Daybed Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Daybed

Though daybeds are smaller than the average bed, they serve more purposes. Select the best daybed for you to complete the seating and bedding needs of your room.

>> Consider the room it will be put in

Daybeds are smaller than the average bed, therefore they make great beds for smaller rooms or rooms that are used for many purposes. Children's rooms are great places for daybeds. The daybeds can easily be pushed into one corner in a room. These beds are large enough for a child to sleep on, but can also be decorated as a place to sit.

For guest rooms, the best daybeds have two uses. The daybed can function as a regular sleeping area for guests when they visit. The daybed is also a place to sit for guests and others in the household who may use the guest room intermittently. When you buy a daybed, make sure that the furniture properly fits in the room.

>> Consider the frame of the bed

There are different types of daybeds and frames to fit any room. Daybeds in metal and wood are common to find. When you buy a daybed, you must consider how the frame works with the overall room decor. Since these fabrics are used on regular beds, they also translate well on the decorations for daybeds. Metal and wood frames are easy to put together, so if you plan to put together a daybed on your own, these options are simple. Another daybed option is fabric. Fabric headboards and footboards for daybeds can make the bed look similar to a couch. Upholstered daybed headboards are often made of breathable materials, making them simple to work with. These are also comfortable for those who may sleep next to the headboard or footboard.

Some daybeds may need to have slat support at the bottom if they have legs that lift them off of the ground. Many wooden daybeds or metal daybeds will need to have slat support. The slats are placed underneath the daybed mattress, in order to provide a supportive base for the mattress of the bed. Spring support can also be offered for daybeds. Any bed frame can have spring support. Since daybeds will not have a box spring, the spring support system sits under the mattress in its place. This provides the same comfort of the box spring without the bulk for the small bed.

>> Consider the mattress type

The best daybeds can use twin sized mattresses, because of the daybed dimensions, so there are a number of options to select from. Foam daybed mattress choices have several different options. If you choose a foam mattress for your daybed, you can select the firmness of the mattress. Spring coil mattresses for daybeds are similar to the mattresses for regular bedding choices. Spring coil mattresses have a number of different options. Open coil mattresses have coils over the span of the entire mattress. Pocket mattresses are comfortable options that have the mattress coils wrapped in fabric. This provides more cushion in the mattress and guards the springs from possibly poking in certain areas.

Quilted mattresses are some soft options. If you are looking for a mattress that you can comfortably sink into, a quilted mattress works. These mattresses are also comfortable to sit on. Make sure that you choose a mattress that has a level of firmness that feels relaxing in both the sleeping and sitting position. Take the daybed dimensions for your furniture and make sure that you purchase a fitting mattress.

>> Consider the type

If you are interested in upholstered daybed designs that work as a main sitting area, chaise daybeds fit this aesthetic. The best daybeds in chaise lounge formation look similar to a couch, but exercise complete comfort for sleeping. When you shop daybeds, remember that canopy daybeds can give the beds a more bed-like feel. If you are looking to section off a smaller room and provide a distinct area for sleeping to set it apart of the rest of the room, a canopy daybed is an option that will make the bed stand out. Sleigh daybeds give a daybed a more traditional feel. Sleigh daybeds are made of wood, and the headboard and siding of the bed are likely to be prominent. The best daybeds in sleigh bed designs are sturdy pieces of furniture, making them good as long lasting options.

Trundle daybed designs offer several different perks. Some trundle daybeds have the option of a pull-out bed at the bottom of the daybed. Trundle daybeds make it easy to provide accommodations for more than one person. Since twin daybeds are the most typical size, this design works well for sleepovers or when more than one visitor comes into town. Some trundle beds also have drawers at the bottom. For small rooms that do not have enough space for a dresser, these daybeds with storage can be used for clothing and other belongings to keep them away.

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