Cricut Cartridge Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Cricut Cartridge

Memories are something that lasts a lifetime and scrapbooking is one way to bring them to life. Scrapbooking and other crafts can be as simple as you like when you use Cricut cartridges to create your shapes, pictures and letters. It is important to know what a Cricut cartridge is, know the Cricut you have, consider different types of Cricut cartridges and know your scrapbooking skills in order to find the best Cricut cartridge for your creativity needs.

>> What is a Cricut cartridge?

Cricut cartridges are Cricut accessories that fit into the Cricut and aid in creating shapes, designs, letters and numbers for scrapbook decorations. A Cricut is a brand name for a cutting machine. Each Cricut cartridge contains different information on it that tells the machine what shape or design to cut. These designs, shapes, letters or numbers can be cut out onto paper, cardboard and metal. The Cricut machine is also able to cut your designs, shapes, letters or numbers into different sizes.

>> Consider the Cricut you have

Each Cricut machine is designed with its own specific set of Cricut cartridges, so you will need to determine the Cricut you have in order to buy Cricut cartridges that will work with your machine. The following chart will help you determine which Cricut machine you have and the Cricut cartridges that you will need:

Type of Cricut machine Description Top Cricut cartridges Original Cricut machine The original Cricut machine creates shapes, designs, letters and numbers up to 5.5 inches long. Buy original Cricut cartridges. Expression Cricut machine The Expression Cricut is great for making bigger shapes and designs (up to 23 inches long). The best Cricut cartridges will be original Cricut cartridges. Expression 2 Cricut machine The Expression 2 Cricut is constructed with a color touch screen for ease of use and has the same function as the original and Expression. The best Cricut cartridges to use are Cricut Imagine Art cartridges and original Cricut cartridges. Cricut Create machine This upgraded Cricut is capable of cutting and printing shapes and designs up to 12 inches long. Buy original Cricut cartridges. Cricut Imagine machine The Cricut Imagine combines technology from an ink jet printer and a Cricut Expression to create a machine that cuts and prints in ink shapes, designs, letters and num bers. The best Cricut cartridges to get are Imagine Color and Pattern cartridges, Original and special Cricut Imagine Art cartridges. Cricut Mini machine The Cricut Mini is the smallest of the Cricut collection. Much like a printer, the Cricut needs to be connected to a computer in order to cut the images you need which can be no bigger than a standard sheet of paper (8.5"x11"). Use Cricut Craft Room online or original cartridges. Each Cricut machine can use the original Cricut cartridges; however some have specific cartridges that will only work with a specific machine. Consider different machines for different sized shapes, designs, letters and numbers.

>> Consider different types of Cricut cartridges

As you look for the best Cricut cartridges for your Cricut machine, consider the different types of new Cricut cartridges you can get. The more you have, the more creative you can be. If you like to create your own decorations, Shape and Font packages may be the best new Cricut cartridges for your needs. For cutouts of trees or winter wonderlands, buy Cricut cartridges called Winter Woodland cartridges. For decorating with words, consider word collage cartridges. Some new Cricut cartridges create cake designs which are great for scrapbooking birthdays and weddings. Buy Cricut cartridges that create mini shapes for smaller designs or around larger pictures. Buy Cricut cartridges Extreme Fonts for five different fonts of the alphabet. The Quilted Christmas set is one to put on your Cricut cartridge checklist to make cool Christmas designs and cutouts for cards and envelopes. Consider the following list of Cricut cartridges to add to your collection:

• Disney Cricut cartridges
• Halloween Cricut cartridges
• Cricut wedding cartridges
• Cricut wild life cartridges
• Cricut New Testament cartridges
• Cricut creative cards cartridges

>> Consider your scrapbook skills

Cricut machines and Cricut cartridges were typically made for creating scrapbooks. However, you can cut designs and shapes to create holiday cards, picture books and envelopes, as well as scrapbooks. When determining how to buy Cricut cartridges, consider what kind of scrapbooking and crafts you would like to do. Cricut Sophisticated cartridges give you the ability to create gift boxes that can be used as party favors. You can use various font styles for cards and envelopes and then decorate them with shapes and designs. Consider making a picture book for children to share stories with, or expand your creativity to create story books with pictures. With new Cricut cartridges, your options are limitless.

Be sure to read up on the individual Cricut supplies and Cricut products you are considering. This way, you can make an informed decision on which are the best Cricut cartridges and other products for you and your projects.

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