Beach Tote Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Beach Tote

Beach totes are functional and stylish. They are ideal at the beach or pool to hold towels and sunscreen and other items such as books and MP3 players. You can also use them as casual totes whenever you'd like. Take them along on a vacation, to go shopping or whenever you want a fun tote for storage. Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for stylish beach totes.

>> Consider the material

Straw beach bags and totes are popular choices for designer beach totes because they dry quickly when exposed to water. Straw is a natural material that holds its shape and color even with regular use.

Canvas tote bags are durable, and the material continues to look like new even when exposed to wear and tear, sand and water. Canvas keeps its shape and can withstand heavy items.

Plastic is another option for the best beach totes. It's easy to clean and can be used long-term while continuing to look good. Plastic can stand up to water and still hold its shape.
You may find stylish beach totes in other materials, but the materials listed here are the best options for function and style. They are lightweight to carry and retain their shape even when they are wet and exposed to the elements.

>> Consider the size of the beach tote

When you buy a beach tote, you are looking for something larger than a purse. It's designed to hold items you plan to use on your excursion, whether to a beach or somewhere else. Even though beach totes are larger than traditional handbags, there are numerous options in designer beach tote sizes.

To select the right size for the stylish beach totes you want, think about what you will carry in it. If you are using the tote at the beach or a pool, you will probably want to carry sunscreen, a towel and maybe a change of clothes. You might want to take a book or MP3 player along, and you may need your ID and wallet.

If you plan to use your designer beach tote for other uses, think about what you would normally carry in a purse and any other items you want to put in there to figure out the size. It's better to buy a beach tote that is larger than you think you'll need than one that is too small to be practical.

>> Do you need additional dividers for storage?

When looking at the best beach totes, think about the inside of the bag. Although most totes do not include separate compartments or a zipper for closing, you can find some beach totes with these features. If you need to divide your items using compartments, look for unique beach totes. Some totes may include a small zippered compartment where you can keep cash or keys.

>> Consider the design and color choice

Once you have the practical decisions out of the way, you can concentrate on the fun aspects of buying stylish beach totes. The best beach totes are meant to be fun, so you can expect a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

Designer beach totes come in bright and bold colors. You'll find purple totes, but you can also find bags in neutrals and pastels like pink tote bags. They can be solid or have patterns such as stripes, plaids or geometric shapes. Some have pictures of scenery, while others feature people, animals and just about anything else you can think of.

When selecting the color and design that you want, think about where you'll be taking the tote. If it is just for beach use, you can be as bold as you want. This is a fabulous time to go crazy with color or to choose a wild design. If you plan to take it with you shopping or for casual use, you may want to consider something that will complement your wardrobe. Regardless of how you plan to use your new beach tote, choose a design that reflects your personality.

>> Does it need to be waterproof?

Although not all beach bags are waterproof, choosing one that is can be beneficial. It can protect your items and withstand regular use without damage for a longer time. Some designer beach totes have a plastic liner to protect the contents inside, even if the fabric of the tote is not waterproof. Others may include a lined pocket to safely store your money and other special items.

Spending an afternoon on the beach is more fun when you bring entertainment and other items along. Choosing the best beach totes means you'll have your favorite book or your favorite music with you. And you might discover that designer beach totes are great for other occasions too.

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