Dartboard Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Dartboard

Darts is a game that has been played for many years both at home and in pubs, clubs and bars. Playing darts at home is a good way to practice and develop your skills. When choosing the best dartboard to buy, take many things into consideration to ensure that you purchase the right dartboard for your specific needs.

>> Consider who will use the dartboard

• Adults: If the main players are adults, the best dartboards to buy would be standard, regulation size dartboards. This type of dartboard is known as a clock board as the numbers are placed around the outer edge, much like a clock. The standard dartboard dimension of a regulation board is 18 inches in diameter. The dartboard design has 20 numbered wedges and the bull's eye. Each wedge has a double ring on the outer edge and an inner triple ring. The bull's eye has an outer bull and an inner bull area
• Children: In most cases, dartboard sizes for children's dartboards are a little larger than regulation size dartboards. When choosing the best dartboard to buy for children, consider play dartboards that are large, bright, and colorful. For safety reasons, a dartboard model that uses Velcro darts, soft tipped darts or electronic dartboards that do not use competition style darts are the best types of dartboards for children.

>> Consider gaming space

When choosing which type of dartboard or dartboard sets to purchase, you will need to consider the space you have available for playing. If you are worried about the wall behind the board or the floor beneath it becoming damaged from sharp darts, consider an electronic or magnetic dartboard. For competition type sports and outdoors play, you may prefer a traditional sisal or bristle dartboard with competition dartboard dimensions.

>> Consider dartboard type

• Bristle: When you buy dartboards for competition style play, or if you simply want a dartboard that is more traditional, consider a bristle or sisal dartboard. These types of dartboards are very durable and will last for many years. In order to prevent wear and tear, the board should be rotated regularly. To rotate the board, simply remove the wire number ring, turn the board, and then replace the ring so that the '20' is in the top middle and over a black wedge. When choosing the best dartboard to buy, a bristle dartboard made from either hemp or sisal is the best choice for steel tipped darts. Good quality bristle dartboards are self healing, which means that the darts will not leave permanent holes in the board.
• Magnetic: The magnetic types of dartboards are used with magnetic darts. Using this type of dartboard and darts means that there are no sharp dart tips to injure anybody. Magnetic dartboard dimensions can vary considerably and are available in regulation size and larger sizes for children. A typical magnetic board is a flexible, cloth covered board that rolls easily for convenient storage. Most magnetic dartboard sets come with six magnetic darts, and additional darts can be purchased separately.
• Electronic: Electronic dartboards are one of the best dartboards to buy for anyone who does not want to keep score manually, as the computer records the scores. Top quality electronic dartboards offer additional features such as player handicaps and scrolling, and some even offer cyber play and the ability to link games across other electronic boards.
• Children's: Children's dartboards are typically larger than regular dartboards. They are available in a wide range of dartboard sizes and bright colors. Children's dartboards are designed to help young adolescents increase their hand-eye coordination. For safety reasons, most types of dartboards for children are soft and flexible and use magnetic, Velcro or soft tipped darts.
• Customized: Customized boards typically have competition dartboard dimensions, but have some sort of customization such as monogrammed initials, screen printed photographs on the playing surface, or additional embellishments on the outer casing. Many sports teams have customized dartboards that display team colors, a mascot or team players. NASCAR typically offers many customized dartboards to honor its drivers.
• Wooden cabinet sets: When many people find the best dartboard to buy, they also buy a wooden cabinet to house the board. Additionally, buy wooden cabinet sets that include the dartboard, the cabinet and darts. These cabinets typically hang on the wall and have doors that can be closed for an aesthetic look in any game room or living room.
>> Consider type of darts

If you are using a magnetic or electronic dartboard, the right type of darts come with the board. However, when choosing darts for bristle, or many other types of dartboard, you will be able to choose between steel and soft tipped darts.

Darts is a very enjoyable game that can be played by two or more people. Whether you are simply playing darts at home with the family, or practicing for tournament play, having the best dartboard for your needs will make your game play much more enjoyable.

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