Car Accessories Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Car Accessories

Whether it is the old or new car, there is always the need to select car accessories that enhance the driving experience. There are important items for the garage, car accessories designed for tires, and then there are those that cover other needs like storage and electronics. Those who own RVs might also want to learn how to buy car accessories that make the RV feel like a home on wheels. Every vehicle also needs a good cache of cleaning supplies.

>> Choosing remote and garage accessories

Many of the best car accessories to buy have to do with entrance and exit. You can add features like remote starting and keyless entry to go along with the native car alarm system. Those types of car accessories are compatible with all-in-one remotes with buttons that cover all the new options. Garage door openers are a popular accessory and are even better when combined with motion activated lights. For those who have smaller or two-car garages, there are parking lasers, mats and bumper guards that can help drivers pull into a spot without damaging the car or the garage.

>> Choosing exterior accessories

Once your under-the-hood accessories are chosen, it is time to pick the items for the exterior. The most visible types of car accessories are carriers, which have options for every use. Cargo carriers for camping can be placed on the back or hitch of the vehicle. There are also bike racks that fit in the same place as cargo carriers and kayak racks that fit on the roof. Drivers looking at how to buy car accessories for larger things like boats, horses or campers can choose hitches that will serve their needs. The variety of automotive light bulbs from headlights to taillights is something to consider as well.

There are many options when it comes to headlights. Halogen bulbs produce bright illumination, have a longer life and come in a variety of colors. For example, a yellow one can be chosen to give better light in fog and snow. Xenon bulbs only use gas and electricity, so they have a much longer life and a wider light beam.

>> Choosing tire accessories

Tires are one of the types of car accessories that need careful consideration before purchase, both because of their functionality and because the market offers many useful additions. For flat tire moments, a good air compressor can help. Tire gauges and valve caps are good preemptive accessories since gauges can find low pressure issues and good valve caps can prevent leaks. For outdoor travel, tire covers can provide additional protection. One of the best car accessories to buy is a tool set (lugs and the accompanying wrench, tire irons and jack) needed for tire removal. Mud flaps/splash guards can help to protect the tire (and pedestrians) from debris.

>> Choosing cleaning supplies

The automotive supplies for cleaning are important when looking at how to buy car accessories. Exterior cleaners can be as heavy-duty as a power washer or as low-maintenance as cotton towels, sponges and chamois. Of the last three types of car accessories, towels are the most ubiquitous of car interior accessories. Choosing the right type of window washer fluid is also necessary when working with wiper blades, which should be selected by the specifications made in the car manual.

>> Considering RV accessories

The size and aspects unique to RVs make choosing the best car accessories to buy interesting and fun. It is a good idea to keep in mind the dimensions of the RV and whether it is a trailer or motor vehicle if a cover is being considered. Travelers who cook can also look into car accessories that work for the kitchen, including knife sets, beverage containers and drip pans. To make sure that the cooking is safe, however, it is a good idea when figuring out how to buy car accessories to look into sanitation stations, holding tanks and flushing systems that keep the RV clean of waste.

>> Choosing auto electronics

The opinions regarding the best car accessories to buy on this topic are varied. Your car type will affect what kind of car speakers and subwoofers will work without making a sonic mess every time the driver turns the radio on at high volumes. There are also car stereos of all types that include chargers, USB ports and MP3 player compatibility and many other options. It is always important to buy the correct installation gear for any system upgrade (dash kits, connectors, speaker wires, antennas, etc.) to make sure it is operational and safe.

You should also learn how to buy car accessories that make a true multimedia experience with car DVD and video capabilities. For safety, there are also GPS devices to help with navigation. Cameras are available as on-dash and rear-view units to help videotape and record various aspects of your drive.