow part of the seat and possibly one pair of legs to be outside the tub, so you can sit on the seat and then lift your legs over the side of the tub. A bath seat with solid and secure handles on the arms helps you feel stable when entering the tub or shower.

If you're buying a bath seat to use while you have a specific medical condition or are recovering from an injury or surgery, consider the most stable kind of support necessary for a safe bathing experience. Buy a bath seat that firmly supports you and protects any affected parts of your body. An adjustable bath seat with removable supports is sometimes the best bath seat if you anticipate a change in physical condition.

When you need to assist a loved one or a home health care client, remember safety for both of you. Choose a new bath seat designed to facilitate easy transfer in and out of the tub or shower, to handle the bather's weight and to provide support and comfort for the bather while you assist with washing tasks.

>> What style fits your life best?

Top bath seats come in a variety of styles, including stools, benches and chairs. A simple bath stool might meet your needs if standing for an entire shower is difficult but you're able to maneuver safely and maintain physical stability. A bench-style seat, with or without arms, usually provides adequate support if you can sit upright and remain stable in this position while bathing. The best bath seat to buy for back support is a chair seat with a backrest.

A typical bath seat frame is made from heavy-duty plastic or lightweight, sturdy and corrosion-proof aluminum with stainless steel hardware and angled legs for stability. Some seat frames are constructed from PVC. Seats are usually made of molded plastic. You can buy a streamlined bath seat design featuring only the seat, which you fasten directly to the wall of your bathing area with moisture-proof hardware. The seat may fold up when not in use. Corner shower chairs, designed to fit into the corner of a shower stall, are a space-saving option. A portable bath seat with folding legs may be the best bath seat for traveling.

>> Look at the design

Remember the details when you buy a bath seat. Bath and shower seats boast a variety of different design elements and options, so you'll find a combination to meet your particular needs. The traditional bath seat color is white, but you'll find other colors on the market, including blue and yellow. Once you've chosen the right bath seat, consider the size and shape of your bathtub or shower. Measure the space available before making your final selection. Some bath seat designs allow you to adjust the width of the seat to fit snugly into a tub and to reverse the direction of the bench seat, and some seats swivel. Consider the material of your bathtub or shower as well. Buy a bath seat with feet that grip your bathing surface or choose a special non-slip design with suction-cup feet.

Check out the sizes and styles of the actual seat. Make sure you know the seat's weight recommendations, and pick a seat with room for sitting comfortably. The best bath seat might feature a textured non-slip surface to prevent sliding or a padded seating surface. Backrests and armrests may include padding for extra comfort. Many bath seats feature carefully placed small holes for water drainage.

The top bath seats on your list should provide all the support you need, such as armrests and backrests. Many bath seat brands offer options to adjust these as well as to adjust the height of the seat. Bath seat designs with removable arms and backrests are options for changing needs.

The safest ortho-medical bath seats and shower chairs feature non-exposed hardware to protect your skin and heavy-duty rubber feet or strong non-slip suction feet. Transfer benches provide a safe-seated entry into the bathing area. Reclining shower chairs and rehabilitation shower chairs with wheels are options for specific medical needs, as are chair seats with cutouts for a sitz bath container. You can also buy a bath seat designed to serve double-duty as a toilet seat.

Read the assembly instructions on bath seat packaging. Some bath seats require simple tools such as screwdrivers for assembly. Tool-free bath chairs, benches and seats offer hands-only assembly. Some bath seat designs require you to fasten one side of the seat to the wall or the rim of the bathtub with hardware, while others allow you to customize the fit and enhance stability by turning a large rounded handle that screws the sides snugly to the tub.

>> What accessories and features do you want?

Top bath seats might offer extra accessories, including footrests or removable seat pads. If you need a handheld shower head in easy reach, buy a bath seat with a holder designed to keep it in place near you. A new bath seat kit featuring a seat, grab bars and safety rails is a great idea.

Learning about bath seat types, styles, designs and accessories is important. A bath seat is a helpful health product for safe and comfortable daily living. These bath seat buying tips should help you purchase the best bath seat for your temporary or permanent needs.

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