Cloth Diaper Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Cloth Diaper

Many parents prefer to use cloth diapers over disposable for a variety of reasons. When buying diapers of any kind, you will want to consider the baby's comfort, the sizes available and the age of your child. Use this guide to help you pick the cloth diapers that are right for you.

>> Consider the age and size of your child

One aspect to consider when deciding how to buy cloth diapers is how old your child is. After your child has hit about 25 pounds, you will want to look at switching from infant diapers to toddler-sized diapers. These cloth diapers are larger, and thus, usually fit better for that age and size. They also aid in the transition from cloth diapers to cloth training pants. Similarly, those who have their children in disposable diapers will use children's pull-up diapers at this time.

There are also cloth diapers that are specific for newborns. Newborn diapers are for infants that are less than ten pounds. Premium diapers are also optimal for newborns because they stretch and are extremely easy to clean.

>> Consider the diaper types

When you begin to shop for cloth diapers, you will want to look at the various types available and do a few cloth diaper comparisons. The most basic type of cloth diaper is the flat version, with the next step being the pre-fold version. The difference between a pre-fold diaper and a flat diaper is that the pre-fold diaper has already been folded to make it easier to put on. Both pre-fold and flat diapers often go hand in hand with cloth diaper covers.

Fitted diapers are another type of cloth diaper. They are basically pre-fold diapers that have elastic around the legs and are cut like a disposable diaper. You can find fitted diapers with various types of closures, including snaps and Velcro, and they may need a cover as well.

The remaining types of general cloth diapers are pocket cloth diapers, all-in-ones and two-in-ones. All three of these cloth diapers require soakers. Soakers are pads absorb liquid. Pockets are diapers that have a gap between the waterproof shell and the inner layer of fabric where a soaker is inserted. Soaker pads can be hemp, bamboo or microfiber. It is possible to also use pre-folds folded into thirds as a soaker.

When you are looking at how to buy cloth diapers, you might also want to consider either all-in-ones or two-in-ones. All-in-ones and two-in-ones are very similar. The only difference is that with the two-in-one diapers, the soaker pad is removable and the outer shell can be reused with a different soaker pad. With all-in-one diapers, everything is sewn together, soaker included.

Finally, there are two specialty types of cloth diapers. The first are reusable swim diapers for children who use cloth. Overnight cloth diapers are the other type of specialty diapers that you might want to use. Overnight baby diapers have additional soaker pads to help keep your child dry overnight, allowing them to sleep for longer periods.

>> Think about comfort and size needed

Another thing to consider when looking at how to buy cloth diapers is your child's comfort. A benefit of cloth diapers is that they use fabric instead of paper, making them more comfortable for the child. You can select fabric such as cotton velour, bamboo velour, cotton or hemp. While they are all absorbent, some may work better for your child than others do. There are diapers that are based on specific sizes, and so when you look at different types of cloth diapers, consider both their weight and body shape.

>> Consider the care and maintenance

When you consider how to buy cloth diapers, take the care and maintenance into consideration. Different styles of cloth diapers will require different methods of cleaning. Be sure that you are both comfortable with the care and able to maintain your cloth diapers in accordance to the instructions provided.

>> Consider any accessories that might be used

Finally, when looking at how to buy cloth diapers, you will want to consider the accessories. There are some cute cloth diaper designs and many that will match outfits. Certain cloth diapers work well with diaper covers, and these diaper covers come in a range of designs and colors to help coordinate your baby's outfits. If you purchase pre-fold or flat diapers, you will need to also purchase diaper pins or a Snappi to keep the diaper folded and in place.

Shopping for your baby's cloth diapers can be fun and exciting. With this guide, you should have a good understanding of the basics when it comes to cloth diapers and the options available. Be sure to read up on all the individual cloth diapers you are considering purchasing, as well as talk to other parents about their experiences with various brands. This way, you can make an informed decision on which cloth diapers are best when it comes to your specific needs.

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