Bath Towel Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Bath Towel

A good set of bath towels is an investment in personal comfort that can last you for several years. Quality bath towels are not only functional, but can also add an extra layer of decor to any bathroom design. With just a little bit of research, deciding which bath towels to buy for your home can be a simple and enjoyable process.

>> Consider the material of your bath towel

The first thing to consider when deciding how to buy bath towels is the material of the towel. The absorbency levels of bath towels are directly correlated with the material the towels are made of, so this is an important consideration.

Egyptian cotton is the choice for many high-end bath towels. This premium cotton has longer threads that are extra absorbent, softer and fluffier than the average cotton blend. You will often find Egyptian cotton towels in spas and five-star hotels. Pima cotton is the American version of this material, and is also very popular and has a similar look and texture.

Organic towels are often made from bamboo and offer a looser, softer texture than cotton varieties. Organic towels are also quick-drying and resistant to mildew.

Microfiber towels are made from engineered fibers, as opposed to natural materials, and have a lighter weight than other fabrics. Microfiber towels have a suede-like feel to them and are known for being highly absorbent.

You can also choose standard cotton bath towels. These towels are not as luxurious as the Egyptian cotton ones, but they are durable and designed for everyday use.
When deciding how to choose bath towels for your home, think about how they'll be used. Towels that are mainly displayed for decorative purposes should look beautiful and luxurious. When you choose a towel that will be used regularly, you want a material that is absorbent and long-lasting.

>> Consider the size of your towel

When you think about how to buy bath towels, you should also consider the size. There are several categories of bath towel sizes to choose from, depending on how you use them. You'll most likely purchase some in different sizes for your home. Here is a look at bath towel types, their average sizes and the benefits and uses for each style.

Type of towel Average size Uses and benefits Bath sheet towel Ranges from 35 x 60 inches to 40 x 70 inches Can be wrapped around you after a bath or shower to keep you warm Bath towel Ranges from 27-30 inches in width and 52-58 inches in length Adequate for drying, easier to clean, allows more laundry to be washed at one time Hand towel Varies from 16 x 28 to 18 x 30 inches Dries hands after washing Finger towel Approximately 11 x 18 inches Hand drying and for decoration Wash cloth Square of 13 x 13 inches, but can vary slightly Washing face and body For practicality, you may opt to purchase multiples of each of these bath towel types for your home when you shop for bath towels. In addition to these options, you can also find bath towel sizes especially for kids. Washcloths are often a little smaller in kid towel styles and bath towels may vary by one or two inches in both width and length. Hand towels are usually the same size for kids as they are for adults. The main difference whe n you shop for bath towels for children is the designs used to make them more interesting to kids.

>> Consider the weight of the towel

You may have questions on how to buy bath towels when you see the weight listed in GSM. This means the grams per square meter and is the unit of measure used to determine the weight of the fabric. Heavier is not always better; in fact, the best bath towels to buy may be the ones with a lower GSM if you plan to use them at the gym or as beach towels.

The lower GSM towels are lighter in weight and thinner, making them the ideal choice for general travel. The higher GSM towels are preferable for use at home. A light towel will have a GSM between 300 and 400. These are usually gym towels, kitchen towels or even a lightweight beach towel.

Medium weight towels are 400-600 GSM. Medium weight towels are usually used as guest towels, bath towels and heavier beach towels. Heavy weight towels are 600-900 GSM and are considered premium towels, and often take longer to dry. Aside from the weight, the GSM also determines how absorbent your towels are. Be sure to find out the GSM when you shop bath towels so you know you're buying the right towel for the right purpose.

>> Choose Your Space

If you are not sure how to choose bath towels, first consider the space where you'll use them. Are you are buying them for all of your bathrooms or just one? Next, consider if it is a full bath or half bath. Keep in mind that you only need hand towels, fingertip towels and wash cloths in a bathroom that does not include a shower.

>> Determine your needs

If you plan to use these towels every day, you'll want to purchase something that can withstand heavy use. Towels placed in a guest bathroom will not be used as often, which also means fewer times being laundered. You may choose different towels if they are to be treated as decorative bath accessories rather than used as regular towels.

>> Choose your style
Once you've narrowed down the practical aspects of the best bath towels to buy, you can think about the style. There are numerous choices in bath towel designs, from simple and plain to elegant and personalized. You may choose plain white or solid colored towels, or you might prefer a little variation such as pink or purple striped towels. You can also find elegant bath towel designs with satin borders or embroidered initials. If you don't want to purchase an entire set of personalized bath towels, you can buy the smaller finger towels or hand towels and select plain bath towels in matching or complementary colors.

When shopping for bath towels for children, you have many options as well. For little ones, there are the hooded towels that allow you to wrap up your baby or toddler when you take them out of the bath. They often come in animal designs or adorned with famous children's characters.

You can also find their favorite TV and storybook characters emblazoned on bath and beach towels, alike. Other generic bath towel designs can be fun for kids of all ages. Whimsical designs such as polka dots, stripes or bold color blocks entertain young, imaginative minds.

>> Consider bath towel cleaning and care

Another thing you'll want to consider when buying bath towels is how to care for them after you make the purchase. Medium-weight towels usually take less time to dry than large fluffy towels. If you re-use your towels before washing them, lighter-weight towels will decrease the chance of mildew. Smaller bath towels also take up less space in the washer and dryer. White towels are easier to clean than colored ones because you don't have to worry about bleaching or fading.

With so many variations in weight, style, color and function, you are sure to find a set of bath towels that fits with your personal style and your home.

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