Dsl Router Guide: Don’t Get the Wrong Dsl Router

A DSL router splits the connection that is sent to your modem between multiple computers, mobile devices and connected media units. Most DSL routers also create Wi-Fi signals so that even more devices can be connected without the use of wires. Knowing what different DSL router brands have to offer is an essential step in knowing how to choose a DSL router. The best DSL router delivers speedy Internet to all the connected devices in your home. When you buy DSL routers, look for one that suits your computer accessories and Internet usage style, too. The best DSL router will improve your Internet experience.

>> What does your ISP require?

Your Internet service provider may have a list of regulations it has for any equipment that can be connected. Before you buy DSL routers, contact your ISP and ask for a list of requirements for a new DSL router. Networking accessories have such a wide range of specifications and features that certain ones are ideal for certain types of Internet signals. Depending on what type of signal, service and speed your provider supplies to you, the type of routers you need will vary. The best DSL router will meet all the standards set by your ISP. Make sure to ask whether it uses ADSL, SDSL, HDSL or VDSL. Each refers to a different DSL service protocol.

>> What kind of speed do you need?

Different routers are designed to provide different speeds. Depending on the speed of your Internet service, you may need to purchase one top DSL router over another. Perform a DSL router comparison while examining the speeds they're capable of producing to determine which will work with your Internet service. Keep in mind that the speeds you get during speed tests will rarely reach the maximum capable on the router. The speed is not only split between devices, but it is also being moved from the modem to the router before being sent to your device. Wi-Fi signals are also frequently slower than direct wired connections, because wireless routers transmit the signal through the air, instead of over wires. The product description or packaging on the new DSL router you're considering should say what speed it will provide. You'll be able to find DSL router deals that support any speed you require.

>> Do you have a modem?

The best DSL router will function in accord with your modem to provide you with a quality Internet connection. The router needs to use the right software that allows it to interface with the modem. Most current routers should work with a DOCSIS 3.0 modem protocol, for example, but some ISPs may still utilize older DOCSIS 2.0 models. When you buy DSL routers, read the description to find out what modems it works with. You don't need to use equipment that is from the same brand. Many brands work together perfectly well.
Another detail to consider when purchasing a router is whether you need a new modem, as well. Some units are actually modem routers that connect to the Internet and split the signal from one machine. These need to match both the ISP requirements for modems and routers so that you have the best DSL router and modem combo.

>> What types of activities will you do with the DSL router?

If you do basic Internet surfing like checking email, browsing social networks and using search engines, any router that works with your ISP should work very well for you. If you intend to stream a lot of video or play video games, however, look for a router with a quality of service or QoS protocol. This enables you to prioritize one stream over another. So, if you're doing an activity that requires a lot of Internet speed, a top DSL router will be able to send a stronger signal to that device. It will help your games and videos run without lags or stutters.

If you have a lot of devices that operate on a wireless frequency in your home, you may want to use a dual band wireless router that can operate on two different channels, to increase speed and improve clarity. When deciding how to choose a DSL router, knowing what you'll be doing with it will help you make the best possible choice from all the DSL router deals.

>> What DSL router features do you need?

One very important consideration as you choose the best DSL router for you is what special features it offers. Doing a DSL router comparison between several different models will help you determine which one has features you like the best. It's important that the router offers encryption so that you can protect the Internet traffic that passes over your network. You should also find one that lets you set channel width. Higher channel widths can increase the speed of your Internet connection. Dual band routers should let you adjust the width for both channels. Faster channels are compatible with newer connected devices and computers.

A router that offers dynamic DNS settings can also let you both customize and optimize your Internet connection. If you use a VPN on your computer, make sure the router can support a VPN pass-through. Consider how the router will direct and pick up a signal based on where you live, too. You may want to find one with an omnidirectional antenna if you'll be picking up the signal through walls or from great distances. Read the product description to see how far the Wi-Fi signal put out by the modem can be received to help you know whether it's strong enough to serve every room in your home. You can adjust the DSL router you purchase using the software interface on your computer.
Different routers are offered by different DSL router brands, so check out a few of those available before you settle on the right one for you and your computer components . You'll be pleasantly surprised by how fast and useful a shared connection can be. DSL routers are useful and essential network connection tools.

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