Comfort Bike Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Comfort Bike

Comfort bikes are the result of years of advances in engineering to create a faster, more responsive and more comfortable riding experience. Whether you're looking for men's or women's bikes, you'll need to keep in mind several considerations, including different features and options, when you set out to buy a comfort bike.

>> What type of bike riding do you plan to do?

The best comfort bike for you will depend on what you want to use it for and the type of riding you'll do.

• Family outings: You may want to go on family outings that include leisurely rides in the country, around the neighborhood or to the corner store. If you will use your new bike primarily for these types of relaxed, low-key rides, consider lightweight, easy-to-maintain comfort cruiser bicycles such as city bikes.
• Commuting alternative: If you want to use a comfort bike when you commute to work, a city or commuter bike would be one of the best comfort bikes for your situation. These top-rated comfort bikes offer convenient features such as racks and baskets to stow possessions. Other important accessories like fenders, lights and bells will help make your street-riding safer.
• Off-road: If you're looking for a way to get into shape or stay active, consider hybrid bikes. This type of comfort bike offers pedaling efficiency plus comfort to allow you to tackle back roads and trails with ease.

>> Consider comfort bike advantages

Many comfort bike brands offer advantages such as vintage step-through features. These adult bikes offer efficient suspension systems and softer saddles to make riding enjoyable. The laid-back riding position of these top-rated comfort bikes allow you to travel several miles free of strain. Their high-air volume tires make their ride soft and super plush, and their seats contain gel and foam for extended comfort during longer rides. Such features combine to make your bike riding adventure more pleasurable, especially if you are seeking heavy people bikes that afford you the opportunity to get out and exercise.

>> Consider frame material

Comfort bikes are made from different grades of metal, each of which has its unique advantages. When you are shopping for the best comfort bike, pay particular attention to the materials that the comfort bikes are made of to ensure a proper fit with your lifestyle.

• High-tensile steel: This type of material is used in the most affordable, entry-level comfort bikes. High-tensile steel offers a nice, smooth ride and is an ideal choice if you are on a budget.
• Chromoly steel: This lightweight material is also used on inexpensive comfort bikes. Buy a comfort bike made with chromoly steel if you want a lightweight bike that can be easily lifted for transport in or on a vehicle.
• Aluminum: Super strong, aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion and provides a great ride. Consider looking for a comfort bike deal in aluminum if you plan to frequently leave your bike outside in the elements.
• Composite: These types of frames are typically composed of carbon fiber mixed with carbon or aluminum. These materials are found in some of the best comfort bikes available because they make the lightest, strongest and most durable frames.

>> Consider the suspension

Suspension setups differ among comfort bike brands. To learn what might contribute to the most comfortable ride in your particular situation, be sure to compare suspension features when you are shopping for a comfort bike.

• Fork: Some comfort bikes are equipped with a suspension fork. The fork absorbs impact when you are riding over bumps and obstacles, providing a smoother ride. It also allows you to maintain control of the bike. Shop for a comfort bike with a suspension fork if you want the smoothest ride possible.
• Seat posts: Suspension seat posts absorb vibration and impact through the use of a spring in order to provide for minimal bumping and bouncing.

>> Consider the gearing

Most modern comfort bikes have the shifter on a button-style or twist lever. Either option provides an easy way to shift a bike into gear, and choosing one type over the other is a matter of taste. Consider where you will ride as you compare comfort bikes so you can make wise decisions regarding gearing. For example, if you expect to be riding in traffic, you may find that the quickness of a twist gear is most convenient.

Comfort bikes are usually equipped with 8 to 30 gears. If you will be riding around town on flat surfaces, a comfort bike with fewer speeds would likely work well for you. If you anticipate riding on hills, then the best comfort bike for you is probably one with more speeds.

>> Consider the brakes

Many top-rated comfort bikes are equipped with linear, direct-pull brakes. Consider bikes with these brakes if you are going to be riding around the neighborhood or commuting to work. Other comfort bikes are equipped with hub brakes, which are low maintenance and durable. Consider a comfort bike equipped with hub brakes if you are riding off-road, where instant breaking might be unnecessary.

>> What type of seat do you prefer?

Today's modern comfort bike brands offer enjoyable and technologically advanced seats designed with your comfort in mind. These seats offer flexible frames and anatomical shapes made to fit you perfectly and eliminate pressure on soft tissue. Some have additional gel padding, while others offer cushioning springs for shock absorption. Which type of seat you pick is a matter of personal preference, so test out various seats as you search for comfort bike deals. Comfort bikes take an enjoyable activity like bike riding and help make it as comfortable as possible. The best comfort bikes combine your most valued features, providing you with years of satisfaction.

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