Boombox Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Boombox

If you still think of boomboxes as shoulder-straining symbols of 1980s street parties, you might be surprised. Today's boomboxes offer different features and styles that you will want to consider. Use this Guide to help you determine which boombox to buy.
>> Is the boombox for a child or adult?

As you shop for the best boombox, you have options in design that will appeal to different age groups. Boomboxes for children are usually durable and often theme-based. This allows a child to find a boombox design based on a favorite character or one matching a room motif. Boombox designs for adults vary based on features and use.

>> Consider your needs

Keeping your own usage needs in mind when looking at top boomboxes helps you to maneuver among the many new boombox options. While primarily aimed at entertainment, boomboxes serve you in numerous other ways. A boombox can be your favorite alarm. Your durable boombox can be the radio you keep ready to help weather the next storm.

Of course, you probably want to use your boombox for music. Your preferred music format is an essential issue. New boombox models often feature integration with your personal listening device. Most boombox designs feature CD players. Many offer you AM/FM radios and digital radio access. Some top boombox designs still include full-featured cassette player/recorders to help you with those mix tapes.

>> Consider where it will be used

Knowing the location of your planned use helps you select the best boombox. Consider the range, sound quality, battery life and durability appropriate to each area.

Location Range/sound quality Battery life Durability Office Depending on the construction of the office, the range needs to be strong. If you are near a window, the range can matter less. Where outlets are available, battery life is a lesser consideration.For an emergency radio, a battery life of eight hours is standard. Office boomboxes do not need to be durable, as they will likely be sitting on a shelf. Construction site Construction sites are often outside, so range is usually not a problem. Sound quality needs to be high to be effective under working conditions. Battery life is important on outdoor boomboxes. Buy a boombox with an extended battery life to last the entire day. A durable boombox is essential for the construction site, where dust, debris and weather are factors you contend with. A waterproof boombox is advisable. Gym Range is important for use in a public gym. Here, too, a strong antenna signal can be essential.For your home gym, range is a lesser consideration. Pu rchase a boombox with a battery life of at least two hours. Your home gym may have open outlets, but areas like basketball courts may not. Go for durability in your new boombox to help ensure satisfaction under any conditions at the gym. Home A long range on your boombox at home is beneficial. This provides a wider variety of stations to reach more rooms in your home.Attention to speaker quality brings the greatest satisfaction to your home boombox experience. Battery life for a home boombox is most necessary during power outages and storms. A battery life of about 8-12 hours is optimal. Durability is an issue more essential to some home locales than to others. Water resistance is advisable for a boombox in the bathroom. Employee break room The best boombox for an employee break room is one that has minimal sound quality and is mainly for emergency use. Outlets are available in break rooms; however, you want the stereo to be able to handle extended hours without external power. Brea k room radios do not necessarily have to be very durable. Outdoors Outdoor boomboxes tend to have the greatest needs for range and sound quality. Range of sound is the main issue for your outdoor boombox model. Battery life is often essential for outdoor stereos. Have your back-up power ready. Boomboxes stored outdoors need to be durable. >> Consider the size

The best boombox for you is the one that works with your space requirements. New boomboxes are sold in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that make it fun to find the best one for your needs.

>> Consider the features

When you're looking to buy a boombox, look for features including the availability of audio connections. Numerous boomboxes allow you to connect to portable music devices, such as iPods and MP3 players, and to listen to playlists. Other connections include Bluetooth, RCA and headphone jacks.

Options for portable digital radio or satellite radio can be useful features, as well. For karaoke, remember to select a boombox design with a microphone jack. Some top boomboxes provide data connections for a Wi-Fi hotspot away from the house.

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