cereal container Guide

If you'd like to wake up to fresh, crunchy cereal in the morning, stock your kitchen with durable, quality cereal containers. In addition to sealing out the air that leads to staleness, these helpful containers keep out bugs and moisture and help with organization. Learn more about what makes the best cereal containers and which are the right fit for your kitchen by considering the following factors.

>> What size do you need?

While there are many varieties of containers to choose from, most cereal containers come in one of two sizes: standard and extra large. The difference between these cereal container sizes is that the extra large containers fit approximately 50% more cereal than the standard ones. To decide which cereal container dimensions are best for you, take a look in your pantry and make note of the cereal box sizes you usually buy.

Standard: Purchase these containers if most of the cereal boxes in your pantry contain 15 to 20 ounces.

Extra Large: These cereal container sizes are best if you purchase larger-sized packages or if you usually buy multiple boxes of the same cereal.

>> Which of two materials is best for your household?

The next consideration in your search for the best cereal containers is materials. When deliberating between containers, think about weight, ease of cleaning, durability and safety. Both glass and plastic cereal containers make for quality cereal containers, but they do have their differences.
Material Weight Ease of cleaning Durability Glass Heavy Hand and dishwasher safe Excellent, may shatter if dropped Plastic Lightweight Hand and dishwasher safe Good, can crack under extreme pressure >> Consider different styles

Once you've made some decisions regarding size and material, the next choice for the best cereal containers is style. Pourable cereal containers are designed with a convenient spout or rounded lip so that you can quickly serve the contents. They are usually made of plastic to remain lightweight, and they may be the best cereal container design for your household if you have children who like to pour their own portions.

Freestanding units are stationary, unique cereal containers that can be placed on counters and cupboards for easy use. These top cereal containers usually feature push buttons, latches, handles or rotating knobs that dispense cereal, which makes them perfect for single-handed use. These cereal dispensers are typically made of glass so that they are heavy enough to resist shifting as pressure is exerted on them.

>> What features do you want?

There are several features available to make cereal containers easier to use.

Color: When you are ready to buy cereal containers, take note of the various colors that are available. To help with organization and decoration, certain quality cereal containers are made with opaque plastics and glass that are colored. Other containers are clear, allowing you to instantly see how much product is left inside. Clear jars with colored lids are a compromise between the two types of containers, and they are extremely helpful with organization.

Airtight Seal: The reason that cereal and other dry products become stale is because they are exposed to air. As such, an airtight seal is an extremely important feature to look for. When shopping for the best cereal containers, ensure that the models that interest you have a proper seal any place where there is an opening.

Hinged Lid: Some kitchen storage containers are made with snapping lids that are pried off to open and pressed down to close. While these are simple to operate, it's better to buy cereal containers that feature hinged lids. These types of flip-tops are connected to the container so that they are within easy reach when it's time to close the jar.

Multiple Compartments: If you like to have a variety of choices at your fingertips, multi-compartment holders are the best cereal containers for you. Featuring two to four separate compartments, these containers can handle several boxes of cereal so that you can mix up your morning selections.

Easy to Wash: Easy washability is a significant consideration when shopping for items that store food. As food crumbs can descend into cracks and crevices, it's important that the cereal container design you choose washes completely. Both plastic and glass containers are typically dishwasher safe, and most containers separate completely to ensure that each piece is thoroughly cleaned.

Stackable: If you have a cramped kitchen, you may find that stackable cereal containers are lifesavers. Made with small recesses in the tops, these plastic food containers securely balance on top of one another to help free precious space in your pantry.

Grip: Maintaining a secure grip is important when handling containers full of food. As such, buy cereal containers that feature molded grips or convenient handles. These grips ensure that you can easily use the product without fear of making a mess.

Food container sets often include cereal containers, and they can help you keep your kitchen organized and your food fresh. The best cereal containers are the ones that feature the attributes that make use easy, such as hinged lids and secure grips. Apply the information you've learned here to buy cereal containers that simplify your morning routine and preserve your food for your family to enjoy.

Certificate Frame Guide: Don't Get the Wrong Certificate Frame

Certificate frames are an easy way to show off your achievements. Just the right size for storing and displaying certificates, diplomas and pictures, these frames are perfect for hanging on the wall or placing on a desk, counter or mantle. Consider the features and styles that are available so you can pick out the best certificate frames for your home or office.

