Bmx Bike Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Bmx Bike

Whether you are looking to get some exercise or simply want to get into an extreme sport, riding a BMX bike can be exciting. While there are many types of BMX bikes, it is important to keep in mind that not all are created the same. BMX bikes vary depending on factors such as frame size and skill level. This BMX bike Guide will help you pick the best BMX bike to buy for your needs.

>> What is your skill level?

To understand how to buy a BMX bike that fits your needs, you first need to think about your skill level. Are you new to the world of BMX racing? Maybe you are looking to get into competitive racing. Skill level plays an important role because different BMX bikes are suitable for different levels of experience. For instance, a more-experienced rider may choose a racing bike because of its smaller frame and low profile tire tread. This allows for easier maneuvering around sharp turns and over dirt hills. For a less-experienced rider, the best bike to choose in this case could be a cruiser. This BMX bike design offers you handling ease in a larger frame with a more comfortable seat. BMX bike sizes vary, and it is important to choose one that matches your skill level.

>> What is your riding style like?

When looking at the top BMX bikes, consider BMX bike sizes that also fit your riding style. For example, if you enjoy using your bike off-road, consider BMX bike designs with wide tires and heavy-duty axles. Physical forces that impact your BMX bike necessitate a strong frame and spinning handlebars. If you are a freestyle rider or simply want something that allows you to do tricks, you need certain features such as a brake cable detangler and multiple axle pegs. As you are learning how to buy BMX bikes, remember to choose something that fits your riding style in order to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment on your outings.

>> What is the terrain?

Some types of BMX bikes are designed for superior performance on particular surfaces. For instance, a bike for cruising is best on flatland like asphalt or concrete. If you want to visit skateparks, consider types of bikes that offer a thin frame and smaller wheels. Smaller wheels not only propel you faster, but allow for a much more comfortable ride on a flat surface. Keep in mind that broader wheels are designed to maintain control on loose dirt terrain. The top BMX bikes for dirt have wider tread on the wheels to account for the conditions.

>> Consider different types of BMX bikes

To find the best BMX bike to buy, narrow your search to models with features to fit your use. BMX bike designs vary to facilitate particular activities. A jump BMX bike features a light-weight design to help lift you in the air, along with rear-only brakes to prevent handlebar flips. Because these types of BMX bikes are built for jumps, they feature thick tires and high-speed design. Racing bikes are meant to give you maximum control. If you are wondering how to buy BMX bikes built for racing, choose a style with wheels smaller than 24 inches, a light frame and a small seat. If you are simply looking to shop for BMX bikes built for street cruising, choose a design with 20-inch wheels. An advantage you get with cruiser bikes is the freecoaster hub, which allows you to ride in any direction without needing to change the orientation of your feet.
>> Consider frame construction and materials

Whether you are considering boys' BMX bikes or girls' BMX bikes, frame material and construction matter. Many BMX bikes are composed of chromoly, an extremely durable steel. You often find this material in dirt-jumping BMX bikes because of the need for an extra strong frame following landings. Racing frames favor aluminum's lightweight strength. To pick a bike that fits your needs, select a frame that is built to fit your biking activities.

>> Consider bike accessories
Learning how to buy BMX bikes includes considering additional accessories. BMX bike accessories keep you safe and improve the quality of your riding. Certain bike accessories and parts work well depending on the age and skill of the rider. For instance, a helmet is needed for safety. Knee pads are a great option for newer riders. If you are considering the top BMX bikes for cruising, think about picking up a new seat cover.

>> Consider bike maintenance

Maintenance procedures can ensure that your BMX bike parts stay ready to roll. Keep in mind that the frame material you choose determines your cleaning method. While steel or chrome frames allow you to clean aggressively using lubricant, chromoly frames require less pressure to remove rust and grime.

Tire pressure is contingent upon terrain type. Read tire specifications for your usage and maintain recommended pressure for optimum safety.

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