cooler bag Guide

Whether you plan to take a road trip, go camping, pack your lunch for the day or need to store your freshly pumped milk for your little one, there are many reasons to buy a cooler bag. In order to buy the best cooler bag for your needs, it is important to consider the different types of cooler bags available, cooler bag construction and the size of cooler bag you will need. Consider the best cooler bag for camping, bringing lunch, storing milk or carrying beverages by looking at the design and determining if it will fit the items you need to carry.

>> Consider the size

First, when looking for the best cooler bag, it is important to determine the size of bag you will need by determining how much food or how many drinks you will be putting into it. Before you buy cooler bags, consider the long term use of the cooler bag, not just the short-term use, to determine the capacity you will need. Coolers and cooler bags are measured in quarts. A six-quart cooler bag will hold about four beverages or two beverages and two lunches. A 12-quart cooler bag can hold up to nine beverages or four drinks and four sandwiches. If you plan on putting a whole case of beer or soda into a cooler, you will need a cooler bag with the capacity of about 24 quarts which will look much like a sports bag. Coolers and cooler bags can range from 8-200 quarts in size.

>> Consider different types of cooler bags

The type of cooler bag you choose should be determined by how you are going to use the cooler bag. There are several stylish cooler bags for carrying beverages such as soda or beer. If you are going to a tailgating party, consider buying a cooler bag supporting your favorite team. Beer coolers, also known as kegerators, should be considered as they will have open space and be tall enough to fit a can or bottle with ease.

If you are nursing a baby and have to return to work, you may want to pump in between feedings to keep your milk supply up. Coolers are a great way to store your pumped milk. Look for baby cooler bags that can hold ice packs as well as bottles for milk. Some stylish cooler bags can be made to look like purses or hand bags and are ideal for working moms to carry their lunch in.

Food or lunch cooler bags are insulated to keep your food cool and can be found in different shapes, styles and features such as numerous compartments and insulated cups for both men and women. Shop cooler bags by sports team, gender and material to find the best stylish cooler bag for your needs.

>> Consider the construction

As you look for the best cooler bags for your needs, consider the construction of the cooler bag to determine if it will support your needs. All cooler bags are insulated, meaning it prevents the loss of heat or the intrusion of heat. However, cooler bags can have hard sturdy sides, can use electricity and can have collapsible sides. Electric cooler bags eliminate the use of ice packs and can be plugged into your car or other electrical outlet to keep a few beverages cool on long trips.

Some of the best cooler bags for outdoor use are those constructed with hard sides. These cooler bags with hard outer sides are durable and supportive and protect the food and beverages on the inside. Collapsible cooler bags are the most common. These soft sided coolers are easy to store and capable of being shaped to fit into many different spots.

>> Consider the best way to use your cooler bag

To get the most use out of your designer cooler bags, chill your items before you put them in your cooler bag to limit the amount of space taken up by ice. Fill your cooler bag with your food and beverages, then pour the ice on top to preserve space and keep your food and drinks cooler. Consider block ice for longer trips and crushed ice to cool fast. To keep your ice longer, pack the items you will be using first last so they will be easier to grab letting less warm air into your cooler. Store your cooler bag in a cool dry place out of the sun to keep it cooler longer.

Cooler bags can be some of the most important sports and outdoor supplies to keep with you. Buy cooler bags for your everyday needs such as packing a lunch or for special occasions such as camping trips and road trips. Whatever you are doing, buying a cooler bag can come into good use.

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