Bookcase Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Bookcas

Before you start looking for bookcase designs that fit your needs, think about why you want new bookcases. Bookcases can serve more purposes than simply holding books.

>> Consider your needs

When figuring out how to buy bookcases, think about how much space you need for your books. The size of your collection will determine how much space you need to shelve your books.

Measure the length and the width of your walls to determine how much space you have available. Use these measurements when shopping for new bookcases. Whether you need wall-to-wall bookcases or one simple, short shelf, be prepared with bookcase dimensions so that you know that what you buy will fit in your room.

When looking at the measurements, don't forget to consider the bookcase display. Bookshelves are a large piece of furniture and contribute to the overall aesthetic of a room. Choose different types of bookcases based on color, design and decor that will work with the rest of your home.

>> Consider the primary users

Adult bookcases and children's bookcases differ in design and size. Consider the age range of who will be using the bookshelves as you consider how to buy bookcases. If you are purchasing a bookshelf for children, consider height. A wide, short bookshelf will work well for children because it will allow them to easily reach books without assistance. Children may also appreciate colored bookcases or those that have paintings or fun designs.

For adults, taller, sturdier types of bookcases add to the overall appearance of a room. Bookshelves come in a variety of colors. Well-appointed bookshelves may feature carved or hand-crafted designs.

>> Consider which configuration is best

When figuring out how to buy bookcases, remember that corner bookshelves maximize space for books in a small room. Corner bookcases can fit any room. Built-in bookshelves are placed in the frame of the wall itself. This type of bookshelf is not movable, so it is an option only if you are sure about the size and space that you wish to use for your book collection.

Headboard bookcases are a functional decoration if you like to read in bed at night. These small bookcases are an appropriate choice for readers of all ages. A leaning bookshelf, sometimes called a ladder shelf bookcase, is tilted toward the wall, rather than standing upright on its own. These bookcases resemble ladders. These modern bookcases offer a unique way to display books and other items.

>> Consider the bookcase style

Bookcase styles come with as much variety as the books they hold. As you figure out how to buy bookcases, consider functionality as well as appropriateness for the space.
Traditional bookshelves are similar to those that you find in a library. Standard bookshelves in deep colors are traditional bookcase styles. Office bookcases are often made of wood or metal and fit in with other office decor.

Modern-style bookshelves come in a number of bookcase styles from leaning bookshelves to tower bookcases. These bookcases may differ from traditional bookshelves with more slim build or more open space. Kid-friendly bookcases are often short and vibrant, decorated with designs including book characters. Kid-friendly bookcases encourage reading and aim to make it easy for children to reach books.

>> Consider materials

Wood is a traditional material for bookcase designs because of its sturdiness and lasting qualities. Solid wood bookcases tend to be heavier than bookcases of other materials. Oak bookcases are popular because they come in different shades.

If you are looking for a wood alternative when determining how to buy bookcases, consider laminate, which is a material that is made to look similar to wood but is lighter in density. Laminate bookshelves can be resistant to staining due to their coating and are likely to be lower in cost than wood.

For light bookcases, especially those that you put together at home, consider plastic bookcases. Plastic bookcases make some of the best children's bookcases because they resist stains. Metal is a popular material for bookshelves used in many offices. If you are looking for lasting, standard bookcases for a lower price, consider metal bookcases.

When shopping for bookcases, use your knowledge of different types of bookcases to determine the right fit for your room.
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