Dsi Charger Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Dsi Charger

The Nintendo DS family of handheld gaming consoles enables you to play games, look at pictures and even connect with friends on the device's dual screens. When you buy a DSi charger, you're getting a charger designed specifically for a handheld device. Video game consoles use larger charging cables with more power in order to drive the more demanding systems, but DSi chargers are smaller and portable, much like the DSi device itself.

>> What type of DSi charger do you need?

First, you will want to choose the DSi charger that's designed to fit your DSi device. The product description should say which Nintendo DSi console it powers. You also want to decide if you want a wall charger, a USB charger or an induction charger.

Wall chargers are the most commonly used DSi charger type and are included with the device. You can also buy a DSi charger that has its own dock, so the charger has a safe place to rest while it charges. USB chargers can be used with a computer USB port as well. This type of unique DSi charger is perfect for when you're on the go with your laptop. Induction chargers for the Nintendo DS and DSi consist of a mat that you place the DSi upon to charge. You don't have to plug anything into the DSi for it to take a charge if you have an induction mat.

You should choose the charger based on where you're going to use it, and you may need to purchase multiple new DSi chargers. Consider purchasing one cool DSi charger to put on your desk -perhaps an induction model -and then another to put in your laptop bag. A USB charger would work well for that. You might also want to purchase a backup wall charger.

You can purchase a DSi charger quite easily, since they are readily available in stores today. Check the power rating to make sure the DSi charger is compatible with your system. Read the label to confirm that the power ratings are the same. When you buy a DSi charger, look for the top DSi charger that you'll be able to get the most use out of. No one style is significantly better than another, so you can choose whether you want a USB charger, charging port, induction mat or wall outlet charger based on your personal preference and the space you have available.

>> Do you need a DSi charger for your car?
If you need to buy a DSi charger that works with the power port in your car, look for a DSi power adapter. This DSi charger type helps your kids or other passengers keep their video games going when you're on the road. Some cars have cigarette ports and others, typically newer ones, have USB power ports or even standard outlets. Choose your unique DSi charger based on the type of port your car has. When you buy a DSi charger for your car, you're getting one designed to be left in the vehicle so you don't need to worry about how it will be stored. You can purchase a charging case if you want it to have its own carrying case that is left in the glove box.

>> What style DSi charger do you want?

Some DSi chargers have special colors to make them even more appealing. Most top DSi chargers are white, black or gray. If you're interested in a more vivid color, look for DSi chargers in blue, pink or burgundy, or find gold starter kits that include a charger with other accessories. Consider which DSi chargers look best with your other video game accessories. If you're not sure which one is best, look at the way the decor in your game room is set up, and pick one that meshes well with that style.

>> What is included with your DSi charger?

Many DSi chargers come in packs with other DSi items. Check out the available packages before you decide which DSi charger features you want. You may find that you can get more than one charger style in a pack or that you can get additional items that you'll enjoy. For example, sometimes chargers are sold with a silicon overlay that protects the body of the DSi. Some car chargers come with a USB charger because there's often a USB port on the cigarette lighter attachment for the car. You can remove the USB cord from the car port and use it in your laptop. If you purchase a DSi charger in a convenience pack, you may get a charger, headphones, a stylus and other items. Another benefit of these kits is that they come with a case for your charger and the other included items. It's easy to throw the case in your backpack with your DSi in its carrying case when you're on the go.

When you buy a DSi charger, you're buying the ability to power your handheld gaming console. It's important to find one that has the correct power rating and port sizes, since they're designed to accept certain connections. Any charger that says it's designed for the DSi should be able to safely charge your device. DSi charger features vary and should be selected based on the location where you'll be charging your device. Charging your DSi should be convenient and easy to do in any location. Look for a DSi charger that suits both your DSi and your home.

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