Cargo Net Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Cargo Net

>> Why do you want a cargo net?

Car go nets are a useful tool for a wide variety of reasons.

With a quality truck cargo net, you can feel confident that your cargo will stay in place during transit. This means that it is more likely that neither your cargo nor your vehicle will sustain damage due to items shifting, sliding or flying out of a truck bed.

The best cargo nets can hold your contents in place effectively with an even tension design. These types of quality cargo nets provide a flat, sag-free web of cords that only requires four mounting holes. With these easy-to-use top cargo nets, you can take advantage of a wide range of features that will benefit your vehicle and cargo.

If you travel with pets in your truck bed, you might want a solution to help keep them safe. Try putting your pet in a suitably sized crate and securing it with a net. The best cargo nets will hold the crate in place, while the crate will keep your pet contained and out of harm's way. As a pet owner, you want the reassurance that your animals are safe, and the highest quality cargo nets will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pets are safe and will not slide around or be thrown from the truck bed.

>> Consider the material

With a variety of materials available, you typically have three options for the best cargo nets.

The first of these materials offered is a net and strap design. To use, you lay the net over the cargo, then connect the hooks to the appropriate hooks on your truck bed. Then, secure the load by tightening adjustable straps. Working together, the two elements help keep cargo in place. The adjustable design makes this net a great solution for any size truck bed and any size light load. Nylon is the most common material, so your new cargo net will stand up to the elements. When it's time to put it away, simply fold it up and tuck it under a seat or into a toolbox.

For heavier duty work, the best cargo nets are those that are made of stretchy rubber materials. They are designed to safely secure cargo under a web-like design that stretches over a load of cargo. Rubber cargo nets tend to be thicker and have more flexibility and resistance to damage, so they are well-suited to holding down many types of cargo. Even heavier, awkwardly shaped items can be held tightly in place with this type of quality cargo net.

Lastly, the best cargo net for you could be the type of design that you hang in the bed of the truck. Most of these nets are made of nylon and are suspended from hooks or bars. The hook style is a temporary installation, while the bar style is a permanent or semi-permanent installation. Consider the cargo net uses and cargo net features on both designs before making a purchase.

>> Decide on the type of cargo net

Cargo nets can help in so many different ways that it is important to determine what you will be acquiring your cargo net for in order to find the best cargo net available. Review the type of cargo you will be transporting in your cargo nets to determine how much of a weight limit will be required on your cargo net. In addition, knowing what items you will be transporting will help you to determine the best material in terms of the shape of the items. To help provide maximum usage, you may consider a more stretchy material like that of the rubber cargo net. The rubber cargo net will allow you to include different shapes and stretch to fit items appropriately. An adjustable cargo net may be an option for you as it is a nice solution for any size truck bed and light load size. They are convenient to install, using hooks that attach to the sides of your truck bed.

>> Determine the size needed

It is also very important to acquire the precise measurements of your truck bed in order to determine the correct size that will afford you the best truck cargo nets available. Whether you are driving or own a full size truck that would require a 72" x 96" cargo net with 32 hooks, or a pick-up truck with a smaller bed, a proper fit is the key to the safety of your cargo and your truck. The chart below can help to provide a better idea of what size cargo net is beneficial to the truck bed size you have.

Type of truck bed Dimensions of bed Benefits Short bed 4' -5' long (1.2 m -1.5 m) Common on four-door trucks, useful for hauling toys, tools and personal effects Standard bed 6' -6.5' long (1.8 m -2.0 m) Significant hauling of loads, more common truck bed style Long bed 7' -8' long (2.1 m -2.4 m) Provides the advantage of carrying a 4' x 8' size sheet of plywood with the tailgate completely closed Step-side bed Narrow step bed interior Offers a side-step bed interior for easier access into the bed >> Review the features

With the varying degrees of the best cargo nets available on the market today, it is essential for you to review the features that each bring to the table. The durability of a cargo net is also dependent on your environment. The best cargo nets will vary greatly depending on the average conditions such as moisture, heat, cold and other such environmental factors. If you live or travel in an environment that is more susceptible to rain, you may opt to choose a cargo net with an outer exterior able to withstand the moisture. A cargo net such as a heavy-duty truck cargo net may be the option for you. Heavy-duty cargo nets feature webbing or netting made from industrial grade polyester. This type of material is made to withstand weather elements as well as provide maximum strength.

One other feature to consider when you buy cargo nets is the method of securing your cargo. Some cargo nets have what is known as cargo straps and ratchets. The ratchet design allows for a quick release retraction of the cargo straps while still providing strength and durability in securing heavy cargo. Cargo net ratchets also allow you to create the maximum tension to make sure all items are secured properly. Another popular method of securing cargo is with bungee cargo cords, which are a little different than straps and nets in use. Bungee cords are the more popular method if you are looking for more flexibility in your cargo net. This is because bungee cords are designed to stretch out to 1.5 times their length and provide maximum flexibility.

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