Dip Station Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Dip Station

There are different types of dip stations that workout enthusiasts can choose. Finding exercise and fitness equipment that complements your ability level and dedication of training will go a long way in helping you know how to choose the best dip station, and ultimately, improving your strength and weight training.

>> Consider how it will be used

Thinking about your current and future exercise needs is an important first step when determining the best dip station to buy. Consider the available space, whether you want to buy a dip station for home, commercial gym use, as part of sports and outdoors supplies and especially whether you prefer to work out for high level training or for fun. Considering which muscle groups you are most likely to work out will also make it easier to figure out dip station features that will suit your needs the best.

>> Consider the type of dip station

You will be able to get incredible dip station deals with the following popular models:

Free Standing: Just like the name, these basically have dip station dimensions that include the support bars and other equipment like rings or a pull-up bar for upper body strength training. You can find both large and small sizes.
Attachments: These are the best dip stations to buy if you want to combine your dip station with another equipment like a lat machine, so you can work out different muscle groups. This design usually includes a dip station, a bar for pull-ups, push-up bars at the bottom and two bars in the middle for resting forearms and elbows when doing leg raises.

>> What to look for when buying a dip station

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when determining the best dip station for your strength training:

Comfort: As mentioned before, dip stations such as tower gyms come with grips covered with rubber or neoprene, which prevent your floor from being damaged, while also providing you with a firmer hold and still ensuring a softer feel on your palms.

Flexibility: The level of flexibility that a dip station can provide is an important consideration because it will make it easier to know whether to get a single-function dip station or one that can help you exercise different muscle groups. As a general rule, look for the right diameter based on your palm size and also one that can support different grips during your workout.

Portability: Remember that you can still buy a dip station even if you regularly travel or like to work out in different rooms in your home or office. Look for free-standing models made of chrome and lighter metals because you will be able move your equipment whenever you want, and without much effort too.

Size: Thinking about dip station dimensions will also help you pick out an equipment that you will be able to use for a long time. If you are not too concerned with the actual size, and would prefer a fully-functional dip station, look for a hybrid or combination machine-free dip station. These types of exercise machines are larger than most, and popular with those who enjoy working out different muscle groups. One of the best things about these dip station brands is that you will also be able to switch between machine sets. If size is important, buy a dip station that can easily be fixed into your wall or door or one of the smaller free-standing models that can be placed in your workout space. They will give your home a seamless appearance and you can always move them whenever you want.

>> Consider the grip and durability

When deciding the best dip station to buy, remember that the materials used will affect how long your dip station will last.

Iron: When looking at dip station features, take into consideration that most are made from iron. Even though some models have grips made of rubber, in many cases you will need to wear protective gloves for a better grip in order to provide protection for your hands from the metal.

Neoprene: Look for equipment covered with neoprene as it will help you grip the bars better. This feature takes away the need to wear gloves and prevents your hands from slipping, even if your hands become wet during the workout.

Chrome: Pull-up towers and top rated dip stations made of chrome combine into one model the desirable qualities of iron, neoprene and urethane, a synthetic material that is stronger than rubber. They usually last longer than iron dip stations and have "bumpy" handles, which make it easier to grip than other types of exercise equipment.
>> Consider the strength

If you have decided to buy a dip station, and have concerns about its strength, the general rule is to look for a model that will be able to hold the weight of the heaviest person that will use it. Most dip station brands are made to take about 250 -300 pounds, but before choosing the best dip station, check the manufacturer's user manual as some models have a limit between 200 -220 pounds. An excellent way to determine its strength is to be sure that the bars are solid and do not wobble when weight has been exerted onto it. >> Consider the types of exercises Generally, exercise equipment is designed with one type of exercise in mind, which means that when you buy a dip station with basic features, you will be able to work out either upper body or lower body. However, if you want to be able to do dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups and other varied exercises, look for dip station deals that either include a gym or those that can be attached to benches and other exercise equipment.

Previously, dip stations could only be found in gyms, but with more people becoming health conscious, manufacturers are designing fitness equipment that can easily be used at home as well as other living spaces like offices. Additionally, with different dip station dimensions to accommodate a wide variety of needs and many designs in fitness kits and accessories and cardio fitness machines, you can improve your exercise and in this way, give yourself valuable training experience.

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