Digital Watch Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Digital Watch

Digital watches allow you to instantly and effortlessly tell the time. Available in both men's and women's styles, these timepieces have made the transition from handy devices to fashionable accessories. If you're on the hunt for the best digital watch, read on to learn more about the various features and styles from which you have to choose.

>> What style of digital watch do you prefer?

While all quality digital watches perform the basic function of telling time, there are many different styles available. Most watches fall into one of four categories: casual, formal, luxury or sport. Knowing how they differ is the key to finding the best digital watch for your needs.

Type of watch Description Casual watches These watches are often less expensive, making it possible to own many unique digital watches with colors and designs to coordinate with your outfits. There is a wide variety of casual kid's digital watches available for kids. Most of these digital watch brands include basic alarm and date functions. Sport watches Digital sports watches are available with alarms, date features and many different sports-specific features. If you swim, you may find swim stroke counters helpful, which many special waterproof watches offer. Timers, GPS functions and heart rate monitors are some of the other choices available on these cool digital watches. Formal watches These watches have more subtle colors and patterns, making them the appropriate choice for wearing with business or dressy attire. Top digital watches are rarely made with plastic, but instead are typically made from durable materials such as silver, gold and leather. Like the other watches, these choices usually offer alarms and date settings. Luxury watches These stylish digital watches are easy to recognize. High-quality metals, leather, semi-precious and precious gems set the best digital watch choices apart from the rest. Most of these are wristwatches with dark colors and traditional styles, but pocket watches and other alternative options are also available. Dual time watches and watches monitoring current weather conditions are generally features only found in these high-end timepieces. >> What type of watch band do you prefer?

Most watches are sold with bands, but the included wrist straps can be changed to give the timepiece a whole new look or to serve a different purpose.

If you want to buy a digital watch with a strap that is comfortable during exercise, choose comfortable materials like stretchy silicone, rubber and fabric. Great casual or sport digital watch deals often have these inexpensive, attractive wristbands. Many stylish digital watches use these bands because they fit well with few adjustments.

Many cool digital watches come with buckle watches. These wristbands use buckles to give the watch a customized fit. The material that the watchbands are made from depends on its use. The best digital watch sport styles often have nylon webbing for the strap. When you buy a digital watch for wear in a formal setting, the band is generally leather, stainless steel or titanium. Gold, silver and platinum are reserved for luxury watches.

Bracelet style bands form complete circles from multiple links of metal. These unique digital watches are adjustable to your correct size at home or by a jeweler. A luxury bracelet-style watch band may be adorned with gems or engravings.

>> What functions do you need on your digital watch?

Today's top digital watches offer many functions beyond telling the time. Here are some of the more common choices that many digital watch brands have available to purchase:

• Lighted: Most new digital watches make it possible to read the time in the dark. On some wristwatches, pressing a button lights up the face dimly so that the time is visible without disturbing the people around you. Other watches are brighter and can be used to see in a dark room.
• Water resistant: These pieces are suitable for wear at the beach, in the rain or other wet places.
• Wi-Fi: An exciting new option in some higher-end watches is WIFI enabling. These watches are used to check email or surf the Internet.
• MP3: Watches with MP3 functions store and play digital files, such as music and audiobooks. Alarm watches with this feature can use the MP3 files for personalized alarms.
• Counters: If you're a sports buff, you may enjoy having pedometers, heart rate counters and calorie counters available at all times. Use watches enabled with current weather reports, surf conditions and digital compasses to help plan your trips.
• World clock: A world clock lets you check the time anywhere, anytime. When combined with multiple alarm clocks, you can easily keep track of your activities anywhere around the world.
• Stopwatch: Digital chronograph watches offer the best of both worlds. They combine the accuracy of a modern digital watch with a beautiful, classic stopwatch.

Deciding on which is the best digital watch for you is a very personal choice, and there are many excellent styles to consider. Whether you want a casual watch with a brightly colored, stretchy, silicone band or a luxury watch with a platinum and diamond bracelet-style band, you are sure to find a digital watch that meets your needs. Most modern watches use a tiny, easily changed battery. Consult your user information guide to learn what size your new watch needs and prepare for many years of reliable use.

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