Bathroom Mirror Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Bathroom Mirror

Knowing how to choose a bathroom mirror is an important aspect of ensuring that your bathroom's design meets your needs and decor preferences. It is a focal point and will reflect your personal style. It may even disguise a medicine cabinet, making a storage space look attractive. Beyond home decor purposes, bathroom mirrors also play a functional role in making sure that you look your best as you prepare for your day.

>> Consider your bathroom space

An important consideration when determining how to choose a bathroom mirror is if it will be used for a new construction or a remodeled space. If you plan to shop bathroom mirrors for a newly constructed bathroom, you will have many options to choose from. On the other hand, if you are remodeling a space, coordinating your bathroom mirror design with your current fixtures is recommended. The best bathroom mirror for you will be one that pleases you with both its style and its functionality.

Additionally, consider the design of your bathroom. A master bathroom is often a larger room and might offer more mirror space above the sink, especially if you have double sinks. You could choose one long mirror to hang above double sinks, or each sink could have its own mirror. A smaller bathroom, guest bathroom or half bathroom is frequently a space where a smaller mirror looks best. Additionally, when you buy a bathroom mirror, it's important to know whether you prefer only a mirror or a mirror with a cabinet, depending on your storage needs.

>> Consider bathroom mirror designs and styles

Designs and styles are important factors to consider as you select the best bathroom mirror for your space. Bathroom mirror designs can range in shape from round to oval to rectangle, and some even come in more unusual shapes. Therefore, as you consider how to choose a bathroom mirror, keep in mind which shape appeals to you most, as well as the amount of space that you have available, especially above your sink area.

Furthermore, consider if you prefer a simple style or a decorative style. If you prefer simpler styles, many basic types of bathroom mirrors are available, such as frameless mirrors. On the other hand, if you desire an eye-catching design, there are a variety of decorative mirrors to choose from. Designs include modern, vintage and traditional, among others.

>> Consider types of bathroom mirror frames

As you consider how to choose a bathroom mirror, keep in mind the type of frame that you prefer. There are many types available, such as beveled and decorative. There are frameless bathroom mirrors available, as well, which are recommended if you prefer a clean look. Some framed styles also feature lighting on the frame itself.

>> Consider the different bathroom mirror sizes

Next, determine the appropriate bathroom mirror size for your space. Perhaps a wide style over a double sink is the best bathroom mirror for you, or on the other hand, if space is limited, maybe a smaller tabletop mirror or single mirror over a sink would suffice. There are many bathroom mirror sizes to choose from. Your choice ultimately depends on the amount of surface space that you have available.

If you use a mirror for shaving, you might prefer a separate shaving mirror or even an in-shower mirror, especially if you shave your face in the shower. Small makeup mirrors or shaving mirrors usually have a stand for portability and often include a magnified reflection on one side to give you a close-up view as you apply makeup or shave.

You might also find a full-length mirror to be beneficial. Full-length mirrors often hang on the back of bathroom doors, but hanging them on walls is also an option.

>> Consider special features of the mirror

The best bathroom mirror for you might be one that comes with additional features such as lighting and magnification. These features are especially helpful if your overhead lighting is inadequate. You can also buy a bathroom mirror that remains fog-free when your bathroom is humid after a shower. These types of bathroom mirrors resist steam, so you won't have to wipe them in order to see yourself.

>> Consider other optional accessories

When you shop bathroom mirrors, mounting hardware is an important accessory, which differs depending on how you choose to install your bathroom mirror. Bathroom wall mounted mirrors typically come with included hardware; however, for others, you will need to purchase it separately. Mounting hardware might include strips or clips, hooks, screws and nails. Other important considerations are your bathroom mirror's dimensions and weight. Choose hardware that is strong enough to support your mirror in order to protect your wall from damage.

Another optional accessory is glass cleaner, which you can buy or even make at home. Regardless of which method you choose, it is an effective tool that will help to keep your mirror's surface clean.

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