Car Wax Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Car Wax

Car wax is a great way to protect your car's outer coat of paint. It also gives your car a lovely shine. Many different types of car waxes and polishes are available for you to choose from. Consider a few points about car wax as you set off to find the best car wax to buy for your car.

>> How do you intend to use the car wax?
Car wax adds a buffer between your car's clear coat of paint and harmful materials from the outside, such as rock salt, bird droppings and gravel. It also protects against paint oxidation, a film that paint develops as it ages. You can even buy car wax that cleans your car's paint while providing a protective finish. As an added car wax benefit, waxing highlights the color of your car and makes it look new. Protection and cosmetic potential are things to consider as you determine the best car wax to buy.

>> How do you want to wax the car?

There are three ways to wax your car. The most conventional is to use car paste wax and a soft towel. You apply the wax to the car, often using a sponge that comes with the wax, let the wax sit on the car for about 15 minutes and then remove the wax with a soft towel. You can also electric buff a car. Electric buffing works almost the same way as using wax and a towel except that instead of buffing the wax off with a soft towel, you use an electric buff and a soft buffing pad. You can use a special wax or polish for electric buffing, but most paste waxes work with electric buffing. Check the product description before use.

With some waxing solutions, you simply wipe the car without the need to buff. These are convenient if you want to wax your car in minutes. Whichever waxing method you choose, you should always wash the car before waxing it so you don't trap dirt between the layer of wax and the car's paint. Deciding on a waxing method is a good first step to finding the best car wax to buy.

>> What kind of wax do you want to use?

There are three types of car waxes on the market today: natural wax, synthetic wax and nanotechnology wax.

• Natural wax is any wax that has a natural product as its primary ingredient. The most common natural waxing ingredient is carnuaba leaf -the leaf of a tree that grows in Brazil. Carnuaba car wax is the clearest natural wax available. Many car enthusiasts insist on using carnuaba wax because it beads water nicely, protects well against acidic content in rain and hides paint blemishes.
• Synthetic wax is a chemical-based substance that performs almost the same way that natural wax does. Synthetic car wax is a long-lasting wax, it doesn't streak and it protects the car's clear coat very well.
• Nanotechnology wax is a recent automotive innovation. This type of car wax works by creating a molecular coating around the clear coat. Nanotechnology wax protects especially well against molecular damage to the clear coat from substances like acids, calcium and detergents.

Consider the benefits of each type of car wax to find the best car wax to buy.

>> Do you want to use a wax cleaner combination?

A wax cleaner combination is a good auto care cleaning product option to consider in a car wax comparison. Wax cleaner combinations remove heavy oxidation and stains from cars. These products will scrub the car's paint in addition to creating a protective coat. Some wax cleaner combinations are made for cars without clear coats and can damage a car's clear paint coat. Check the wax cleaner combination product to make sure that it's clear-coat safe if you intend to use it on your car's clear coat.

>> Consider waxing kits

Waxing kits are handy if you want to make only one purchase to wax your car. Some waxing kits come with a corded electric drill to wax the car. You can use the electric drill without the power turned on to apply the wax, and then turn the power on to remove the wax from the car. Some car wax brands sell car wax as part of a complete car care maintenance kit. These kits usually come with car soap, tire and rim polish, car wax and a solution to use to clean the inside of the car. Consider these kits when you do a car wax comparison.

Choosing car wax can be a relatively simple process if you consider the type of car wax, the method of waxing and car wax accessories. By following the tips in this car wax Guide, you can distinguish among different automotive supplies and automotive accessories and find the best car wax to buy. Look for car waxes in the auto and tires section of a store near you.

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