Dog Leash Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Dog Leash

A dog is said to be a man's best friend. They have great qualities to be a good companion and many consider their dogs to be family members. In exchange for being such loyal pets, all they ask in return is to be fed, loved and played with. So follow along and gain the knowledge about how to choose a dog leash for your companion that will ensure an enjoyable time for both you and your dog.

>> Consider the types of leashes available

When deciding how to choose a dog leash, there are a few ways to determine which are the best dog leashes for your dog just as you would with any dog supplies. Make sure that whichever dog leash brands you choose will suit your dog's needs and abilities. As you begin to know how to choose a dog leash, consider the following options when looking for the best dog leashes.

• Standard leash: The standard leash is an option when you are looking forward to buying dog leashes. This dog leash style is usually 4 to 6 feet in length. It is also one of the least-expensive types of dog leashes that are sold. This dog leash allows you to walk comfortably with your dog, while training him to maintain control in crowded areas.
• Retractable leash: A retractable dog leash is a good option when deciding how to choose a dog leash. The dog leash designs for the retractable leash allow your dog a little freedom during your walk. The retractable leash allows your dog up to 30 feet of length when walking. Check the package label for the correct size to match your dog's weight and also to see whether it has a tape style line or a cord one.
• Multiple dog leash: A multiple dog leash is one of the best dog leashes if you have more than one dog and you want to walk them at the same time. This particular type of dog leash has been used by people that walk more than five or six dogs at one time without worrying about them becoming tangled.
• Training long lines: Training long lines are perfect for a dog building the confidence to work off leash. The dog is given the feeling of being free, while you are able to keep control just in case the dog should want to flee the scene. Many dog training clubs use training long lines when teaching a dog to do recalls or teaching scent work. Sometimes you will see a two handled dog leash that has one handle at the end of the long lead and another close to the snap for extra control needed. Ask at your local dog club for the best dog training lead and leashes to use with your dog.
• Slip leads: When you need a leash in a hurry, a slip lead can be the perfect choice since it is a collar and leash in one package. The loop at one end of the leash quickly adjusts to fit any size neck and a leather stop holds the size in place.

>> Consider the material and construction

The dog leash brands you choose can be based on your dog's behavior. Some of the best dog leashes are based on how the dog leash is made. Many designer dog leashes have some of these qualities. Here is an overview of how the design of the dog leash can impact your dog walking experience.


• Leather: Leather is one of the most popular dog leash brands sold. Leather has a little stretch to it, which allows for a good walk, as well as being comfortable to hold for the dog walker. It is also an attractive look. As it ages it becomes soft and supple to hold. This style comes in 1/8" to 1" widths and up to 6' in length.
• Nylon: Nylon leashes are probably the most common leashes that are used. This dog leash style is durable and can have your identification or your dog's name imprinted on one side. This type of dog leash comes in different widths from 1/4" up to 1', with the thinner size being appropriate for small or very well behaved large dogs. There are also a number of different patterns to be found such as dog bones or stars and stripes. Because most training long lines are made of nylon, this style of lead can be found in lengths up to 50'.
• Rope: Rope leashes are durable as far as handling, and come in many different color combinations.
• Chain: Chain leases are made of steel links and are very sturdy. This is a good option if your dog is constantly chewing on the dog leash.

Another important aspect when learning how to choose a dog leash is construction. Construction of the leash plays a large part in how durable or functional the leash is. The most common compositions for leashes are professionally braided, pop-riveted and stitched. It is a good practice to check any stitched or glued sections before heading out for a walk to make sure it hasn't worn thin.

The snaps are a needed part of the leash. You should make sure they are well secured and are the right size for your dog. The most recommended snaps found on designer dog leashes are heavy-duty stainless steel, nickel-plated or brass.

>> Consider specialty leashes

Sometimes you need a special leash for a special occasion. Show leads are an example of this, and they can be found with other pet supplies. These are often made of braided leather or thin nylon cording. Often you can find conformation show leads with a bit of bling to make them stand out. For performance dogs the requirement is a 6-foot lead, often made of leather for comfort and durability.

Another type of specialty lead are the correction leads. When you have a dog that likes to pull, this can be the perfect choice in addition to training at your local dog club.

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