Closet Rod Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Closet Rod

Closet rods can help you organize your closet by adding extra storage capacity. You can use these closet storage and organization accessories for everything from hanging a few dress shirts to managing your entire wardrobe. With so many different options of closet rods available, think about your closet organizing goals as you shop for the best closet rod for you.

>> What size do you need?

You can begin finding your ideal closet rod dimensions by measuring the distance between the two walls where you plan to hang your closet rod. Many closet rod kits come with an adjustable rod that can fit in spaces that range from 30-48 inches, depending on your needs. Keep in mind that your closet rod must hang between 18-24 inches from your closet's back wall. If your clothes are large, it's a good idea to place the closet rod even further from the back wall. Another important closet rod dimension to consider is the height of the closet rod. If you are adding a closet rod below another rod, you'll need to make sure the first closet rod is at least 72 inches above the ground for there to be room for the second rod. Clothes can hang as much as 42 inches below one closet rod.

As you evaluate closet rod dimensions, examine the walls of your closet as well. The closet needs to have studs in its walls for fastening brackets using a power drill. Additionally, the wall surface needs to be flat and cannot have electrical wiring or heating ducts running through it.

>> Consider closet rod materials

If you buy a closet rod with an adjustable length, the type of material you choose is mostly an aesthetic decision. Closet rods come in wood, steel and plastic. It's easier to adjust the length of wood and some plastic closet rods by cutting off a section of the rod with a saw. Steel or iron is harder to cut with a saw, though some saws can cut metal.
Different types of closet rods can be complementary to different styles. Wooden closet rods look better when you combine them with wooden door trim or other wood objects throughout a room. Steel projects a kind of modernism. Its sterile appearance works better with blue colors and other modern decor. Plastic closet rods are usually white or black -flexible colors that work in many rooms. While you can paint most closet rods, remember that different materials require different kinds of paints.

>> Consider a pull-down closet rod
Buy closet rods with pull-down features if you want a convenient place to put freshly ironed shirts. Pull-down closet rods are bendable and remain inside a cabinet for the most part. When you need to use the rod, you pull the closet rod out of the cabinet and bend it to the position you want. You can install these types of closet rods in your laundry room or bedroom as a convenient place to hang dress shirts.

>> Consider a hanging double closet rod

If you want to buy a closet rod that doesn't permanently modify your home, consider buying a hanging double closet rod. A hanging double closet rod hangs from an already installed closet rod by two hooks. Remember that your original closet rod must sit at least 72 inches above the ground for the double hanging closet rod to work. These types of closet rods can help if you plan to eventually sell or donate clothes by providing better closet organization that allows you to temporarily set aside certain pieces of clothing.

>> Consider other closet organizers

You can buy closet rods with more organization potential than just a single rod. Some closet rods come with cabinets attached to them as well as multiple closet rods. Intricate closet rod brands require many wall brackets and may require professional help to install. Once set up, however, these configurations can give you extra space for shoes, socks, underwear and folded cloths in addition to hangers. It's also possible to store certain objects you need each morning, such as your wallet, keys or backpack, in some closet organizer cabinets.

Another closet storage and organizer option includes five shelves and two closet rods for hangers, one of which can be removed. These types of closet kits also require many wall brackets. Measure your closet carefully before you purchase any type of closet organizer. This kind of closet hardware usually requires a closet that measures at least 48 inches wide and 72 inches tall.

There are also portable closet organizers that don't require wall brackets. These closet organizers have pads at their base to prevent floor scrapes and come equipped with space to hang clothes and install shelves. Portable closet organizers with wheels sometimes include closet rods in their design, but more commonly take the form of cabinets or wardrobes.

When you look for new closet rods, make sure you understand your goals and needs as well as your available space's dimensions before you buy. Putting a little thought and effort into this decision can yield a well organized and nice-looking closet that allows you to keep your wardrobe more organized than ever.

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