Desk Organizer Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Desk Organizer

With the advent of technology, some of the scarcest real estate around is your desk space.
A top desk organizer controls clutter, frees up space so you can work more easily and increases your efficiency. Examine your needs before you buy to ascertain the desk organizer and other desk accessories to expedite your work. Picking out the best desk organizer is a simple process. Choosing from the many types of desk organizers available requires knowing what your individual needs are. Consider the following points as you go looking for the top desk organizer to meet your needs.
>> What work tools do you use?

When you decide to buy a desk organizer, your first consideration is what tools you need to organize. There are many types of desk organizers, ranging from a simple shelf that goes across the back of your desk to unique desk organizers that almost serve as desks themselves. Whether you choose a designer desk organizer that sits on top of your desk and has filing slots, paper trays and cubbyholes, or a simple in-drawer desk organizer to hold pencils, paperclips and other office supplies, using a desk holder allows you to keep your office tools at the ready.

Some desk organizers are actually coordinated desk organizer collections. These sets generally include a pen and pencil holder, several paper trays, a small set of desktop drawers, a container for files and a set of cubbyholes.

Another type of desk organizer design option is to buy single pieces to suit your specific needs. Some manufacturers are offering designer desk organizer pieces that you can mix or coordinate to serve your specific needs.

Whether you choose a few simple organizing tools or an elaborate, stylish desk organizer, keep in mind that your main goal is to increase your personal productivity.

Larger desk organizers include amenities like printer or computer stands, or shelves for technical manuals. The best desk organizers of this variety are often sold as office furniture.

>> Consider the various materials available

Choosing the best desk organizer requires knowing a little about what desk organizers are constructed from. Durable desk organizers are made from a number of different materials.

New Materials

• Metal: Wire desk organizers are extremely popular. These are generally sold as modular components. These stylish desk organizers boast clean lines and may be clear-coated metal or color-coated metal to coordinate with your decor. Upright desk organizers are often made of metal mesh (or solid metal) and combine a tray under a set of dividers suitable for files or mail.
• Wood: Wooden desk organizers give your office space a classic look. Radius front desk organizers usually are wood and give your desk the capacity of a good roll-top desk. They have drawers, trays and shelves. Low-profile desk organizers are also made of wood and consist primarily of cubbyholes. Wooden, stackable desk organizer file trays (which can be stacked vertically or horizontally) are versatile enough to be used as magazine files or paper trays.
• Plastic: Modular plastic desk organizers allow you to buy exactly the pieces you need. Often the most stylish desk organizers, they come in many colors.

Recycled Materials

Using recycled materials to create different types of desktop organizers is good for the environment and your conscience.

• Recycled plastic: Durable desk organizers containing recycled plastic content are increasingly popular. The best desk organizers from recycled plastics contain between 25 percent to 100 percent post-consumer recycled content. The total recycled content (pre-and post-consumer) should range from 50 percent to 100 percent.
• Recycled metals?: Recycled metals also make cool desk organizers because they help lessen the need for new manufacturing, reduce waste and do not add to greenhouse gasses. While many metals are recycled into desktop organizers, steel is the most popular.
• Recycled wood: Recycled or reclaimed wood is another popular material for creating unique desk organizers. Recycled wood office desktop letter organizers create a classic, heirloom look for your office, while helping the environment.

>> What special features do you need?
The best desk organizer is customizable to your specific needs. One advantage of purchasing modular desk organizer collections is that you get exactly the desk accessories you need. This works well if you need something special, such as a monitor stand or a printer stand, or charging stations for your devices. Some cool desk organizers combine a monitor stand with additional features such as drawers, cup holders and device chargers for electronics. Stackable desk organizer units, such as magazine holders and trays for files or papers, are important for keeping your desk free of clutter and are available in single units or combination modules, allowing you the freedom to create your own desk organizer design.

Once you have chosen the best desk organizer for your purposes, it is a good idea to purchase any other office products you might need, like paper, ink cartridges or batteries. It is also a good time to stock up on extras of your favorite desk supplies, such as tape, pens, pencils, staples and paperclips.

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