Cake Carrier Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Cake Carrier

When your fresh, delicious cake comes out hot from the oven, you're probably already excited about sharing it with friends and family. If you're in the market to buy a cake carrier or other cake serving supplies, check out a list of cake carriers and cake containers from various brands to find the one that best suits you and your tasty cake. The best cake carrier is attractive and helps you safely transport your delicious concoction from one place to another.

>> What cake carrier size do you want?

The first thing to decide as you evaluate quality cake carriers is what sizes you want. Different cake carrier models are designed to hold different size cakes. The best cake carrier is large enough to securely hold your cake and is still easy to transport.

To decide what size you need, consider the size of your cake pans. Each one should have a size in inches that tells you the circumference of the cake you're baking. If you're making an 8-inch cake, look for a cake carrier with a 9 or 10-inch circumference. For example, look at the plastic cake circles that make up the bottom of some carriers. There should be at least an inch of space between the frosting on your cake and the edge of the base, so that you can easily slide the top over the dessert without touching your icing.

You should also compare the height of different cake carrier brands. You can measure the height of your pan to get an idea of how tall one layer of your cake will be. Usually cakes rise higher than the pans in which they're cooked and adding layers of fondant, icing or filling can increase the height. When you choose which is the best cake carrier for you, decide based on how many layers you'll be including on your cake.

Another thing to think about is whether your new cake carrier will have to contain the decorations that you're using on the cake. Some decorations -especially toppers -can take up a lot of room. When making layer cakes, you might have better luck choosing top cake carriers that are relatively close to the height of the actual cake and then adding the toppers when you've reached the venue. When you buy a cake carrier, get one that's large enough for your cake but not so large that the cake has a lot of room to move around.

>> What cake carrier shape do you like?

Like most desserts, cakes come in a variety of shapes, and so do cake carriers. Most transportable cake stands are sold in either round, square or rectangular shapes. When you buy a cake carrier, you want to get one that matches the shape that most of your cakes will be. Keep in mind that you can purchase more than one new cake carrier if you please, and it's especially useful if you're a frequent baker who often takes cakes out of the house. Sometimes you may make cakes in creative shapes, in which case it's necessary to select a cake carrier that has the most appropriate dimensions to fit it. A cake shaped like a pony, for example, would fit best in rectangular cake carriers. Circular cake carrier models would easily accommodate a cake shaped like a star. When in doubt about which is the best cake carrier, measure the length, width and height of the cake, and then evaluate several cake carrier brands to see which shape matches the shape of your cake most closely.

>> What cake carrier materials do you need?

Most cake carriers are either plastic or glass, but you can also purchase heavy paper boxes that can support cakes during travel. Cake carrier models made of glass often double as cake serving pieces that are attractive at upscale events, while also being long-lasting and easy to clean. Plastic is best when you need the cake carrier to be shatter-proof, because plastic is less likely to break when dropped. Many plastic cake carriers also have additional features that are unique to plastic carriers. Heavy paper cake carriers are disposable and make good cake platters for picnics and other outdoor events.
>> What cake carrier features do you want?

Another thing to consider when choosing which is the best cake carrier are the features each cake carrier includes. Many plastic models offer lock-on lids that snap closed when turned, to protect the cake and keep the entire unit secure during transport. If you like to bake cupcakes and plan to transport them, you should buy a cake carrier that has a pedestal with enough space for two layers of cupcakes -one underneath and the other on top. This will allow you to move your cupcakes more efficiently. You may also want to search for a cake carrier that is dishwasher safe and collapsible for easy storage. Cake domes can be pretty tall, and having one that can be made smaller will be more convenient for storage in your kitchen.

>> How will you move the cake carrier?

Cake boards are used to display your cake and work best when stationary because you support them like plates when carrying them from one location to another. Cake carriers usually come with handles so that you can easily lift and carry them. Consider the type of handle on the cake carrier before choosing one to purchase. Some are built into the top of the carrier, while others pop up off the top and can be pushed down to be closer to the lid when they aren't in use. Some handles are wider, which can help make moving an especially heavy cake more comfortable. Look for cake carriers that come with non-slip handles to help you get a sturdy grip in any environment.

Choosing the best cake carrier is a question of how you'll use your carrier and what cakes you'll store in it. Find an attractive one that suits your personal style and is large enough to move the cakes you want to serve. Whether you're using the cake carrier as a simple way to transport your baked goods or as a surface to display and serve from, you can find the right one for you.

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