Ceramic Space Heater Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Ceramic Space Heater

There are often rooms of a home that need more heat than others that you might want to
use heating products in. For this purpose, ceramic heaters are available in a variety of sizes and strengths. The following information will help you to decide which ones are the best ceramic heaters to buy.
>> How will you use the space heater?

The intended use of a space heater is important as you decide what the best ceramic heaters to buy are. The most common use is for additional heat in a space. There are several ceramic heater advantages to consider as you shop for the ideal solution for your needs. In some cases space heaters are used in bathrooms to remove the chill in the air after a shower or bath. Some of the other common uses include use as a shoe warmer, counteracting drafty windows and heating floors in colder rooms in the home. The versatility adds to the ceramic heater advantages in a home.

>> Consider the designs and types of space heaters

While thinking about how to buy a space heater, think about the designs available. Electric heaters that are of compact design are some of the best ceramic heaters to buy. Compact designs stay closer to the ground and keep warm air toward the ground area of a space. This heat will rise to heat the entire space.

Ceramic heaters designed with radiators provide an intense amount of heat and are suitable for use inside the home and in outdoor spaces. These are often oil or water filled with a ceramic exterior. One of the ceramic heater advantages of this type is that its material --ceramic --is able to withstand higher temperatures for extended periods.

In larger spaces, oscillating ceramic heaters are ideal to move heat around the space more efficiently. An oscillating ceramic heater is often considered one of the best ceramic heaters to buy for larger rooms. These circulate the warm air without the assistance of additional fans. The most common design for this type is a tower design. It is a taller and thinner construction that also takes up less room in a space. Some of the top rated ceramic heaters are the tower design.

>> Consider the size of the space

You will also want to consider the size of the space you want to heat when looking for the best ceramic heaters to buy. The table below serves as a ceramic heater comparison regarding the heater's power and the space it is suited for. Look at several top rated ceramic heaters in regards to size, efficiency and the room space it is sufficient for as you select the best ceramic heaters to buy. Keep in mind that most space heaters have a high and low heat setting.

Watts High and Low Setting Wattage Suggested Room Size 200 watts One setting Ideal for use on desktops or held in hands 800 -900 watts One setting Ideal for rooms that are up to 12' x 12' in size 1000 -1200 watts Two settings, low heat at 600-700 watts Ideal for spaces up to 14' x 14' in size 1200-1500 watts Two settings, low heat at 800-900 watts Ideal for large spaces up to 12' x 20' in size 1500+ watts Two settings, low heat at 60% of maximum watts Ideal for open work areas such as mechanic shops, barns, garages and some factory settings >> Consider the flooring type

The flooring type that you plan to set portable heaters on is important as you determine the best ceramic heaters to buy. To explain why this is important, consider the type of flooring you have in your home. For example, ceramic or tile flooring can withstand the heat coming from the space heater without any warping or burning of the surface. A carpeted area is a bit vulnerable so it is suggested that the heater be placed on a block of wood, piece of tile or piece of heat-resistant material to prevent fabric burn.

For hardwood floored surfaces, a tower-style ceramic heater is the ideal option as most of the heat mechanisms are high enough off of the ground not to be adversely affected. Laminate and linoleum floored rooms should also use the tower-design.

>> Consider energy usage

Consider purchasing energy saving heaters for your added heating needs. Being energy efficient is one of the ceramic heater benefits that you might enjoy. Do your best to complete a full ceramic heater side-by-side comparison prior to making a purchase to compare the amount of energy each type or brand uses while in use and while still plugged in but in the off position. For some consumers, a space heater that is ENERGY STAR rated or noted to be efficient is often one of the best ceramic heaters to buy.

>> Consider safety

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider as you decide what the best ceramic heaters to buy are. Part of the safety comes from the ceramic heater design. Several manufacturers have designed these units to shut off automatically as they are tipped just slightly, and this is one of the most outstanding ceramic heater benefits.

Other important safety features include timers and temperature settings. It is always suggested to turn off and unplug space heaters when you sleep. Sometimes this is forgotten or overlooked, and for that purpose, several ceramic heater design options also have a built-in timer. This function lets you set a specific heat setting and tells the unit when to turn off. For use in children's rooms, this is an optimal safety feature. On top of these features, it is important to search for a ceramic space heater that is cool to the touch.

Lastly, when thinking about how to buy ceramic heaters, be sure to research individual, top rated ceramic heaters to your satisfaction. This way, you can make your own ceramic heater comparison and find the ceramic heater design that works for you.

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