Doorknob Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Doorknob

Picking the right door knob for your household can be essential from a design and security perspective. The right door knob for your home is able to keep your possessions secure and add a personal touch of style. However, before you pick between various door knob sizes and designs, it is important for you to understand how to buy door knobs.

>> Consider the location of door

There are a lot of things you need to know about how to buy door knobs, such as where the door is located. Different types of door knobs work well depending on the location of the door. For instance, exterior doors should use keyed entry door knobs because of their durability and larger size. These types of door knob security features allow you to unlock them from either side and many use deadbolts for extra protection. If you are deciding which types of door knob designs to use for an interior door, you have additional options available to choose from. For instance, the best door knobs for bathroom doors are usually found in privacy door knob sets. These door knob styles use a security latch or push button design that let you lock the door without the need for a key.

>> Consider the style of door

The best door knobs for your home need to work well with the overall design of the area where the door is situated. Cabinet and door knobs are best suited for kitchens and bathrooms because they feature styles and colors to complete the look of a room. Use these door knobs for your counter tops, appliances or walls with your door. Crystal knobs work well with modern and antique styles of doors. Which of the many door knob styles is best will change depending on your door's design.

>> Consider the household environment

The environment of your household plays a huge factor as you learn how to buy door knobs. Consider the ages and needs of the individuals in your home. Are you planning on looking at door knobs for a home with elderly individuals? If so, consider choosing door knob sizes that utilize levers and offer simple functionality. For households with smaller children, the door knob handles you browse for should also provide security. In this situation, the correct door knobs to consider may be those that are not as easy to open in order to keep children in areas that are safe for them.

>> Consider the door knob designs

To help you understand how to choose door knobs that are well-suited for your household's environment, always consider door knob designs. These designs should coincide with the functionality you are looking for, as well as the look of your door. Designs vary in terms of material, color, style and size. A round door knob design is commonly seen with a locking mechanism. This design type works well for entry doors, closets or kitchens. Lever handles offer an easy-to-use design when it comes to opening doors and are commonly found on bathroom and patio doors. If you are searching for door knob locks with a classical design, handle sets complement entry doors very well. This type of design utilizes a thumb latch that must be pressed down to open the door. When considering how to buy door knobs, you will likely want to choose a design that best suits your specific needs and area decor.

>> Consider the finish

Different types of door knobs come in a variety of finishes. Chrome door knobs offer a shiny appearance and weather the elements well. This type of door knob finish often complements bathroom doors, as people sometimes leave with water still on their hands. Bronze is one of the most common types of finishes for entry doors. Because it is rubbed with oil during the manufacturing process, a bronze door knob features traces of copper and matches both classic and contemporary styles of doors. Both iron and brass finishes offer a rustic look, and many feature unique designs that look great in Victorian, Tuscan or European style homes.

>> Consider the lockset
As you are learning how to buy door knobs, the lockset in the doorknob plays a key role in the door's function. Consider this chart to help you learn how to buy door knobs and how to determine the best lockset for your door.

Type of lockset Works well for Passage knob Closets and children's bedrooms Keyed entrance knob Entry doors Dummy knob Kitchens and double doors Privacy knob Bedrooms and bathrooms Locksets differ in terms of design and style. For instance, passage knobs offer no added security outside of functioning as a standard door knob. The best door knobs for closets or a child's bedroom utilize a passage design because you are able to use them without a key. Keyed entrance knobs are the most common style of lockset for the entry door to your home. However, you may wish to use a keyed lockset for a storage room or an area where you do not wish for others to go without your permission, such as your patio. Dummy knobs, such as decorative cabinet knobs, are simply used as stylistic elements for rooms or doors. They do not turn and work well on double doors where only one door needs a locking mechanism. A privacy knob allows you the ability to open the door from the inside. This style of door knob is an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. As you are browsing the various types of door knob locksets, always consider how you want your door to function and the amount of security needed.

>> Consider installation

Along with understanding how to buy door knobs, it is imperative for you to install the door knob correctly for proper use. Start by removing the old door knob on your door. It should come off your door by removing the screws on the face plate and knob plate. After removing the handles, take out the face and strike plate. Once these are removed, it is time to measure your door. Be sure to measure how thick the door is as well as the width of the door knob hole so that you can choose the correctly sized knob and ensure proper function. As you begin to install your door knob, start by installing the new latch. After the door knob is installed, be sure to check the tightness of all screws.

Remember to read as much information as possible on the specific doorknobs you're interested in purchasing. This will allow you to get a better idea of individual features and installation requirements for each doorknob and allow you to choose the best doorknob for you.

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