Computer Armoires Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Computer Armoires

Computer armoires have many uses and are excellent additions to your home. They are pieces of office furniture composed of cabinets that discreetly hold your computer, laptop and office supplies. Many of the best computer armoire options feature additional shelving or compartments that allow you to store your computer accessories, such as printers, papers and other office home supplies that you use.

>> Where will you set up your computer armoires?

There are various places to put your new computer armoire. Traditionally, they are used as part of a home office or part of a student's study area.

• Living room: If you are looking for an option to store your computer and office supplies, while also looking elegant, buy a computer armoire. A new computer armoire in your living room adds to your decor, while saving on space. The various compartments are all you need to store your supplies.
• Office: Office armoires are best when they have enough depth in them to store your office supplies. An office computer armoire gives you extra storage options, and choosing a unique computer armoire with extra storage options is often a great choice.
• Bedroom: The compact computer armoire dimensions allow you to store an armoire in your bedroom. You have the convenience of your computer and office supplies in the privacy of your room. The computer armoire collection comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the right armoire for your bedroom decor.
• Kitchen: Many homes have large spaces. This choice from the computer armoire collection allows you to maximize your kitchen storage space. The diverse computer armoire design options available make it easy to choose the option that fits your kitchen better. One of the best computer armoire choices for your kitchen is a corner armoire that is out of the way and allows the flow of the kitchen to function naturally.
• Den: If you keep your computer in the den, choosing a unique computer armoire option allows you to store all your computer needs as well as other supplies, such as board games or video game accessories that the kids may use in the den on the computer.

>> What do you need to have in your computer armoires?

If you know how you will be using your computer furniture, then it helps if you pick out the best computer armoire to store any items you are using. Paying attention to details such as what type of computer or computer accessories you are using allows you to choose a functional computer desk with storage that houses each item.

If you are using a computer tower, monitor and keyboard it is important to buy a computer armoire that offers shelving or cabinet space to hold these items.

Additional items, such as a printer or fax machine would require that your computer armoire dimensions are large enough to store these components. Choose an armoire that offers deep storage space that a printer or fax machine fits into.
>> What features would you find helpful?

Consider which features make your armoire best suited to your specific needs. The best computer armoire is one that is fully functional and has a spot for every item pertaining to your computer and office supply needs.

• File drawers: Consider both the number and size of the file drawers needed for storage. If you work with numerous files, then make sure your armoire can store them all.
• Message board: Some armoires have a message board installed for note taking. This makes jotting down a quick note convenient.
• Letter caddy: The letter caddy is useful in organizing your mail. Having outgoing or incoming mail organized in front of you keeps you to your tasks and helps keep your schedule on track.
• CD/DVD storage: If you use various CDs/DVDs for work or personal use, choosing an armoire with CD/DVD storage is likely something you would want to do.
• Charging stations: Charging stations efficiently grant you the option of charging your electronics while keeping them within arm's reach.

>> Consider the doors

Door position is important when considering the functionality of your computer armoire. Computer armoires offer diverse door options, including the option of not having doors at all. The following are some of the more popular armoire door alternatives.

• Open straight: This option works best when you plan to stay in one spot in front of the computer and do not need a computer armoire with a number of smaller compartments.
• Out and to the side: Out and to the side door opening is the best computer armoire design option if you frequently maneuver in front of the armoire. The doors stay out of the way and allow you to move freely.
• Wrap around: Wrap around doors are sleek and compact. The compressed doors offer additional space.
• Pocket doors: Pocket doors are a nice feature for storing smaller items while still keeping them easily accessible.

>> Consider finish

Computer armoires come in many finishes. The following are among the most popular finish options for obtaining an armoire that suits your personal needs as well as your design preferences.

• Antique: An antique computer armoire gives your room a classic look in addition to adding functionality.
• Black: Black is an easy color to blend in with just about any decor and it also exudes a casual look.
• Cherry: A cherry wood finish imparts a sleek, modern look. Cherry is also a great finish to incorporate with various designs. • Oak: An oak finish looks natural and is also easy to paint or stencil for a custom look. An oak armoire is easy to incorporate with many decor options.
• Pine: Pine is a timeless natural finish for your armoire and adds a casual feel to a room.

>> Consider size

Computer armoires are available in an assortment of sizes. The best computer armoire is one that is big enough to hold your computer and its accessories, while still saving space. Armoires are measured by width and then height, so you should measure your space before shopping.

• Less than 30 inches: An armoire that is less than 30 inches is best for small corner spaces.
• 30 inches -40 inches: Armoires between 30 and 40 inches are best suited for an area such as a bedroom or a child's room. It allows for needed functions while still being a space saver.
• 40 inches -50 inches: For a large living room space, choose an armoire that is between 40 inches and 50 inches in size. This size fills a nice portion of the living room, in addition to making it a multi-purpose room.
• 50 inches or greater: Armoires that are over 50 inches are best used in an office setting where there is open space. The designated office space houses the large armoire and stores all office equipment, large and small.

Choosing the best computer armoire is exciting because you are combining two tasks: choosing a great computer armoire that meets your computer storage needs and experimenting with decor by choosing from the various armoire styles, colors and designs.

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