Bread Machine Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Bread Machine

There is nothing better than the aroma of freshly baked bread coming from the kitchen or of a pizza baking in the oven on dough you made yourself. Everything is better when it's fresh, which is one reason why a bread machine is such a valuable kitchen appliance.

>> Why do you want a bread machine?

As you begin bread machine comparisons while choosing which bread machine to buy, consider why you want a bread machine. Will you be making bread frequently or just occasionally? Will you be using the device for basic bread or also for dough, batter and the other baked goods? There are many bread machine benefits; not only can making your own bread be a fun activity, it can also save you money. You can personalize your baked goods, and there are many more bread machine uses than simply making bread.

This small kitchen appliance is also convenient: once you have combined the chosen ingredients, you simply push a few buttons and the machine does the rest. In addition, with bread from a bread machine, you know exactly what ingredients are in your bread. This is particularly important of you have specific dietary needs.

>> Consider the types of bread you want to make
Another consideration in choosing which bread machine to buy is the types of breads you might want to make. As you figure out how to buy a bread machine, this is an important factor because some bread machine brands modify the amount of kneading and baking needed for different kinds of breads. You might plan to make sandwich bread, French bread or some other dough or pasta, and in each case, the recipe and method of preparation will be different. There may be instances where you need to add ingredients throughout the process. Some machines beep when it's time to add ingredients, while others have compartments and can combine the ingredients without your intervention.

>> Choose the bread loaf size

Which bread machine to buy for your specific uses will depend not only on the frequency of intended use and the types of bread you plan to bake, but also on the size of bread you want. Bread machines come in different shapes and sizes for an array of uses. Just like with toasters, the amount and shape of what you put in it need consideration.

Some bread machine brands can adjust the size loaf from one to three pounds. This feature is useful when you are making bread for a small dinner and cooking for large family gatherings. Keep in mind that you need to use homemade bread faster than store bought, as there are no preservatives in homemade bread.

Another determining factor in the best bread machine to buy is whether you want a horizontal or a vertical machine. Many people prefer horizontal machines, because the bread comes out shaped like a store-bought loaf.

>> Consider programming options

Once you choose a bread machine size and understand your intended use, factor in additional options. When you are choosing which bread machine to buy, do some bread machine comparisons related to programming functions. All bread machines come with the option of light or dark crust, but you may face choices such as delayed baking, knead-only and bake-only options, as well as keep-warm timers and more.

>> Consider specialty features

In determining which bread machine to buy, you may be happy to learn that bread machine uses run far deeper than simply making bread. Some types of bread machines are capable of making jam and cake batters, and are useful for low-carb baking as well as gluten-free baking. Another feature you might be interested in when considering how to buy a bread machine is a viewing window. Children especially enjoy watching the rising, baking process as it happens, but this feature also helps in determining when your bread reaches your desired crust darkness without interrupting the baking process or having to open it.

>> What accessories do you want?

The vast array of accessories might not be the determining factor in deciding which bread machine to buy, but it does make the process more fun. After researching how to buy a bread machine and doing a bread machine comparison, you will have the opportunity to consider accessories, such as special bread knives, bread keepers, slicing guides and recipe books. Many bread machine brands come with a recipe book. The best bread machine to buy is based largely on your lifestyle and needs, as well as on personal preference. There are many options as you consider how to choose a bread machine; this specialty kitchen appliance will provide hours of fun as well as an assortment of delicious, homemade goodies.

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