closet organizer Guide

Closets are not just for hanging clothes -they are also useful for your storage and organization needs. Closet organizers provide a practical solution for getting organized and keeping belongings out of sight. When looking for the best closet organizers for your needs, consider different types of closet organizers and materials that might work for you.

>> Which closets needs organizing?

Think about the rooms in your home and decide which closet you should first start organizing. Maybe the nursery room closet is overflowing with newborn clothes that don't fit your one-year-old and is in need of some nursery closet organizers. Perhaps your coat closet needs organization before the leaves start turning and the snow starts falling. The closet you plan on organizing will determine which closet organizers will help the most. For instance, you may need shoe and clothes organizers in bedroom closets, or organizers to hold bath supplies in a hallway closet. Maybe all the closets in your house need organizing. Start with the easiest one to organize and work your way through them all for maximum results.

>> How much clothing needs organizing?

Consider how much you have to organize and how you want to organize. Closet organizer dimensions differ from one model to the next. Therefore, it is important to measure your closet to determine how big or how small you need to go. You may be able to manage with a few large organizers or you might need to get several small stackable units. If you own a lot of clothing that needs to be organized, consider big organizers, shelving organizers or racks. If you have clothes and shoes to organize, consider getting two different kinds of organizers, such as a shoe organizer and a shelving organizer. If you have towels and other home supplies to organize, think about buying bins that are easily accessible. The type of closet organizer you choose will depend on what you need to organize and how much you have.

>> Consider different types of closet organizers

When looking for the best closet organizers, consider different types of closet organizers for storing different items. Some of the top closet organizers on the market are described below:

Shelving organizers: Shelving organizers can be easily installed and work well for organizing T-shirts, tank tops and pants that don't need to be hung. With shelving unit closet organizer designs, you can easily choose the number of shelves you need to organize your clothes by color, size, his and hers, or by item.
Shoe organizers: Depending on the number of shoes you have, there are diverse designs, including hanging shoe organizers, tree rack organizers, shoe boxes and tiered shoe racks. Hanging shoe organizers are best if you don't have much closet space, as you can hang them on the rear of a door. Tiered organizers have a flat edge that lets you place them underneath your clothes and against a closet wall. Tree rack shoe organizers are round and shaped like a pine tree to easily store in a corner and are a big help when space is limited.

Hanging closet organizers: Hanging closet organizers are also known as hanging canvas bag organizers. These closet organizer designs are constructed like cloth shelves and hold anything that you want to put in your closet but don't need to hang. They slide onto your closet bar for easy installation and removal.

Closet organizing systems: Closet organizing systems are perfect for walk-in closets. These designer closet organizers allow you to employ various strategies, from shelving units and shoe boxes to racks and hanging poles. Some organizer designs can be custom created to perfectly fit your closet needs.

Bin organizers: Small bin organizers are the best for organizing undergarments, tank tops and socks. Several bins can be stored on one shelf or in a drawer. Big plastic bins could be the answer for storing seasonal items such as winter clothes during the summer and summer clothes and shoes during the winter.

Portable closets: If you do a lot of traveling, consider portable closets for hanging and organizing shoes and clothes. Usually made from cloth, portable closets come with a pole for hanging a few items, a couple of shelves for shoes, items that don't require hanging and zippers to seal the closet and protect the contents.

Closet doubler organizer: These closet organizer designs are double in size, increasing the amount of space in your closet by twofold. The chrome bar is simply suspended from your closet bar to double your hanging space.
Closet rack organizer: Closet rack organizers are some of the best closet organizers for hanging on a wall or adding an extra rack for bins and folded clothing.

>> Consider different materials

Different materials may work better than others for your specific organizational needs. Closet organizers can be made from wood, plastic, metal, cloth and coated metals. If you want your organizer to match the wood decor of your room, consider buying closet organizers made from the same wood as your other furniture. Plastic organizers are simple to assemble and take apart, and they are easy to clean. Cloth storage organizers can fold for ease of traveling or moving from one closet to another as your storage situation changes. Metal and coated metal storage organizers are heavy and durable. As you determine the best closet organizer material, consider whether the material will work with the amount of items you need to store, the space you have available and any maneuverability limitations.

Various types of closet organizers will organize different types of items. To optimize your organization strategy, consider buying a variety of closet organizers to accommodate all your items.

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