Cookie Jar Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Cookie Jar

Adding a cookie jar to your kitchen counter makes for easy access for tasty snacks for all members of the family. It is an easily recognizable item for children to associate with getting a treat for good behavior or completing a task. Unique cookie jars easily distinguish the type of treat hidden inside the jar. Cookie jars can help with kitchen organization and storage as well. It just takes a little thinking outside of the box. The best cookie jar for your home will be something that has the capacity, durability and ease of use that your family needs.

>> Consider your needs

If you are a collector of cookie jars, consider the existing collection and how to expand on it. Find the best cookie jar addition that stays with your collection's theme. Even the most collectible cookie jars get used in some homes. Consider how often you will use the item or if it will be simply for display. If the item is more for display, the design can be more ornate. This is also often the main reason for purchasing designer cookie jars.

Durability and frequency of use are important when selecting cookie jars for your home. New cookie jars tend to be harder to open since the seal has not been broken in yet. A trick to opening them more easily is to wiggle the lid back and forth a little in each direction. This helps to release the seal and allow you or anyone else in the home to access the treats inside.

The best cookie jar will have the durability that you require along with the ability to keep items fresh and be easy to clean. Durability can mean the ability to withstand several openings daily, several washings and even a slight fall. Ease of use for children or those with muscular problems may require an option that opens more easily with the help of specially hinged closures that help lift the lid upward.

>> Consider the use of the jar

Consider storing baking goods such as flour, sugar and whole grains in them as well. Some prefer to store their coffee, small pasta or dried beans in cookie jars to keep them fresh. This makes a cookie jar collection more usable in the home. It is practical to buy cookie jars specifically for collections or for additional kitchen storage of loose goods.

Some cookie jar designs are basic and fit well in nearly any kitchen. Neutral or basic designs can often be kept even as the color scheme or theme of a kitchen changes, making them more usable in a home. Consider using basic jars with labels for kitchen organization. When looking for the best cookie jar, keep the use and design in mind.

There are unconventional uses for items such as glass jars that can double as a cookie jar with some imagination. Other unconventional items to use as unique cookie jars are glass storage jars and glass canning jars. These items can easily be decorated to match an existing theme in your home. For use in a bedroom, some glass cookie jars are ideal as a candle holder with decorative glass beads or glass stones. It is a safe option to prevent a burning candle from tipping over.

Continuing with unconventional uses, buy cookie jars for parties. The strong seals make them ideal for storing leftover candies, cookies and other treats after the party. The variety of designs also ensures that you will find the right piece for any theme.

As you build your cookie jar collection, consider looking for designs that are unique, designer and limited edition. New cookie jars can easily become a collectible when purchased from a limited edition release. These make a great addition to a displayed collection.

>> Consider material

Cookie jars are made from a variety of materials. They are one of the kitchen and dining products that can easily perform more than one function in a home. Some of the most common materials used to make cookie jars are ceramic and porcelain. These are molded and often painted, and baked in kilns for durability and preservation. Often considered to be the best cookie jar, these materials maintain the flavor and texture of the items stored inside well.

Glass cookie jars are often used to display alternative items such as candy, pasta and decorative items. These add an artistic element to a kitchen counter top. They can also double as a centerpiece for a special occasion or themed event. Some cookie jar designs seen in glass are detailed and fragile at the same time. These are often used as display pieces only.

Steel and stone are other materials used to make cookie jars. The unique cookie jars made from stone are meant to be durable and tend to last for generations. Steel is an ideal storage option for sugar cookies, wafer cookies and others that do not have chocolate or fruit in them. Stone is also the ideal material for storing homemade or soft cookies. The material is able to absorb the moisture from the baked goods to prevent molding or spoiling quicker than they should.
>> Consider features

One of the most desired features of a cookie jar is a tightly sealed lid. A tight seal can lead consumers to the best cookie jar for their specific needs. Some lids do have hinged handles on them to secure the lid even tighter. These seal in freshness and keep air from getting to the cookies to make them stale.

Another desired feature is the ease of the cleaning process. Some designer cookie jars may be hand wash only, while most other conventional vessels are dishwasher safe. It is important to read the care instructions. This will help you maintain the finish, interior and seal of cool cookie jars.

As mentioned above, cookie jars are for more than just cookies. Get creative and see what you can store in them to prevent some of the cool cookie jars in your collection from becoming dust catchers. Some of the more unique cookie jar designs make great conversation pieces while providing storage for pastas and baking items. When you are looking for the best cookie jar, consider the durability, interior storage space and cleaning care each requires.

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