Battery Charger Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong a Battery Charger

Battery chargers can extend the life of batteries that need a charge and are helpful tools in many situations. Battery chargers are often found in the auto tires section of a store. Generally, a battery charger is a battery booster that will replace charge in a battery, but there are many different types of battery chargers on the market today. With a multitude of options available to you, how do you decide which battery charger to buy? You can answer this question by considering a few key points.

>> What will you use the battery charger for?

The types of machines you use and the types of batteries those machines use will greatly affect which battery charger to buy. There are generally three types of batteries:

• Lead acid batteries are the standard type of batteries used in most cars. Lead acid batteries conduct electricity from the charge formed between two oppositely charged lead plates sitting in a pool of acid and water.
• VRLA batteries use the same method as lead acid batteries to charge but don't require ventilation or water replacement. VLRA batteries are commonly used in ATVs and snowmobiles, because they're lighter and more weather-resistant.
• Deep-cycle batteries are lead acid batteries as well, but they discharge most of their capacity at once. These batteries are commonly used for boats, golf carts, forklifts, wheelchairs and power tools.

Many chargers are compatible with one or two of these types of batteries. Read the owner's manual or check the model number on your batteries to determine compatibility. Knowing the batteries you use in your machine is a good first step to figuring out how to buy a battery charger.

>> How much charge does your machine need?

Battery charge is measured in amps, and most batteries can sustain a wide range of charge. It is often a matter of how long you have to charge your battery. A consistent 12-amp charge will charge most car batteries quickly. Many battery charger designs will have a variable charge rate so that you can choose 20-amp charges or 50-amp charges to quicken the time needed to charge the battery. Machines other than cars often require less charge, however. Some types of batteries will have 8-amp or 2-amp charge options to charge motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and lawn tractor batteries. Check your owner's manual to find out the charge rate that your battery can sustain before you decide which battery charger to buy.

>> Do you need emergency start capability?

Some auto battery chargers can exert enough power to start an engine. A 150-amp boost is enough charge to go from the battery charger through the battery to the ignition system in the engine. This feature is great for emergencies and for car batteries that tend to die in the cold. There are some battery charger models made especially to jump start an engine in an emergency. These models can be small enough to fit into your glove compartment. You should again check your car's owner's manual to make sure that your battery can sustain the type of boost required to start the car's engine.

>> Would jump starter cables work for you?

A set of jump starter and cables is a good option for people who want emergency protection for situations when their car's battery doesn't start. Jump starter and cables will transfer electricity from another car's battery to your car's battery so that your car's battery has charge again. A set of jump start and cables is helpful in emergencies. These battery cables will work in any condition, whether rain, sleet or snow. The clamps have the capability to handle 500 amps of charge and the cables often come with a tangle-free feature.

>> Consider portability

Different types of battery chargers come in different sizes. Some battery charger designs are about the size of a briefcase or a backpack. Other battery chargers are larger and come with wheels to move around more easily. You should consider how you will use your battery charger to decide how important portability is. Battery charger designs with wheels are good if you plan on using your battery charger in a garage or workshop, while case types of battery chargers are good for everyday home use.
>> Consider accessories

Battery charger accessories can help you decide which battery charger to buy. Some battery chargers come with a digital display of charge percentage, while others have some automotive diagnostic tool features. For people who want added protection from battery charger misuse, reverse hookup protection is a great battery charger feature to consider. Float mode monitoring can extend the life of your battery. This battery charger feature stops charging the battery once the battery has reached its full charge. These accessories can help improve your automotive electronics condition and protect other machines as well.
The many different types of battery chargers on the market today can make it difficult to shop for a battery charger. If you keep the amount of charge you need and the type of batteries you have in mind, deciding how to buy a battery charger can be a relatively easy task, though. Keep such things in mind as you navigate this and other useful automotive tools and equipment.

Beach Chair Guide: Don't Get the Wrong Beach Chair

Like many people, your relaxing trip to the beach might include a beach chair. But a beach chair can serve your needs in more locales than the coastline. As you decide on the best beach chair to buy, considerations regarding the user, the location and the material will affect your decision.

>> Who will be using the beach chair?
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Beach chairs are items you purchase based on your individual preferences. You have numerous beach chair designs and sizes to choose from. Giving thought to who will be using your beach chairs can trim your choices as you consider the best beach chairs to buy.

Adult-sized beach chairs come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your grown-up chair users. The best beach chairs to buy fit the chair owner easily. While at the beach, take into account that many individuals often bring a wrap or towel with them, which can add some bulk. If you're unsure about the sizes, buy beach chairs one size up to accommodate beach or outdoor accessories.

Children's beach seats are available for your young ones. The best beach chairs to buy for children could be a few sizes larger than your kids are, so they can use them as they grow.

>> Consider different features

Folding chairs, including folding beach lounge chairs, offer you portability and adjustability. You have numerous height options when you consider different types of folding chairs. Your loved ones can perch high, recline low or settle into beach chairs that are just right for them.

Padded back seating for some seats brings extra comfort to your sunny day. When buying a padded chair, consider the added durability of water-resistant padding and water-resistant material.

As you consider the best beach chairs to buy, consider a model with an umbrella fitting. Various types of beach chairs give you this option for your vacation enjoyment.

Canopy chairs are created with an umbrella or covering over the top of the chair. This is an attractive feature for those long stretches in the sun, as it keeps the heat off your head while sitting. A canopy chair is a good selection to address your concerns for skin protection and sensitivity. Children, the elderly, and your other family members can benefit from the cooling qualities of a canopy chair.
>> Where will you be using your beach chair?

Beach chairs offer you comfortable seating options for a number of locations. You can opt, like many people, to use beach chairs as outdoor seating for non-beach activities, such as concerts and camping. The places that you use the chairs determine the best beach chairs to buy. For concerts, camping and swimming vacations, portability is what you want to consider. Make sure that the seats do not take up too much space, but that they are comfortable to sit in for several hours at a time. Chairs with padded seats and padded backs are some of the best beach chairs to buy for your comfort at concerts or other long events.

>> Do you want chairs with long seats or short seats?

Along with height and padding, the length of the seats is a factor when deciding on the best beach chairs to buy. Adirondack chairs offer you the longest seats, with an appearance like an elongated rocking chair. These beach chairs are a good option if you tend to keep your belongings on your chair. Adirondack chairs often give you an abundance of leg room.

Short-seated chairs can suit the tastes of some of your loved ones. These beach chairs are easy to store, which is helpful when you need to take seating with you on a trip.

>> What material do you prefer?

Mesh chairs, popular for their light, weather-resistant construction, give you a practical choice in beach chair design.

Plastic lounge chairs are lightweight, and you can wipe them off with ease.

Wooden beach chairs tend to be durable and sturdy, whether on a beach or on your patio.

>> Do you want storage options?
Beach chairs give you a place to sit while on vacation; however, they can provide some extra benefits as well. Beach chairs with cup holders provide a place to set drinks. Having a safe, clean place to put a cool drink on a hot day is a convenience you probably want to consider. Some beach chairs also feature storage space to hold food, towels, beverages or other items you bring to the beach.