Diamond Earring Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Diamond Earring

The glimmer and dazzle of diamond earrings bring joy to many. When searching for the best diamond earrings for you, it is important to spend your time finding the right diamonds. Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes and there are many different types of diamond earrings out there to choose from. Keep the following considerations in mind when determining how to buy diamond earrings.

>> Consider the size of diamond you want

Think about how big you want your stones to be. You can get diamonds that are small and dainty or diamonds that will get noticed from across the room. A diamond's size is determined by its cubic carat. Diamond earring sizes are numerous and should be taken into consideration when determining how to buy diamond earrings. Keep in mind that when looking at a pair of earrings, the carat size is for both earrings, meaning that if a pair of earrings is 1k, each earring is .05k. See the table below for size comparisons:

Carat for a pair of earrings Carat for one earring Actual diamond earring sizes .50K .25K 1/4 of a carat is about the size of 4.1 mm in width. It would be slightly bigger than the piercing in your ear. .80K .40K Slightly bigger than 1/3 of a carat, this diamond would measure 4.8 mm in size. It would be about the size of the small end of a chopstick. 1K .50K 1/2k is about 5.2 mm in width. It is comparable to the tip of a baby's pointer finger. 1.50K .75K 3/4k is 5.9 mm. It would be about the width around of a small Christmas tree light bulb. 2K 1K 1K measures around 6.5 mm. This is about the size of an eraser top on a pencil. 3K 1.50K 1 1/2K measures about 7.4 mm in width. This is about the size of the top of a plastic push pin. 4K 2K 2K diamonds measure approximately 8 mm in size. This is about the size of the tip of your pinky finger. 6K 3K A 3K earring is usually not placed in a stud earring as it would be bigger than the earlobe. This size is typically used in diamond drop earring s or other dangling earrings. Remember the bigger the carat, the heavier the earrings will be on the earlobe.

>> Determine the diamond cuts and shapes for your earrings

There are various types of diamond earring designs and shapes to choose from. When determining how to buy diamond earrings, it is important to consider the diamond shape you like most. The following cuts should be considered:

• Round diamond earrings: round shape
• Princess diamond earrings: shaped like a princess crown or square
• Emerald diamond earrings: small rectangular shape
• Pear diamond earrings: pear-shaped, almost like a tear drop
• Oval diamond earrings: horizontal oval shape
• Heart diamond earrings: diamond in the shape of a heart
• Crystal diamond ball earrings: diamonds spread throughout a ball on the earring

>> Consider styles of your diamond earring

When determining how to buy diamond earrings, it is important to consider the different diamond earring styles available. There are three basic styles to look at when you shop for diamond earrings:

• Stud: Simple, one-stone stud diamond earrings.
• Hoops: Round or circular earrings that either have one diamond in the center or several diamonds throughout the ring.
• Drop: Drop earrings are dangling earrings that dangle down from the earlobe. They can have bigger diamonds or smaller diamonds depending on your preference.
>> Consider the color and clarity

Another factor to consider when choosing the best diamond earrings is the color and clarity of the diamonds. The color and clarity of a diamond play a big role in determining the value of the diamond itself.
The clarity of a diamond refers to the charisma of the diamond; the presence or absence of inclusions. Inclusions are small crystals that get trapped in the stone. The presence of blemishes or flaws can affect the way the light enters the stone which can mar its appearance. The following clarity scale will help you in determining how to buy diamond earrings with clarity:

Clarity symbol Description FL (Flawless) Diamond has no flaws, blemishes or inclusions. IF (Internally flawless) Diamond has no inclusions, but has some blemishes. VVS1 and VVS2 (Very very slightly included) Diamond has some inclusions that are difficult to see. VS1 and VS2 (Very slightly included) Diamond has inclusions that can be seen. SI1 and SI2 (Slightly included) Diamond has some noticeable inclusions. I1, I2, and I3 (Included) Diamond has inclusions and blemishes that affect the charisma of the diamond. The color of the diamond is important when determining how to buy diamond earrings based on your color preference. The following color chart will help you find the best diamond earrings for your style:

Color scale Color of diamond DEF Colorless GHIJ Near colorless KLM Faint yellow NOPQR Very light yellow STUVWXYZ Light yellow Choose the best diamond earrings color based on the letter scale of the diamond.

>> Determine where the diamonds are from

If you want real diamonds as opposed to cubic zirconia diamond earrings, it is important to find out where the diamonds come from. Diamonds are formed in the Earth's mantle, and then mined by workers. Cubic zirconia diamonds are man-made diamonds not naturally created by the Earth. The ten top diamond producing countries include: Russia, Canada, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho, China, Congo, Sierra Leone and Australia. When determining how to buy diamonds, be sure to check where the diamonds are derived from if this is important to you.

>> Choose clip-on or pierced earrings

Whether you have pierced ears or not, you can still get a pair of diamond earrings. Many styles of clip on earrings are made with diamonds for those who choose not to pierce their ears. However, if your ears are pierced, there are numerous pierced earrings to choose from. Decide whether you need clip-on or pierced earrings before making your purchase.

>> Consider diamond earrings as a gift

When choosing the best diamond earrings for yourself, it is pretty self explanatory what you like, but when buying them as a gift, it is important to think about what the person would like as well as what kind of gift you are giving. As an anniversary present, you may want to put great thought into the style and shape of the earrings. The shape of the earrings can tell the person a great deal about how you feel about them. This is true when determining how to choose diamond earrings for holiday and birthday presents. Hearts and princess cuts can show love and affection whereas simple round diamonds may be nice gifts for friends or relatives. Choose your earrings wisely when giving them as a gift.

With so many different types of diamond earrings, knowing what you are looking for makes it easier to find the perfect pair of earrings.

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