>> What material and color do you prefer?
  Shoe Guide: Don't Get the Wrong Sho

Two of the most significant aspects of certificate frame design are material and color. Available in a variety of styles ranging from painted wood to textured metal, certificate frames can become the focal point of a room or blend in seamlessly with existing decor.

In addition to being lightweight, plastic document frames are some of the most affordable types of frames. These durable pieces are the best certificate frames to turn to if you're on a budget and want to protect your documents from damage. Because plastic can be dyed just about any color, a world of color choices is at your disposal when you choose these stylish certificate frames. The availability of frames in fun, bright colors such as red, blue or yellow makes these types of holders ideal for use in a child's room or a classroom.

Metal frames can be among the most unique certificate frames. Depending on the style, these frames can have a regal, modern or simple look to them. Metal frames with intricate detail are excellent choices for a study or office, while simpler pieces with plain, straight lines create a uniform look in a classroom or hallway.

Frames made of wood are popular and traditional. Finished, unpainted wood conveys a warm, professional feel, while painted pieces may range from fun and daring to majestic and sophisticated. Buy certificate frames made of dark wood, such as cherry or mahogany, to draw the eye to certificates or university degrees, and choose wood document frames of a lighter variety for certificates and photos.

For the ultimate in modern touches, consider frameless plaque and certificate frames. Typically featuring two panes of glass or acrylic and four clips in the corners, these unique certificate frames provide an interesting look in offices and conference rooms.

Once you've familiarized yourself with the various materials in which certificate picture frames are made, think about colors and textures. Wood and plastic are the materials that offer the greatest number of color choices, while metal offers a variety of texture options, such as brushed steel and ornate, decorative designs. When considering which might be the best certificate frames for your space, think about the area's existing decor. Consider whether you want to buy certificate frames that blend in seamlessly or ones that stand out and draw attention.

>> Learn about matting

Help certificates, photos and other documents look their best with matting. Matting is a plain, thick piece of paper that serves as a border. When looking for the best certificate frames, pay attention to the pieces you wish to frame. Would they look better on their own or with a contrasting color as a border? If you like the idea of a border, buy certificate frames that come with matting.

Certificate frame designs that come with matting typically offer one of two choices in terms of color: white or black. Although these traditional hues go well with most certificates and documents, there are also many other colors, and sheets in these shades are available for separate purchase. Buying matting sheets separately offers you two benefits: it allows you to choose the color border you'd like and it allows you to purchase any size you'd like. As you're mounting pictures and certificates, you may find that layering two different colors or creating an extra thick border helps to balance certain pictures and documents.

>> Choose the type of frame
Bef ore investing in certificate frame collections, think about various types of frames. Pre-assembled frames are the best certificate frames if you want to frame and display your documents as quickly as possible. If you're more concerned with customization, build-your-own frames are a better choice. Purchase each piece of these types of frames separately to get the utmost freedom in shape, size and design. Most certificate frame sizes are fairly standard, measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches. If you have certificates or pictures that are larger than this, build-your-own frames give you the greatest flexibility.

Once you decide what types of frames to purchase, contemplate where to display them. Depending on the amount of desk space you have, you may choose to set up pieces at the corners of your table or to hang them. Most certificate frame designs allow for both wall and tabletop use, which means that you can move and rearrange your certificates as you wish.

>> Choose your style

One more consideration to take into account when searching for the best certificate frames is the style of the frames. There are several certificate frame designs available:

• Standard: The simplest of all frames, standard frames feature a border made of wood, metal or plastic and little else. These plain, professional-looking frames are wonderful for use in an office or any other space where you want to keep things low key.
• Shadowbox: Featuring wider sides to create a frame that resembles a case, shadowboxes are the best certificate frames if your documents are adorned with seals, stickers or other embellishments that might be crushed or flattened by thinner frames.
• Float frame: Certificate frame designs with an artistic flair, float frames create the illusion that your document or photo is floating in the frame. These unique certificate frames are simple, but they make quite a statement. They are beautiful frames for use in a corporate or home office setting.
• Clip frame: Frameless picture frames are an example of a clip frame design. These stylish certificate frames ensure that the framed documents are at front and center. The frames are held together by small clips, creating an elegant yet simple piece that looks good on a tabletop or a wall.

When you have certificates, diplomas, degrees, photos and other documents that you are proud of, show them off in certificate frames. Not only do stylish certificate frames protect your pieces from wear and tear, they also present them beautifully.