Diamond Ring Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Diamond Ring

Diamonds remain one of the most popular stones in jewelry. Most often, they are associated with romance and engagement rings, which can be a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. Whether shopping for a cocktail ring, casual ring, promise ring, wedding band or anniversary band, considering factors such as the types of diamonds and bands available will help you determine how to buy a diamond ring that you will be happy with for years to come.

>> Why would you like a diamond ring?
Dia monds are a versatile and durable stone that can be worn for a variety of occasions. For example, flashy styles with clusters of diamonds can be worn for dressy occasions such as weddings, semiformal dinners and parties. Furthermore, whether boasting flashy or simple styles, some even choose to wear their diamond rings all day long, only taking them off to clean them. This means that diamonds can be appropriate for everyday rings and can pair with most any outfit.

A diamond suggests romance and is commonly used for rings that are intended to profess love. When they shop for diamond rings, many men seek help as to how to choose a diamond ring design before buying an engagement ring, because they know that it will likely be shown off to friends and family and that it is intended to last for a lifetime. Engagement rings often have a solitary diamond or a cluster of diamonds. They can also be combined with other stones. Diamond promise rings, often a simpler version of an engagement ring, are a way of professing eternal love and showcasing a small diamond. Diamond heart promise rings, for example, are a popular choice among young people. Another option, the anniversary band, which is also called an eternity band, has diamonds set into the band instead of in a setting on top of the band; this is called a channel setting. The stones can go halfway around the band or all the way around. The channel setting can also be used in conjunction with a solit ary diamond for a different type of diamond ring.
>> What kind of diamond ring do you prefer?

When deciding how to buy a diamond ring, consider the different types of diamond rings available as well as the various ways to combine the diamonds. For example, some include similarly sized diamonds, while other diamond ring designs boast those of various sizes. This ultimately depends on your preference. You may want a single, solitary stone, a cluster of stones or one stone with a few smaller stones on each side. Other gemstones can also be combined with diamonds. The type of setting determines how high the diamonds will sit on the band, as well.

>> Consider the center diamond and the setting

When determining how to buy a diamond ring, you should consider your preferences. Important considerations to keep in mind when learning how to buy a diamond ring are the center diamond and setting.

Center diamond

• Carat: The carat is what is used to determine the weight. This is not always based on the size of the diamond; the weight of the diamond can be deceiving by appearance alone. The quality of the diamond will determine the actual weight.
• Color: Diamonds that are clear in color are formed from pure carbon. In some rare cases, other minerals, which are normally not present, come into contact with the pure carbon during the stone's formation. This is how colored diamonds are formed.
• Clarity: The clarity of the diamond is based on the blemishes or inclusions that might be on the stone. Inclusions are imperfections that result underneath the diamond and cannot be fixed. The blemishes are usually minor.
• Cut: The cut of the diamond is determined by the amount of light that is reflected off of it. A diamond with a good cut will have a highly reflective quality. Many designer diamond rings come with diamonds in unique cuts.


• Tiffany: Tiffany diamond rings are popular choices as this quality ring setting has a very good reputation.
• Eternity: Diamond eternity rings are another well-known setting. There are a variety of diamond ring styles and precious metals available, such as gold (yellow, white or rose), platinum or titanium. The diamonds can be cut in any style requested.
• Channel: The channel diamond ring gives the illusion that the band of the ring is covered in small diamonds. Quality diamond rings with this setting have two grooves on either side that hold the diamonds in place. This option is ideal for those with active lifestyles.
• Pave: Pave offers a variety of unique diamond ring styles to choose from. The diamonds are set close together. These rings can come as full pave with a band of diamonds surrounding the whole band or as half pave with diamonds only covering half of the band. They also have some less pricey options with the diamonds set loosely apart.

>> What type of band do you prefer?

Consider the type of band that you want when determining how to buy a diamond ring. Some may prefer diamond silver rings, while others may desire yellow or white gold for its durability. If you prefer silver, however, but want a better-quality ring, opt for white gold, which will be stronger. Platinum is even stronger yet and is the most valuable of these precious metals.

Band material

• Platinum: Platinum bands are made from platinum and the purest precious metals. They are also known to be durable.
• 18kt gold: An 18kt gold ring means that 18 of the 24 karats are gold, while the remaining parts are made of alloy. The higher the alloy count is, the stronger and sturdier the jewelry is.
• 14kt gold: A 14kt gold ring means that 14 of the 24 karats are made of alloy. The majority of engagement rings and wedding rings are made of 14kt gold.
• Palladium: Palladium is an alternative to platinum but is also part of the platinum family. It is a strong metal and can be crafted alone or combined with other materials.
• Silver: Silver rings are a recommended alternative for those who are on a budget. You can still have an elegant look without having to pay as much money. >> Do you like traditional diamonds or more modern styles? As you determine how to buy a diamond ring, examine the various cuts of diamonds and diamond ring styles available in order to determine if you prefer something more traditional or more modern. When deciding which diamond ring design to buy, especially when the ring is a gift, consider the recipient's current wardrobe and jewelry. This will help to clue you in to his or her style preferences.

All diamond ring sizes are also available in a wide array of shapes and colors. The traditional stone shape is round, but oval, emerald, pear and heart shapes are also available. Princess cut diamond rings are traditional, square diamonds. Colors can also range from clear to black. A girl who often wears pink may enjoy a pink diamond. Clear diamonds are rated according to clarity. The fewer imperfections they have, the higher the rating.

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