Bathroom Sink Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Bathroom Sink

One way to spruce up your bathroom is to purchase a new bathroom sink. When you shop for bathroom sinks, remember that there are many different types of bathroom sinks and options when it comes to design, color, materials and more. Consider all of these factors when determining how to buy a bathroom sink.

>> Choose the style of sink that fits your bathroom

When determining the best bathroom sinks to buy, you will have the choice of many different bathroom sink sizes. However, certain sink styles only come in certain sizes. This includes styles such as double sinks and pedestal sinks. The size of your bathroom will determine the style of sink that you can purchase. Even with this limitation, each style offers different bathroom sink designs.

Larger bathrooms can accommodate larger bathroom sink sizes, such as a double sink or a single sink with a large vanity. When dealing with a large space, it may be best for you to choose a double sink to maximize your space and add value to your home. A smaller bathroom, on the other hand, will only be able to have a small vanity with a single sink or a pedestal sink.

>> Consider your available space
Before shopping for a bathroom sink, measure your space to help determine the best bathroom sink for you. There should be a clear space the width of your bathroom door to allow proper clearance for the door to be opened. Interior doors are generally between 30" and 36". You will need to place the sink where it will not interfere with the door. This can be avoided by having an outswing door, and will allow for more space. The bathroom sink must also be at least 15" away from other fixtures or obstacles. These measurements may vary depending on your building codes. You must check your local codes before starting a project to ensure everything is placed according to code before you learn how to buy a bathroom sink.

Narrow down the possible bathroom sink sizes and types according to your measurements. Pedestal bath sinks, wall mount sinks and small vanities can be used if space is a concern. Marathon bath sinks will fit in small spaces, as will console sinks. Console sinks are very similar to pedestal sinks, but they usually mount to a wall and have at least two legs in the front to support the weight of the sink.

Larger spaces can have larger double sinks and vanities. A type of sink you can use in either situation is undermount bathroom sinks. These sinks mount to the underside of the vanity. They can be used in double and single sink vanities. You can also use drop in and vessel sinks with any type of vanity. Vessel sinks are bowl-shaped sinks that are placed on top of the bathroom counter. These bathroom sink designs add a touch of luxury to a bathroom.

See the chart below to compare features and considerations for various types of sinks.

Pedestal sink Console sink Wall mount sink Undermount sink Top mount sink Vessel sink Allows for storage No No No Yes Yes Yes Needs vanity No No No Yes Yes Yes Used in small spaces Yes Yes Yes Yes-With small vanity Yes-With small vanity Yes-With small vanity Different bathroom sink designs, sizes and shapes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes >> Consider your storage needs

When you consider how to choose a bathroom sink, deciding on storage options may not seem easy. The best way to narrow down the amount of storage you need is to consider who uses the bathroom. A guest bathroom rarely needs a large amount of storage, but a master bath or one that a majority of the household uses will require storage space.

Storage options for a bathroom come in the form of vanities, shelving and cabinets. The most commonly found storage space in a bathroom is the vanity. Once you have narrowed down the best bathroom sinks for your home, you can choose what type of storage you need. If you choose a pedestal or wall mount sink, you will not need a vanity, but may require other storage. Drop in and undermount sinks require a vanity.

If your bathroom requires little to no storage, pedestal or wall mount bathroom sinks are a good option. The bathroom sink styles you choose can add an element of luxury or simplicity to any bathroom or powder room. Smaller bathrooms can also benefit from the two types of sinks listed above. Using a small sink can allow more space for other types of storage.

If you need a lot of storage, choose a sink style that requires a vanity if possible. Vanities range in size from 24" to 52" and above. Vanities often have both cabinets and drawers to place your personal items. The size and the amount of drawers and cabinets will vary according to how large of a vanity you choose.

>> Consider materials

Both the materials you need and the materials a sink and vanity are made of are a concern when you are learning how to buy a bathroom sink. Materials you will need to install your bathroom sink are tools, bathroom fixtures and plumbing supplies. Rest assured that any tools you will need to purchase could be used again on other projects within your home.

You will need to choose which materials you prefer your sink and vanity to be made of when determining how to buy a bathroom sink. Sinks are usually made of stainless steel, composite, porcelain/porcelain enamel, glass and copper. The vanity is usually made of wood, but the top can contain other materials, such as granite, quartz, tile, mica, cement and marble.

High-end finishes are normally sought after in a bathroom. You can choose these type of finishes for your bathroom sink. High-end bathroom sink styles are generally made of glass, composite and copper. If you choose a high-end sink, an equally nice addition is a vanity top composed of marble, granite or quartz.

>> Consider shape, size and color
The last area of concern, and the most important, when learning how to buy a bathroom sink is the design aspect. You must match the sink, fixtures and vanity to the style of the bathroom. This will pull the room together. You can purchase a sink in colors other than white to match different color schemes. The fixtures also come in different colors and finishes.

Different bathroom sink brands and types offer different sizes and shapes of sinks. The size and shape should be based on the vanity or other fixtures in the bathroom. For example, if your bathroom has a beach theme, you can find a sink that resembles the shape of a shell. Vessel bathroom sinks come in different shapes, sizes, materials and colors. It is possible for you to find one to match any decor, even black with different types of black vessel bath sinks.
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